Reports from the Dudley-Mallard Creek scrimmage:Dudley Panthers take care of business at Mallard Creek, plus Northwest vs. Northern report from Pinecrest

Early reports from the Dudley Mallard Creek scrimmage had Dudley up Two Touchdowns to One over Mallard Creek…We’ll key an eye open for more updates and reports throughout the afternoon….Be sure to check out the report we have below, it is a real good one…

Last look/update:
Dudley 14 or Two Touchdowns
Mallard Creek 7 or One Touchdown

Game Log and Report:
Dudley scored 2tds to Mallard Creek’s 1. Dudley also dropped another TD pass in the endzone on their first series! Should have be 3 total TDs. Very physical matchup between the 2 teams! It was straight GROWN MAN football! Heavy weight vs Heavy weight. Both teams looked like title contenders again. Dudley sophomore QB is going to be Special! A long 6’4 kid with a great arm! Hooker looked good! RB Darius Graves showed why he is preseason All-State. Made play after play. Carrying tacklers with him everywhere he went. Connell Young is a great compliment to Graves. And also Tyree Knight! The Mallard Creek Mavericks are just plain out Studs all over the field.. Everywhere you look for the Mavericks. It was a lot of helmets popping off, chin steps being knocked loose and snot flying! These teams should be ranked 1A and 1B. If Mallard Creek is ranked #9 in the nation, then Dudley should be right there with them! It was no back down from the Panthers at ALL!

Dudley’s defense also performed well.. As they continue to gel together they will be good…..

Report on Northwest Guilford and Northern Guilford at Pinecrest Scrimmage:
from our Northwest Guilford camp….
We made the early morning trek to Pinecrest to see the Scrimmage. Northern and NW for some reason were put against each other in the 1st scrimmage. Neither team looked to play many starters and just ran basic plays. Northern ran 10 plays in a row I think right into the heart of the NW Defense and maybe gained 1 yard. NW seemed to do the same exact thing. It was obvious that neither Roscoe or Rolfes wanted to show too much since they play one another in a few weeks.

Once Northern went against Jack Britt they played all their starters. Cam Harris looks to be taking snaps with the 1st team. They even put Mook Reynolds at QB a few times to run some wildcat stuff. Northern IMO seemed to be out of sync early but got it together as the day went on. Mook and Cam are flat out on another level. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both kids playing QB this year. Mook is all over the field on defense.

The NW players IMO seem to have really picked up on what coach Rolfes is doing. NW has some really big physical linemen again this year and has some pretty good playmakers in the secondary. We saw Kevin Henry and Mark Murphy both make big interceptions. Can’t wait to see these two rivals lock horns this year!

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