Friday Night Finish

We want you to send in reports on your games if you have them and let’s see how your teams did tonight…A few to look at coming in already…

Northern Guilford at the Cleveland County Jamboree
Crest beat Northern 17 to 7
Getting some E-mails in on the Dudley Scrimmage and the word is:
Dudley 14, High Point Central 14,
High Point Central 7, Richmond County 7 and the word was the Dudley defense looked as strong as ever and that Hendon Hooker had the offense moving the ball down the field…..Same was being said about Jamiel Mack from High Point Central, as the Bison QB…
Ragsdale with the heavy edge over Ledford and Central Davidson….
Hearing about more about Dudley, HP Central, more on Northern, got the word on Eastern Guilford, Northwest Guilford and Grimsley from the NewBridge and still looking for more….
More coming in later I’m sure….
*****On a baseball note, the Greensboro Grasshoppers saw their five-game winning streak come to end tonight/Friday as they fell 6-3 to Kannapolis…*****
+++++Let’s hear about all those teams from up at the NewBridge Jamboree…Ragsdale, Grimsley, EG, SWG, WG, NWG, SG, NEG and more..
Dudley and High Point Central at Dudley…
Page at Raleigh Athens Drive
Southeast Guilford at Northwood and did we leave anybody out????

How did our teams do on Friday???


  1. Not much to report from West Davidson as far as Ragsdale! Tigers had their way with Central Davidson and Ledford. Let’s hope the intensity continues on both sides of the ball.

  2. Dudley showed that they should be a good team. This is not the same team from last year.They have a lot of work to do on the defensive side. They lost a lot of size and skill but should gel after playing together for a while.
    That Mack kid at High Point Central is a stud. I was very impressed with his skill set. Overall, I feel that Vance was the best looking team out there today. They were definitely the biggest.

  3. NW started slow against Lexington and looked like they couldn’t get into a good rhythm on offense. Then we noticed they were putting in 2’s 3’s every other play. Looks like the coaches were making sure they were giving just about every varsity player a few reps. We even noticed there were a couple JV kids playing with the Varsity team. They still managed to put up a couple scores. On defense the 1’s were lights out. I don’t think Lexington scored on the 1’s and all.

    Against Mt Tabor the NW Defense was again pretty dominate. Tabor might just have one of the biggest HS Offensive lines I’ve ever seen but struggled to run the ball on NW. They went deep a couple times and were picked off by the NW secondary. Tabor finally got the ball moving and scored on the 2’s and 3’s. NWG from what I could tell will be a pretty good team again this year.

    Go Vikings!

  4. E Guilford rolled Rockingham, scoring at will it seemed. They looked pretty good. Their star player has been moved to QB, but he’s the real deal!
    Rockingham goimg to be a long season for those young men. Offensive line needs alot of work QB running for his life most of the night.
    Reidsville rolled both Grimsley and W Guilford.
    Grimsley couldnt get anything going against Reidsvilles 1s. But some of that has alot to do with WR drops and seemed they kept running same couple of plays over and over.

  5. The jamboree at Dudley was great. Vance looked great Had some huge size. But the matchup everyone wanted to see was HPC vs Dudley!! It was a great match-up. I think Central would have gone up 21-14 if not for a controversial fumble call in which HPC’s player knee was down before fumbling the ball. Overall, you couldn’t expect a blowout here. Much respect to Dudley. They are the defending state champs and Coach Davis will have them boys ready to roll by playoff time.

  6. It was just a scrimmage.. but I think it confirmed about HPC what most were thinking, the defense is a work in progress and they will definitely need to shore up, the offense led by Mack looked strong though, Like I said if this team can find some cohesion on the defensive front and remain somewhat injury free the sky is the limit for them.

    Dudley looked real good and still should be considered favorites in the 4A picture.

  7. Northern observations. Great team with real potential. O line needs some work. On D line, first time in years (16 to 18 years) that Roscoe has coached without Thomas as his head D coach. Maybe it was the combo that was the magic. Team will still do well in conference, just working out some kinks.

  8. Thanks to everyone that sent in these reports…It is great to get an idea on how our different teams did…

    Just some game info of any sort is good to have to be able to look at and think about…

    Sounds like Mack at HP Central is going to be one of those QB’s in the Triad to really keep an eye on this year and it also sound like the Morehead kid(Jarius?) is looking to possibly run the offense at Eastern Guilford…

    Again some very good info to chew on and Northern has so many good athletes that should be fine once the season gets rolling…They can use the offensive weapons to make up for any early defensive shortcomings, you would think…

    Word is Grimsley will be young with only 4 seniors on the team and they will need some time to grow…

    People talk about these stud-type backs and wonder who the stud RB will be for NWG….

    Like so many have said in the past, Dudley doesn’t rebuild, they just reload…

    Again, double-thanks for the updates and let’s keep the Friday Night Finish rolling…

  9. Maybe I read or remembered something wrong, but I thought Dudley gave Mallard Creek a pretty good challenge this past Monday at Mallard Creek….

    from today’s Charlotte Observer on-line at

    MINT HILL Mallard Creek High warmed quickly to its first football challenge of the season.

    The Mavericks, last year’s N.C. 4AA state champions, overcame an early deficit to beat Scotland 13-7 in a scrimmage on Friday at Rocky River.

  10. The reason why Northern is struggling is not because coach Thomas is gone…it’s because the role players are not as good as they have been in the past. Plus they don’t have a true QB. Roscoe will get it figured out and they will still win the conference. The State title might be a little out of reach.

  11. Also want to add that these are just scrimmage games. There is no game planning and alot of back ups get a lot of playing time. next week will tell more

  12. Southwest defense has only given up 1 score per scrimmage in the 3 that they have played. There offense is loaded with fast skill guys and will have the biggest Oline they have had in quite sometime at Southwest.

  13. Reidsville looked good but they didnt “roll” Grimsley…Grimsley operated a condensed Offensive set for the scrimage, the Rams didnt have to deal with tackling Malik Stimpson. He {by design} spent most of the scrimmage handing off or passing. I think it was 4-2 {if you keep score in a 40 yd scrimmage}

  14. Andy i keep hearing talk about leadership at Grimsley…..while its true they have limited seniors they have several experienced players and “leaders” on the team. The core of the team consist of jrs all of which will be 3year varsity starters or major contributers. Malik Stimpson…Nassem Barrett….Curtis Martin…Malik Herbin…Brian Fuyqua….Bruce Davis…to name a few. They took lumps as freshman, grew as sophmores and should be ready as JRs…..i dont want leadership or the percieved lack thereof to be an excuse if the whirlies dont do well…they have leadership…..respectfully

  15. I know it’s a scrimmage and teams don’t do too much. But if the opposing team is in your backfield more time than not. You still have a lot of work to do. With that said Grimsley must have been holding back a lot. The score was 4-2 against Reidsville, but when Grimsley scored was when Reidsville had a lot of 2s on the field.

  16. With the year Grimsley had in 2013, they should be ready to battle at Ragsdale this coming Friday night…

    The leadership will come and it will need to be there early at Ragsdale….Grimsley was able to sneak up on some of the teams on their early-season schedule last year, but that won’t be the case this year…

    Grimsley does have talent and most of the area teams are aware of it and Stimpson has lot of people talking and believe me, Ragsdale will not be overlooking the Whirlies as we all get ready for Friday night….

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