Who are all the kids from Guilford County that we have playing college football this year???(New names added daily)

Let’s start a list tonight(Saturday) and I will step up and start this list and then the rest of you can add to it….What do you say and here we go…

Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) at Tennessee
Chris Register(Dudley) at Clemson
D.J. Reader(Grimsley) at Clemson
T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) at North Carolina
Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford) at North Carolina
Chris Ripberger(Northern Guilford) at North Carolina
Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) at North Carolina
Jon Sugg(Northwest Guilford) at North Carolina
Marlon Petty(Eastern Guilford) at North Carolina
Hampton Billups(Northwest Guilford) at N.C. State
Germaine Pratt(High Point Central) at N.C. State
Kalin McNeil(Northeast Guilford) at Wake Forest
Jonathan White(High Point Central) at East Carolina
Brock Stadnik(Western Guilford) at South Carolina
Clayton Stadnik(Western Guilford) at South Carolina
John McBeth(Northern Guilford) at Western Carolina
John Spain(Page) at Elon
Akeem Langham(High Point Central) at Elon
Tuc Phan(Page) at Elon
Winston Craig(Ragsdale) at Richmond
Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale) at Lafayette
Tyler Ritter(Ragsdale) at Hampden-Sydney
Richard Hayes III(Dudley) at Furman
Brian Nwokolo(Ragsdale) at Furman
Jamarii Milliken (T. Wingate Andrews High School) at Furman
Khalil Vance(Dudley) at UNC-Pembroke
Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) at UNC-Pembroke
Scott Johnston(Grimsley) at UNC-Pembroke
Will Johnson(High Point Central) at Winston-Salem State
Albert McLean(Dudley) at Winston-Salem State
Jalen Gavin(Page) at Wingate
Mycah Gaylord(Dudley) at Wingate
Cedric Ellison(Ragsdale) at Wingate
Sterling Brooks(Southeast Guilford) at Wingate
Devon Billingsley(Southeast Guilford) at Wingate
Kevin Walton(Grimsley) at Appalachian State
Stephen Mechanic(Northern Guilford) at Appalachian State
Eric Davidson(Western Guilford) at Appalachian State
Myles Morris(Smith) at Georgia State
Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) at Campbell
Dalton Dillon(Northwest Guilford) at Campbell
Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford) at Howard
Thomas Colvin(Southern Guilford) at Howard
Kennan Scott(Northwest Guilford) at Lenoir Rhyne
Clay Shelton(Northwest Guilford) at Gardner Webb
Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford) at Guilford
Tyler Campbell(Northwest Guilford) at Guilford
Hunter English(Western Guilford) at Guilford
Keemar Batchelor(Southern Guilford) at Guilford
Tyler Hunt(Eastern Guilford) at Guilford
Stephen Gordon Jr.(Western Guilford) at Guilford
AJ Edwards(Western Guilford) at Guilford
Torian Patterson(Grimsley) at Greensboro College
T.J. Ruff(Northern Guilford) at North Alabama
Juwan Foggie(High Point Central) UNC Charlotte
Derek Grant(High Point Central) Shaw University
Quenton Rucker(High Point Central) Shaw University
Darius Hall(Dudley) Shaw University
Ryan Bristow(Southwest Guilford) Presbyterian
Ed Britt(Page) Presbyterian
Kevin Green(High Point Central) Presbyterian
Rickey Burns II(Smith) WSSU
Avery Washington(Ragsdale) WSSU
Justin Johnson(High Point Central) WSSU
Joshua Martin(Southeast Guilford) WSSU
Jamal Haizlip(TW/High Point Andrews) WSSU
Isaiah Towns(Page) WSSU
Thomas Primus(High Point Central) WSSU
Jeremy Wright(TW/High Point Andrews) WSSU
Duvontae Covington(Dudley) WSSU
Lewis McCormick(Dudley) Catawba
Reid Flippin(Western Guilford) Catawba
Jourdan Osinskie(Southern Alamance) Catawba
Mark Pettit(Western Guilford) UNCC
Larry Ogunjobi(Ragsdale) UNCC
Brandon Banks(Southwest Guilford) UNCC
Tre Lennon(Smith) at Elon
Dontrae Hagwood(Smith) at Methodist University
Deandre Evans(Smith) at Methodist University
Landon Cheviron(Southwest Guilford) at Methodist University
Justin Hensley(Southwest Guilford) at Lenoir Rhyne
Elliot Rawls(Southeast Guilford) at Lenior Rhyne
Jamal Petty(Southeast Guilford) at Concord WV
Joey Applebaum(Southeast Guilford) at Brevard
Chase Robertson(Southeast Guilford) at Brevard
Justin Hooks(Southeast Guilford) at Fayetteville State
Cole Anderson(Northwest Guilford) at Randolph Macon
Nick Jones (Northern Guilford) at Randolph Macon
Quentin Chavis(HPCA) Greensboro College
Rockhill Brown(HPCA) University of Mt Union
Shawn Milsap(HPCA) Campbell University
Adrian Slade(Dudley) Greensboro College
Jeremy Reynolds(Dudley) Texas Tech
Landis Shoffner(Grimsley) NC A&T
Denzel Jones(Dudley) NC A&T
Marquell Cartwright (High Point Andrews High School) NC A&T
Lamar Raynard (High Point Andrews High School) NC A&T
Chris Pauling (High Point Andrews High School) South Carolina State
Xavier Quick (High Point Andrews High School) South Carolina State

21 thoughts on “Who are all the kids from Guilford County that we have playing college football this year???(New names added daily)

  1. Marlin Petty Eastern Guilford. North Carolina
    Clay Shelton NW Guilford. Gardner Webb
    Keenan Scott NW Guilford. Lenoir Rhyne
    Hampton Billups NW Guiford. NC State

  2. A quick look at area college rosters turned up the following:

    Germaine Pratt (HP Central) NC State
    Juwan Foggie (HP Central) UNC Charlotte
    Derek Grant (HP Central) Shaw University
    Quenton Rucker (HP Central) Shaw University
    Darius Hall (Dudley) Shaw University
    Ryan Bristow (SW Guilford) Presbyterian
    Ed Britt (Page) Presbyterian
    Kevin Green (HP Central) Presbyterian
    Rickey Burns II (Smith) WSSU
    Avery Washington (Ragsdale) WSSU
    Justin Johnson (HP Central) WSSU
    Joshua Martin (SE Guilford) WSSU
    Jamal Haizlip (TW Andrews) WSSU
    Isaiah Towns (Page) WSSU
    Thomas Primus (HP Central) WSSU
    Jeremy Wright (TW Andrews) WSSU
    Duvontae Covington (Dudley) WSSU
    Albert McLean (Dudley) WSSU
    Lewis McCormick (Dudley) Catawba
    Reid Flippin (W Guilford) Catawba
    Jourdan Osinskie (S Alamance) Catawba
    Pettit, Mark (W Guilford) UNCC
    Ogunjobi, Larry (Ragsdale) UNCC
    Banks, Brandon (SW Guilford) UNCC

  3. Tre Lennon- Smith/ Elon
    Dontrae Hagwood & Deandre Evans- Smith/ Methodist University

  4. Sterling Brooks (SE Guilford) Wingate
    Devon Billingsley (SE Guilford) Wingate
    Jamal Petty (SE Guilford) Concord WV
    Joey Applebaum (SE Guilford) Brevard
    Chase Robertson (SE Guilford) Brevard
    Elliot Rawls (SE Guilford) Lenior Rhyne
    Justin Hooks (SE Guilford) Fayetteville State

  5. Rick Mack (SW Guilford) UNC-Pembroke
    Justin Hensley (SW Guilford) Lenoir Rhyne
    Landon Cheviron (SW Guilford) Methodist

  6. Some of those kids from Northern at NW that go to Carolina are stretches at bets. They were good HS football players, but College Football is so different.

    Is Maurice Harris still attending Cal ?

  7. T.J. Ruff LB 5-10 215 FR Greensboro, N.C. Northern Guilford

    University of Northern Alabama

  8. Chris Pauling (Andrews High School) South Carolina State
    Xavier Quick (Andrews High School) South Carolina State
    Marquell Cartwright (Andrews High School) A&T
    Lamar Raynard (Andrews High School) A&T

  9. Adrian Slade (Dudley) Greensboro College
    Jeremy Reynolds (Dudley) Texas Tech
    Landis Shoffner (Grimsley) NC A&T
    Denzel Jones (Dudley) NC A&T

  10. Quentin Chavis (HPCA) Greensboro College
    Rockhill Brown (HPCA) University of Mt Union
    Shawn Milsap (HPCA) Campbell University

  11. QBcoach said,

    Some of those kids from Northern at NW that go to Carolina are stretches at bets. They were good HS football players, but College Football is so different.

    DD, RIP and RB are playing college FB at Carolina…They are on the team…meanwhile, you’re sitting at home voicing your worthless opionion about 3 college fb players on a internet message board!

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