You look ahead to one day down the road, how do you recognize/remember Coach Steven Davis at Dudley HS???

Always seem to be involved in brain-storming/brain-stirring and today’s thought hit me, how do you/will you remember Coach Steven Davis at Dudley High School, when his football coaching days there are complete???

I’m sure he has plenty of days there remaining, but the future is never too far ahead for us to be doing some forward-thinking…

We will have to do something special for Coach Davis….Three NCHSAA State Championships and the breakdown goes back-to-back 3-AA Titles and then the 4-A Title in the Championship game, last season…

Three state titles….Not a bad collection and Coach Roscoe at Northern Guilford has three on the 3-AA level and the stadium at Northern is already named for him….We all know the circumstances surrounding how this all came about…Coach Roscoe retired, had the NG stadium named for him and then came back to coach the Nighthawks again…

Coach Davis has the three titles, Coach Roscoe has three, Coach Kirby at Page had four and I think one of those was a shared title, Coach Henderson at Western Guilford had the one title, Coach Claude Manzi at Smith played for one NCHSAA 4-A Title back when the Bostic Brothers were there and he has the stadium named for him at Ben L. Smith, Coach Bill Slayton at Southeast Guilford High School took a team to the NCHSAA State Semifinals and he has the SEG stadium named for him….Coach Jamieson at Grimsley, back in the day, played for and may have won some titles during his long tenure as the Whirlies football leader and on we go…I am still pulling up info remains from my half-used brain and we find Coach Tommy Grayson was a successful football coach at Eastern Guilford and he has the stadium there named in his honor and the same can be said for long-time coach C.K. Siler at Southern Guilford/Sumner….And on I/we go….Roscoe, Kirby, Henderson, Manzi, Slayton, Jamieson Stadiums, Grayson, C.K. Siler Stadiums….

Some day they will do something with the field at Northeast Guilford to recognize the work of Coach Tommy Pursley while with the Rams and the same could be said for Coach Tommy Norwood at Ragsdale…Coach Pursley took two 3-A teams to the State Championship Game and Coach Norwood was in the Big Game once with his Tigers….The big difference with Coach Norwood and Coach Kemp at Ragsdale, would be time served…Coach Richard Kemp took two Tiger teams to the NCHSAA 3-A Title game while at Ragsdale and his young men won one and shared another 3-A crown…I would give more of a nod for a Tommy Norwood Field at Ragsdale over Coach Kemp, due to time served…Kemp was not there more than 5 years if my memory is still working correctly and Coach Norwood has been at Ragdale now for at least 15-16 seasons….Coach Tommy Pursley Field at Northeast Guilford would be a good idea one day too and I’m not sure how you would set these naming time limits, do you have to be retired, or if you are no longer at that school, does that count???

Now back to real subject matter at hand after some mid-post applications/examples….

How will you handle the naming right for Coach Steven Davis at Dudley High School???

The man already has THREE State(NCHSAA) Titles and he could win more….We will have to stay tuned for those chapters at James B. Dudley High School…

On the what to do with the Davis name at Dudley down the road topic??? Would you go with a shared stadium name such as the Tarpley-Davis Stadium???

They did this at N.C. State University a few years back, when they added the Finley to the Carter Stadium, to arrive at Carter-Finley Stadium…For several years the football game field at N.C. State, just across from the fairgrounds, was known as Carter Stadium…

How about the Tarpley-Davis Stadium at Dudley High School, or do you just leave well enough alone and go with the “Steven Davis Field”???

Go with the name on the stadium or put the coach’s name on the football field over on Lincoln Street???

They will have to do something for the coach that has had the success that Steven Davis has…..Most all of the coaches that we have been talking to in the preseason have said they would like to see their program go to the level that the Dudley Panthers have reached under head coach Steven Davis, and there is a reason for that….The success that Dudley has experienced speaks for itself and the work of a coach like Steven Davis gives to you, the tale-of-the-tape and the tape ‘don’t lie’ brother……

So what will they do down the road and will it become a long or short-term discussion? Tarpley-Davis Stadium or Steven Davis Field at Dudley???

We may not live to see it come to fruition, but I have not been down the road to ‘Fruition’ many times in years past….We shall have to wait and see and Coach Davis’ time will come and for most of the Panther faithful, the time he first set foot on the field as a Dudley coach, was the RIGHT time for them…The rest is in the bank…

The Memory Bank that is….

And while we are over on Lincoln Street, what about a ‘David Price’ basketball court inside the Dudley gymnasium???

So for the rest of the day, if I get any more bright ideas, I yell them to you from over on Highway 29, headed North….

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  1. I say ,
    Dudley should continue the stadium renovations and add end zone seating , big big , video screen and then call it…STEVEN DAVIS SPORTS COMPLEX !!

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