Lots of polls starting to roll as we roll into Week #1 of the High School Football Season:Carolina GridIron, CarolinaPreps and N&R all coming in with Dotcom polls

Starting to see lots of polls to be looking at with Carolina GridIron.com showing Dudley at #4, West Forsyth at 8, East Forsyth at 11 and Northwest Guilford at 12 in their state-wide 4-A poll and Northern Guilford goes at #3 and Eastern Alamance #8 in the Carolina GridIron 3-A poll….

CLICK HERE for the 4-A Top 15 Poll from Carolina GridIron…

CLICK HERE for the 3-A poll Top 15 from Carolina GridIron….

CLICK HERE for Carolina Preps.com and all of their Top 25 Polls with:
4 East Forsyth
7 Dudley
10 Northwest Guilford
11 West Forsyth
25 Southeast Guilford, all on the 4-side…

The News and Record has realeased their Top Ten on-line with Dudley at #1, Northern Guilford #2 and Page #3….CLICK HERE for the N&R high school football poll…

Nothing available from NCPreps.com…..No polls at their site so far this season….

Send us a few of your Top Tens and how do you see the conference races shaping up???

Metro with Dudley, Page, Grimsley, Southeast, Smith and then Southern Alamance
Piedmont Triad with East Forsyth, High Point Central, Northwest, Ragsdale, Glenn, Southwest Guilford
Mid-State with Northern Guilford, Eastern Alamance, Eastern Guilford, Western Alamance, Northeast Guilford, Burlington Williams, Morehead, Rockingham County, McMichael….
Mid-Piedmont with Southern Guilford, North Forsyth, Asheboro, Ledford, Western Guilford, Central Davidson, Southwestern Randolph
PAC 6 with High Point Andrews, Randleman, Eastern Randolph, Providence Grove, Trinity, Wheatmore

Looking at one of our Top Tens and we may need to change it on a daily basis…..
2)High Point Central
3)Northern Guilford
4)Northwest Guilford
7)Southern Guilford
9)Eastern Guilford
10)Southeast Guilford


  1. Nice to see that Andy gives NW some respect because the N&R sure doesn’t. They have 4 teams that we beat last year ranked ahead of NW. NW has a lot of talented starters returning but not sure how good they will be with a coaching change over. Time will tell.

  2. Northwest lost 4 starters on the offensive line and their top 2 running backs. Brand new “spread” system with average recievers

  3. Northwest will have a good defense, can they score enough points will be the question.

  4. Every year everyone ranks teams ahead of NW in the PT4A and every year NW is a top team. NW returns 9 kids on D that started at some point last year. They return 6 or more that started at some point on offense. They hired an awesome coach in Jared Rolfes plus they hired some veterans from Ragsdale and Northern. they hired former Catawba coach Todd McComb as their new DC. They also kept 5 or 6 assistant coaches from the old staff that worked with Woodruff. NW is in great hands plus Coach Woodruff built a very solid foundation for the new staff to move forward. Yes their may be a learning curve on the offense but when they get it down watch out. NW plays a very tough schedule so it maybe tough to duplicate the success they had last year but they will be a tough team to beat. Good luck NW except when the Nighthawks come to town!

  5. Northwest….. That was last season. This is this season!!!If thats the case I can say the same thing too. The only team that deserves to be where they are is Dudley until otherwise. Page is to high and Northern is as well. Even though I feel being ranked #4 in the News and Record Poll is good, I think that poll is biased towards Greensboro schools. And to your point Northwest, we both beat East Forsyth down and look where they are ranked. We return 9 (really 10 because of the awesome transfer) of 11 on offense and only 5 on defense which may be the reason we aren’t getting respect in the Carolina Prep poll. All I can say is I’m glad they don’t think we are good enough even after the way we moved the ball up and down the field on Dudley, Richmond County, and Vance last Friday at the scrimmage. It only will fuel our fire. S if you feel the same, it should fuel yall’s as well.

  6. Here is the real Top Ten!

    Don’t know why the N&R ranks Winston teams. Its not like the Journal gives any love to anyone in Guilford County.

  7. HPC,

    Don’t know why you think HPC should be so high? I was at Dudley You guys have a good QB a decent RB and a decent WR. The Oline is average and the defense in my opinion is average. There is a significant step down in this years team compared to last years team. There is no big play threat anywhere on the field outside of the QB.

  8. Football fan, I disagree about HPC not having any big play threats on the field, in contrast I think this may be one of the most explosive offenses the Bison have had in many years. And yes it starts with the big play ability of the QB but he has veteran oline, 4 good speedy receivers and sophomore RB a year older, stronger, and better. So I disagree I think this offense is actually better from a year ago and I see no weakness.

    As far as the defense goes I think everyone knows that it is still a work in progress, but that includes every team as well. Because unlike Dudley last season there is no real dominant defense this year in Guilford County they all have some holes to fill.

    I think #2 or #3 is about right for the Bison knowing what we know so far and seeing the scrimmages that have taken place. Good to know we’re getting the respect locally.

  9. I agree with just sayin. The News and Record staff must have attended Page and/or Grimsley. I was at Dudley as well BisonPride. HPC was visably smaller than all the teams. I assumed they would get drug, but HPC played as well as anyone there. BisonPride, wasn’t that Charlotte Vance team big!!! Their QB was huge.

  10. I agree SE Parent I had assumptions going in that either Dudley or Richmond County would be the biggest teams there. But man when I saw that Vance team I had to do a double take, someone told me who they were because I didn’t know at first, but yes they were big across the board. A poster from Charlotte on another board stated Mallard Creek students are drawn from the same district as Vance after that scrimmage I can see the similarities.

    I wanted to ask you how has SE Guilford looked in any of their scrimmages, how is the defense looking? They lost alot of talent, but they still have a great coaching staff and a good QB as well on offense.

  11. One of the big question marks and we haven’t talked about this, is who has the biggest and most talented line around here this year???

    Last year Southeast Guilford was loaded on both sides of the line, but looking over their roster from last year, most of those kids have graduated….

    Smith has two highly projected linemen in Cameron Clark and Desmond Sturdivant and who else is big on the line this year….

    QB’s we have been throwing out Mack(HPC), Britt(Page), Craven(SEG), Stimpson(Grimsley), Cobb(Ragsdale) and we are hearing talk about Morehead possibly at EG and Stoner at SG and there are more, Homol at NWG and others…Plus we should not leave out the young sophomore Hendon Hooker at Dudley…

    On the RB’s we line up Gallaspy(SG), Freeman(NG), Graves and Young(Dudley), Murphy(NWG), Little(HPC), Bovian(WG) and there are more…

    WR’s we have been looking at Reynolds(NG), Harris(NG), Parker and Quick(Ragsdale), Davis(Grimsley), Cokely(Dudley) Gorham(HPC), Stevens(WG), and there are many more…

    But the new question of the day, is “who are the big lineman for our area this season”???

  12. SE has lost 2 JV games in 3 years. They have reloaded but again its hard to tell from their scrimmages. SEG is very physical, has a 3 year QB and these kids have played together since 7 years old. SEG was fairly dominant in their scrimmages, the teams were good but not a Richmond Sr., Dudley, Vance or a West Meck. To beat a Dudley it will take a very physical team. Just ask a loaded Scotland Co. team from last year. Again until someone beats Dudley, they have to be #1. For HPC to hang with the teams I saw them scrimmage, Richmond, Dudley and Vance, hard not to have they 2nd.

  13. I just got a text this morning about a lineman, Xaiver Lovette at High Point Andrews…They say he is a good one and at 6’2 maybe 230…

  14. Andy,

    Go watch TW Andrews play in person. That’s why they are so good year in year out. Their O line is text book in their blocking assignments. They are big and throw in a few atheletes and the rest is history. No double reverses, hi-risk plays here. They get 1st downs first that lead to TD’s.

  15. Football Fan, Can you actually see? HPC-Average? We have one of the best Qb’s in the state, explosive receievers in Tim Gorham and Charles Edmond, smash mouth running back in Chavis Little and Geoffrey Wall who has power, 4.3 speed,can catch, etc along with others weapons like Savon McCauley. Defensively we are gelling like most defenses are this season.Our offense is state championship caliber. you’ll see Friday!! We will let our play do the talking!! Besides, thats your opinion. Goes to show who’s biased or know nothing about football!!

  16. Football Fan,

    And to add to that, our O-Line is strong, quick and experienced. Been together 2-3 years now. Against those teams at the scrimmage we were at a disadvantage size wise but we held our own and could any of their defenses stop us? NO!! Our O-line may be big vs the teams we will face this year!!!Other than that, our play will do the talking!!

  17. Really though,

    I hope HPC can show us something…..The Bison are playing a small 2A school. You claim they are state contenders. If they are they better blow out HPA. HP Central is a PT4A contender but they are NOT a state contender. Those WRs are no where on the level of Foggie and Pratt. Defense lost to much too. Plus your coach will only run the QB just look atthe stats. Better hope he doesn’t go down from all those hits. Cause if he drops you guys instantly become a 5-7 team.

  18. Football Fan,

    Who are your top ten contenders for small 4A title?

    You say HPC is playing a small 2A team but fail to mention they are our biggest rivals and the defending 2AA champions. HPC could very well blow Andrews out but if they they don’t that doesn’t mean they’re not a contender, you don’t just walk through teams like Andrews, Carver, Reidsville regardless of what classification they are.

    Foggie and Pratt were great, great players any team would miss not having those guys, but if you think our playmakers consisted solely on those two players you haven’t obviously been paying attention.

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