From Twitter:P.J. Hairston altercation/fight at Durham YMCA

*****CLICK HERE and you will see a knot upside the Barkley kid’s head….*****

Update from WFMY NEWS…..Monday morning, P.J. Hairston was issued a misdemeanor criminal summons for assault and battery, WRAL-TV is reporting. According to the documents, Hairston must appear in front of a magistrate on August 8 to face those charges. Kentrell Barkley, the student who was involved in the altercation with Hairston has been ordered to appear at the hearing along with witnesses, the station reports.

Going with the Durham YMCA as the location per WFMY NEWS 2 at 11….
****This is all we have on this, at this time and should have more after the WFMY NEWS 2 News at 11PM*****
(The Barkley kid has a knot on his head and the Charlotte Hornets are aware of the incident…Liz Crawford with NEWS 2 Sports.)
P.J.Hairston punched Northern Durham High Sr. forward Kentrell Barkley after the latter threw a punch first, Hairston’s agent Juan Morrow said.

+++++The kid from Northern Durham threw the first punch is what we have so far….+++++


  1. Charges have been filed as well. Let’s wait and see if there is more to the story. I’m betting the kid drops the charges

  2. First thing I thought of when I saw this on ESPN was why would he be in Durham. Obviously he has a history in Durham, so why not stay away from the place that really started his downfall at Carolina. I would think his agent and the Hornets would tell him to stay away from negative influences and places that may cause negative results. Were there no pick up games in Charlotte. Was the Hornets practice facility closed where he couldn’t work out there? I believe, and I hate to admit it, but playing in Charlotte will be his downfall. He is too close to things, people, and places that have caused negative consequences. I can see a sad and quick ending to a once promising future. Whether the other person threw the first punch or not, he should have been smarter than to be there in the first place. He put himself in this situation.

  3. I have played basketball all of my life. A small fight in a pickup game is not that out of the ordinary. Even with his recent past, let’s not blow this out of proportion. I would imagine his pickup games will now be regulated to pro level games.

  4. Even though the Josh Gordon situation is different as far as circumstances are concerned, you have ask when is enough enough? When does it finally hit people to stay away from potential trouble? With a checkered past, and being under the microscope, you have to stay away. And yes, it may have been “small”, but a lot of small things add to big things. We (as a society) seem to always make things “small”. As with PJ, it was just a small amount of marijuana, a small speeding ticket, a small fight. When you accused of having a relationship with a known felon, and you say you have learned from your past, and you return to the hometown of the know felon, end up in a fight, yes, questions will be asked. Although it may be innocent, perception is real.

  5. I agree with Coach if he had someone in is ear telling him those things he would be better off. Tom I am sorry but, what you said is the kind of stuff he has been told and, that’s not what he needs. Its time to grow up, three strikes you out. JUST STUPID After all that crying.
    I really love the young man, but that’s enough .

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