Update on Post 87 HiToms quest to re-enter the American Legion Baseball State Tournament and a closer look at the American Legion Rulebook

The Post 87 HiToms have protested their disqualification decision from the American Legion Baseball State Tournament and on Monday they asked to halt the tournament, which is wrapping up Tuesday in Lexington, and then restart it from when the team was disqualified.

“It’s gone beyond frustrating and into hypocrisy,” HiToms president Greg Suire said. “And that’s not what American Legion’s about – it’s about integrity. They eliminated us on a technicality they created.”

Update coming in from Michael Lindsay at the High Point Enterprise(www.hpe.com)

Read all from Michael Lindsay and the High Point Enterprise and their post, Post 87 Cries Foul when you CLICK HERE….

A closer look at the American Legion Tournament rulebook and s few thoughts from the Post 87 HiToms on these rules…

Here is a link to the Official 2014 American Legion Tournament Rules…

http://www.legion.org/documents/baseball/tournament_rules.pdfOn page 5 it states…

Once American Legion Baseball tournaments begin (District play through World Series play) no player can participate in another amateur baseball event, UNLESS that program has been sanctioned by The American Legion. Currently only Baseball Factory and USA Baseball events have been sanctioned).

Our player participated in a “sanctioned” event. He was solicited to participate in this event, an approved event.

But, lets just say for arguments sake that our “player” violated a rule and should not be allowed to participate in the NC State Tournament….

* If that is the case, and American Legion feels so strongly about their rule books and which book and set of rules applies to which game, and their partnership with Baseball Factory, the biggest funder of American Legion scholarships, jeopardizes a players eligibility, how can you possibly think it is morally and ethically fair to grant a team who LOST 12-5 a Win? How is that fair to the other American Legion players and teams?