Game Report on Ragsdale-EG, plus High School Football Scrimmages for Today(8/14/14):Top Priority with Smith vs. WS Parkland today

Smith @ WS Parkland at the school, at 6 pm

Ragsdale-Eastern Guilford Report/Update from Scrimmage on Wednesday night at Northern Guilford:
4 TD’s Ragsdale ( 3 pass, 1 rush)
1 TD EG (Morehead long run from QB position in final quarter)

T.J. Parker – 2 TD catches (45 yard post and 20 yard jump ball)
Tevin Quick – 1 TD catch
Alec Cobb- 16-19, 195 yards passing

Quick played QB in final quarter and moved the ball effectively on the ground
Offensive line is better but still not effective in running game as needs to be but Coaches did sub approximately 10 OL throughout the game, even in early stages.

Defense was fairly stout throughout half the scrimmage then got sloppy last half as 2nd and 3rd’s got in the game.

from Thursday:
We did not seen many local scrimmages on the list for today and we are still looking for some reports on yesterday’s action with SG at Randleman, we received some details on HPCA-SWG with the word being HPCA had a productive morning, Grimsley-WG saw both teams move the ball and Western Guilford has a wide receiver, Keenan Stevens, that may be one of the top targets, wide-out wise in our area…The kid is a very tall target and he has good hands…Malik Stimpson will be a very big key as a junior at QB/Wildcat this year for Grimsley…Kevin Gehsman was running as strong as anybody around yesterday for WG…Western will have to make sure that they keep that kid healthy…

Still looking for some news on Ragsdale vs. Eastern Guilford(SEE ABOVE REPORT) and word on Northern Guilford, from out at NG on Wednesday night….

Send us some of the news if you have it and keep it coming…

Here is the list of state-wide high school football scrimmages going on today from Carolina and Brian Barnes…

CLICK HERE….Click On for the list of today’s scrimmages…


  1. The Eastern & Ragsdale scrimmage was a miss match The Ragsdale offense moved the ball at will thru the air and Tevin & TJ looked like men playing with kids Eastern did have there bright spots with #10 running the ball from the QB spot both teams defense is a work in progress trying to get kids in the right positions

  2. The Southern vs. Randleman scrimmage was a mismatch. Every time Great Gallaspy touched the ball he scored. So he did not participate the whole scrimmage. Stoner the QB looked pretty good throwing the ball to to Ron Hunt and Tariq Haqq. They both scored on deep passes. The defense was tough holding Randleman to two scores when the second unit was in. We will be able to get a better feel for Southern football once that match up against East Forsyth tomorrow night.

  3. Ron, you were there and how did that Randleman WR Mollette(?) look/do against the SG defense???

    He has committed to UNC…

  4. Didn’t the Smith Parkland scrimmage get moved to today at 6pm? Is it being played at Smith or at Parkland? If they play at Parkland will it be at the school or at Deaton-Tompson Stadium?

  5. Mollette was a man amongst boys. I can see why Carolina offered him. He ran crisp routes and caught the ball well. He scored on TD on a deep ball against the second unit. Although he isn’t very fast he was open a lot. I look for him to be a TE at Carolina. They even lined him up at safety.

  6. Anyone go to the Smith Parkland scrimmage? Just was wondering how Smith is looking this year?

  7. Smith at Parkland. Smith is building fire. I learned two things: 1) Smith can put more than one touchdown on the board
    2) Our defense can be great…. At time.
    Tyrell Dumpson with some touchdowns while he was at QB and Myles White at WR and toward the end with Myles White at QB the Eagles showed progress. The team had a little too many flags but they have speed and a decent passing game. Put Downing Richmond on your Watch List. They wasn’t great but they were not bad. Don’t write us off yet this team has potential. The team travels to Andrews Saturday Morning.

  8. Kenneth,

    Just wondering and I’m not trying to stir anything up. Is Smith looking really that good or was Parkland the same old Parkland of years past?

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