It just keeps on getting crazier:NFL’s Gordon driving PJ Hairston’s car at time of Saturday arrest(WRAL

If you were trying to write some of the craziest scripts of all time, you couldn’t come up anything for sports that could top all of this with P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS)….This has to take the cake and be the award-winner for getting all-time crazy and it doesn’t seem to want to stop/end….


NFL’s Gordon driving PJ Hairston’s car at time of Saturday arrest

When Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was arrested for DWI early Saturday morning in Raleigh, he was driving a vehicle registered to former University of North Carolina guard PJ Hairston, according to the record of that arrest.

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We are all still pulling for P.J. here at, but this is all getting very wacky…..


  1. Yes sir, this is true and if you Click On that bottom link for WRAL, it is all there for you…Fats was there for the bail….

  2. I am afraid to say this is going to have a sad ending. Worse thing that could happen was playing for Charlotte. If you are under the microscope as he is, you don’t associate with Gordon (repeat drug offender) and Thomas. Obviously the statement he has learned from his mistakes was false.

  3. All I can say is this kid does not have the right person in his ear. Time to grow up, and please don’t let me see you crying again for nothing, because if this is true all that crying was for nothing. JUST STUPID

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