Kenneth Brown Jr. weighs in on Ben L. Smith at WS Parkland and others share comments/questions on the Golden Eagles

from Kenneth Brown Jr. on the Smith Golden Eagles football scrimmage:

Ben L. Smith at Winston-Salem Parkland.
Smith is building fire.

I learned two things:
1) Smith can put more than one touchdown on the board…
2) Our defense can be great…. At times.

Tyrell Dumpson with some touchdowns while he was at QB and Myles White at WR and toward the end with Myles White at QB the Eagles showed progress.

The team had a little too many flags but they have speed and a decent passing game. Put Downey Richmond on your ‘Watch List’.

They weren’t great but they were not bad. Don’t write us off yet, this team has potential.

The team travels to High Point Andrews Saturday morning.

Questions facing Kenneth Brown and Ben L. Smith:
1)Anyone go to the Smith Parkland scrimmage? Just was wondering how Smith is looking this year?
(See Brown on Smith above.)

2)Just wondering and I’m not trying to stir anything up. Is Smith looking really that good or was Parkland the same old Parkland of years past?

3)Who all was at the Smith scrimmage besides Parkland?


  1. Eagles are not a push over this year everyone! Yes we might not go out and win states this year but we ain’t in the basement this year either. Don’t be shocked when we upset a few of the News-records cover boys this season we ain’t going to fold for nobody!

  2. Well, Andy. It could be because of Parkland because they’re Parkland but this team is tired of losing and they want to get better, to build off last years 3-8 season. We really are good. We’re not great but we have the chance to do something big and if they keep practicing and not making a whole lot of mistakes they have the potential. Atkins was at the Scrimmage. We use to beat them when Coach Brewington was here.

  3. Good to see any news on Smith!!!! The team looks alot better and they are young ( Tyrell, Myles, and Downey are all sophomores ) They pretty much pushed Parkland and Atkins around. Looking forward to pushing some Metro 4A teams around. The team looks to have some of the swagger from a few years back. GO EAGLES

  4. Report back to us after you scrimmage Andrews, then we will have a better idea if it will be better than 3-8.

  5. I forgot to to add that Janon Cooper caught an interception and that the offensive line as a whole did a pretty decent job but we’ll know more about what the O Line can do after tomorrows scrimmage going up against State Champs Andrews.

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