Greensboro Lady Gaters Hoops Tryouts Sunday August 24

This Sunday August 24 they will be having Greensboro Lady Gaters Hoops Tryouts at the Proehlific Park on Jessup Grove Road, just off of Horsepen Creek Road…

These are FREE Tryouts and the tryouts will begin at 4pm and here is the 4-5pm schedule:
Court 1…3rd and 4th Graders’ Tryouts
Court 2…5th Graders’ Tryouts
Court 3…6th Graders’ Tryouts

Here is the 5-6pm Schedule and again all of these are FREE tryouts:
Court 1…7th Graders’ Tryouts
Court 2…8th Graders’ Tryouts
Court 3…9th Graders’ Tryouts


For more information you can contact Ben Bradford at:
(336) 362-8856

The Lady Gaters have developing outstanding girls’, elite traveling basketball teams since 1998….

Location again is at Proehlific Park, 4517 Jessup Grove Road and the date to mark down and remember is this upcoming Sunday, August 24…

*****The preceding material/information is not endorsed by the Guilford County Schools.*****