P.J. Hairston looks to be the out-of-control ‘Star Athlete’, there have been others too…..Jameis Winston(Florida State) had his run-ins with authorities and moved on(We hope)

Hairston and Winston a time to look at both cases…..

When the bad choices hit we usually see the darkest cloud of all, but there have been other storms that have blown through the ACC area in recent years and when they hit one place, the storms usually leave that region and pop up in another section and they start/begin to erupt again….The bad choices and poor decisions that have come to accompany P.J. Hairston have been around longer than some of us think and we don’t have to go back far to see their tell-tale signs from the past….P.J. has a ton of growing up to do and if does not do some of this growing up soon, he will find himself spending some time behind bars and that is not a good thing….

Jameis Winston, the Heisman Trophy winner from Florida State went through some similar growing pains and he hopes the bad days are behind and that better days lie ahead….

It all comes down to maturity and making the proper choices and decisions and from what we can tell so far, P.J. has not learned this yet and unfortunately for him, time is running out…If he does not learn to separate himself from trouble hotspots, then he will be in long-term trouble soon…It is not too late to right the ship, but the water has been coming in quick and if he doesn’t turn this thing around soon, he may have to abort his basketball ship and serve time at the ‘University of Hard Knocks’ and the only pay you get there is three hots and a cot….

A look into what has happened so far for Hairston and Winston…..

P.J. Hairston(Dudley High School/UNC) now a First Round draft pick with the Charlotte Hornets and looking for an agent…
(We have P.J.’s list of trouble below and then the low-down on FSU’s Jameis Winston to follow, for you today.)

Charlotte Hornets rookie PJ Hairston charged with assault …Charged with hitting Kentrell Barkley, high school student from Durham…
P.J. Hairston Arrested: Gun Found When UNC Player Apprehended …P.J. driving vehicle belonging to Hayden ‘Fats’ Thomas…
P.J. Hairston arrested for pot….Pot was inside or outside the vehicle, when they got pulled over in Durham…
P.J. Hairston cited for speeding, reckless driving….This trip was coming down 85 South heading back from Charlotte last Summer(2013) about this time…
P.J. Hairston explains car swap with Browns’ Josh Gordon…Car exchange last Saturday night in Raleigh….Not a crimminal deal, just a bad deal/decision to be associating with Gordon.)
(There may have been one other speeding incident on campus(UNC), back in the Spring of 2013, but did not find full disclosure on that one.)

Jameis Winston, Heisman Trophy winner from Florida State….Outstanding football and very good baseball player for the FSU Seminoles

FSU’s Jameis Winston accused of shoplifting crab legs…Took $32.00 worth of Crab Legs…Said he forgot to pay….
Jameis Winston sexual assault…..Major Accusations, but found not guilty of sexual assault and really not enough evidence to bring this one to trial….
Jameis Winston — ‘He’s Stealing Soda’… Burger King …Got the water cup and repeatedly it filled with soda pop….
Winston Questioned in BB Gun Incident….Said to be part of group shooting out apartment windows on campus…..
+++++The sexual assault accusations were the most serious and those could have cost Winston the Heisman.+++++

*****Hey you look at the two young men and we are not comparing apples to oranges, but they both have seen their better days when it comes to making the right choices and decisions…..Winston has been pretty quiet recently and maybe P.J. can find a way to hit the MUTE/DON’T DO IT button too……..*****


  1. I’m not a Carolina fan, but I will always pull for someone from Greensboro. It’s not looking good though, I think the problem is that he has not REALLY had consequences for actions yet, I’m afraid until he does he will continue to get into trouble. After all he has done he is still basically sitting pretty with guaranteed money playing for the greatest player of all time. If nothing else maybe MJ can get in his ear, if you won’t listen to MJ, there isn’t much hope for you.

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