Who mows the field/football fields???(Who cuts the grass?)

In the earlier days the high school football coach used to have to hop on the tractor or riding lawn mower after practice or before practice and get the mowing done….

I was up at Guilford College today and they were mowing the football field out by New Garden Road and it looked like it may have been one of the assistant coaches on that mower, taking care of the mowing duties…

Back in the day it was the head coach, backed up by the assistant coach and then came the custodian to do some of the mowing too and these days at your high schools, they probably have a full maintenance staff that goes around mowing all of the fields at the all of the Guilford County Schools….

Not sure if the coaches still do any mowing or not, or if the Athletic Directors jump on the mowers and go after that grass on the football game field, or on the practice field…..

Talked to one coach a while back and he said they had a nice Toro mower for him back in the day…

The John Deere always looked good with its shiny green and yellow colors…They always said, “Nothing Runs like a Deere” and maybe that still holds true today….

But like the other old saying goes, “What card’s in your wallet”???

“Who does the mowing at your place/school”???

2)Assistant Coach
3)Athletic Director
4)Maintenance Staff
5)Booster Club member, or some farmer who still loves to get out there and cut the grass/hay…….

*****Back in those old college football movies they used to have some kid taking a class in Summer School, and his assignment was to sit out there and watch the grass grow…Remember those days???*****


  1. I remember over at Western Guilford back in the day Coach Jones was a big grass mower and down at Vandalia, Mr. Gray used to mow a lot of grass along with Coach Mitchell….

    I bet you back in the day, Bob Sawyer mowed a lot of grass over at Grimsley…

  2. Got to be thinking that C.K. Siler mowed a bunch of those fields when he was down at Southern Guilford and Sumner.

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