Duke LB Kelby Brown goes down in Monday practice with bad knee

Kelby Brown, a key linebacker for the Duke University football team, went down with a knee injury during Duke football practice on Monday…I remember seeing and talking to Brown when his Charlotte Christian High School football team came to Ben L. Smith HS a few years back for a scrimmage…

Brown has had two previous knee surgeries and I think those were on his left knee and he injured his right knee in the Monday practice….Brown had to be carted off the field after the injury….

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Coach David Cutcliffe on Kelby Brown:
“When you have a great person, a great player and a guy that’s a stalwart in the program that’s had two knee surgeries, it’s upsetting to say the least,” said Duke head coach David Cutcliffe. “Kelby is a very strong spiritual person too, so he’ll be fine.”

Last season Brown was named to the All-ACC first-team after ending the 2013 season with 114 tackles. Brown ranked second in the ACC in tackles per game and third in total tackles.

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  1. I hope kids and parents pay close attention to this type of situation. College football players often get a ton of injuries that require surgery. It is great that football provides a lot of opportunities for kids to go to college but the reality is that “a lot” of kids in football end up with multiple injuries that repeat or end their college experience on the field. Many of these former players continue to have problems with these injuries long after college and football. It is just something that all players and parents should consider when so much time and effort are put into a game that is a “game changer” for some players in a negative way. I know the game is fun whether it’s played or being watched on TV but that is a negative side that does not get enough attention in the media.

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