(Now with Videos)We may have just seen the ‘Game of the Week’, the ‘Game of the Month’ and the Game of the Year’ all rolled into one:Grimsley 26, Ragsdale 26 FINAL

We may have just seen one of those ‘Games of the Week’, a ‘Game of the Month’ and a Game of the Year’ all rolled into one at Jamieson Stadium tonight…

Final Junior Varsity Football:
Grimsley 26
Ragsdale 26

We will have plenty of video coming down on this one tomorrow…We have one post up on this game already and Ragsdale led early 7-0, but Grimsley kept on fighting back in the contest…

I was gone for a few minutes and returned in the 3rd quarter with Grimsley down by two, at 14-12….

Grimsley scored to make the score 18-14 Whirlies, but Ragsdale came right back and went up 20-18 and then after a Grimsley fumble on a hard hit by the Ragsdale Tigers, Ragsdale got the ball back and took it on down the field and got into the end zone again, to go ahead 26-18…..

Ragsdale up 26-18, an eight point lead and the Tigers kicker, Castro, I think it was, sent the kick just wide to the left and his kick hit the upright(bouncing back toward the field of play) and the extra point kick attempt missed, allowing Grimsley to stay within a TD and the two-point conversion…

The Ragsdale kicker’s foot had plenty of power and distance, he just came up a bit off on the wide-left miss and the upright contact…

Grimsley would need a touchdown and a two-point conversion to tie this game after Ragsdale just missed on a chance to go up 27-18…

Grimsley got the ball back for one last chance/drive with 1:05 left in the contest…’The Drive’ with 1:05 and the Whirlies were alive….

The Whirlie QB Simpson, I was hearing him called, marched his team down down the football field on the 20th of August and you may have thought you were watching Malik Stimpson, instead of the young man Simpson, but this kid took his team all the way up to the goal line and on in for the TD that would cut the Ragsdale lead to 26-24….

Ragsdale up 26-24 and could Simpson and Grimsley find one more score?? They had to have the deuce, the two-point conversion was a must and Grimsley lined up and got the big play with just 6 seconds on the game clock…

Simpson found his man and tossed the pass low to the ground and his receiver went down and got and used his arms to cradle the ball and shield off any would-be Tiger ball snatchers….

Grimsley ties it after being down 26-18 with 1:05 to go…

After the onside kick was recovered, this game was over….

They were in non-conference action, so this will remain a tie and it will be a topic of conversation for many years to come….

The Ragsdle kid Maness was one bull of a runningback and drove the ball down the Whirlies gut on more than one occasion, but in the end you could wrap it and put a bow on this game, you had a tie and believe me with the score at 26-18 Ragsdale, Grimsley would have told you that they would die for a TIE and they did, they got it and there you go….

More video coming on this one, I think we have that game-tying two-point conversion catch and a few more to go with it…Be sure to keep it on/at GreensboroSports.com all season long for your JV scores and your Varsity results….

A very good game turned in by both teams and that was some kind of way/game to get the season rolling/started….

Video with the LONG CATCH-Click Below

Grimsley Drive

Grimsley Fumble

Ragsdale QB

Sack Play

Missed Kick

The Big Touchdown

The Two-point Conversion

Scoreboard Look

Onside Kick

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  1. Great game to watch. Grimsley had their chances to win early but 2 costly turnovers shift the momentum. Ragsdale and grimsely should have good JV seasons

  2. America’s greatest sport is finally here. High school football every thurs. and fri.
    Big game in High Point.

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