Friday Night Finish

We are up and running after our long drive back from Jamestown to Westridge Road, but what about those games tonight???

Who has the best TV Friday Football Show going this evening??? Is it 2, 8, 12, or Time Warner on TV 45?

This is one of the few interactive internet shows on a Friday night, with the “Friday Night Finish”….

How about those games?

Page nearly came back all the way as they made a huge run on Davie County…(Page at home vs. Northern Guilford next Friday and you have to wonder if any Nighthawks were at Page checking out the Pirates tonight?)

Northwest Guilford took the celebration away from the Smith Golden Eagles as the Vikings fought back from being down 7-0 late, to win 13-7 over Smith…Smith put a very good fight tonight at NWG…NWG at Western next week…

Western Guilford fell 41-40 at Morehead and the Hornets missed 3 PAT kicks, based on the info that I have been receiving….Western should be able to give NWG a run for their money next week at the Doug Henderson Stadium…

Our radio team was in Jamestown for Grimsley-Rasdale…Grimsley led 14-0 early, but then Ragsdale lost their quarterback after cutting the lead to 14-7 and you thought it might be over, but Ragsdale made some remarkable defensive adjustments and those came from Defensive Coordinator Johnny Boykins and the Tigers roared back the wildcat QB Tevin Quick to score a total of 30 unanswered points to win this ball game 30-14…Quick was more than adequate in the backup QB role, but the kid that really brought home the bacon was Brandon Harris….That #5 Harris became the difference-maker in the game in my opinion…That kid should some toughness at runningback that Ragsdale really needed…Harris had one big run, as he picked up fumbled ball and took it 33 yards to paydirt…Brandon Harris will have an extended role for the Tigers next week, you can bet on that….Senior QB Alec Cobb could be out 6 weeks with a broken collarbone…Ragsdale’s defense made some key adjustments early and they were able to put a leash on Grimsley QB Malik Stimpson….The Bokins kid on punt returns was impressive for the Tigers and now Ragsdale goes to Dudley next Friday night…

Grimsley has Southern Guilford next Friday night and the Storm struck like late-Summer lightning and rained all over Eastern Guilford tonight 42-7 and I’ll have to check on Reggie Gallaspy’s TD totals and his rushing totals too for that matter…Grimsley may have real battle on their hands at SG next Friday night if Gallaspy is picking up steam here early…

What in the world offense did Southeast Guilford have going at Northern Durham tonight….The word we got was SEG 30-0 over the ND Knights….SEG must have plenty of Craven and some other key working parts to go with him….Coach Fritz has another Falcon crew flying high in 2014….NEG-SEG next Friday night…Somebody give us the lowdown on SEG…Are they for real???

Dudley rolls on to the tune of 20-7, or at least that is the last score I heard and the Panthers are not far behind their start from last year…Dudley will be hosting Ragsdale next Friday night and it will be interesting to see what a small frame, but real Tiger team can do at Tarpley Stadium next Friday…

We we hearing the final finally came down High Point Central by one over High Point Andrews and the have won two straight over the Red Raiders and now it is time for the Bison to make a real run….Andrews won it all last year and it is J. Mack and Central’s turn to do it this season???

Would love to hear more on HP Central and HP Andrews….

Do we have a score in yet on Southwest Guilford-Rockingham County???

The Finish is on and we are on till 12:30am, so send us some details or some of your comments on this evening’s games….

Ragsdale has to be feeling real good, other than the loss of senior QB Alec Cobb…Northwest has to be breathing a sigh of relief after with the home win over Smith…Page has to feeling like they can compete, after the way that they came back on Davie County and with some defensive work the Pirates might be on to something…Smith must have a feeling of we are in the mix, after the way they were able to mix it up at NWG tonight..Southeast has to be in a good mood with a 30-0 win on the road in Durham…High Point Central has to saying we can beat HP Andrews, it may be close every year, but the Bison have to thinking and saying, “We Got This”…..Don’t look now, but Dudley has to be thinking, “This pretty good stuff, we have a 16-game winning streak going when you back to the start of 2013…

How about Andy’s Picks?
Southwest(Not Sure)
*****Looks we may have missed the perfect record by just six points…*****


  1. I mentioned earlier that Myles Mitchell #27 can be a game changer. A Fumble recovery got NW back in the game which they drove down the field for a touchdown. Hunter Long #15 had a great game with some really good punts to keep NW in the game.

  2. Does Northwest Guilford still have Reid Victory???
    That was a good combo with Hunter Long and Reid Victory last year….

    I saw former NWG coach Charlie Groves at the Ragsdale-Grimsley game tonight…..He was there to support his grandson Reade Ferguson, an assistant with the Ragsdale Tigers…Will kind of neat for Reade when he faces his old the NGW Vikings this season…

    Good start for the Piedmont Triad 4-A….NWG wins, Ragsdale wins, East Forsyth wins, High Point Central wins a big rival game and not sure yet if Glenn got the win and still waiting on a report on SWG….This is starting to remind some of baseball season in the PTA…

  3. Let’s hear it for those Cowboys and they helped take my weekly record to (7-2) and only missed perfect by six points…

    From NWG AD John Hughes earlier this evening:
    Northwest 13, Smith 7

    Mark Garner 22 yard TD catch from Josh Homol with 4.7 seconds left in the 4th quarter.
    *****Sounds like one heck of a finish and that’s what the Friday Night Finish is all about, wins like the one from SWG and NWG and sometimes you have to complete the Friday Night Finish on Saturday morning, but that’s OK..

  4. Reggie Gallaspy from Twitter:

    Had a great game today we won 42-7 and I had 24 carries for 246 yards and 3TDs…..

  5. Well, Andy the upset is not to be. The Golden Eagle fell to the Vikings of Northwest 13-7 but they did but go down without a fight. Throughout the whole game the Eagle Defense held off the Northwest Vikings and the offense had huge plays and lots of momentum that could have resulted in a few touchdowns but they did not happen. So at the half it was 0-0. Then the second half Jordan Colon intercepted the ball with 2:52 in the third and the Eagles marched it down the field which resulted in a Touchdown by Tyrell Dumpson with 1.2 seconds left in the third. Eagles up 7-0. Then the Fourth quarter the Vikings scored early but missed the PAT. 6-7 Smith. and then with 19.4 seconds left the Vikings threw a long pass down the field and then with 4.7 seconds the Vikings threw the heartbreaking TD Catch and then FInal score
    Northwest: 13/ Smith- 7
    Some names
    – Desmond Sturdivant
    – Desmond Rucker
    – Clarence Goins
    – Rakieem Giles
    – The O Line
    – Jaylen Clinard
    – Jamerick Wallace
    – Tyrell Dumpson
    – Myles White
    Also, penalties killed us. 9 alone in the first half.
    The Eagles may not have won but they did not give up look at this.
    2011: Northwest won 49-14
    2012: Northwest won: 46-13
    2013: Northwest won: 38-20
    Tonight: Northwest Won: 13-7

    This team is not out. They’re just beginning. The fire had been lit and it’s burning.
    The Eagles (0-1) travel to Lee County Next Friday.

  6. Not to take anything away from High Point Central. Andrews shot their self in the football night with silly penalties. 3 different drives were extended due to penalties. They should have thrown more QB looked.

  7. I’m disappointed that the Whirlies had so many penalties but that’s what happens with a young team early in the season. Get some of that straighten out and we will win some conference games.

    I am most disappointed with the way some of our parents behaved tonight. One even came down to the sideline and berated his son in front of the whole crowd. It is bad to yell from the stands (and there was too much of that going on too) but to yank up your son on the sideline is completely out of line. No coach should have to put up with this childish crap. You might have gotten by with that at rec ball games but this should not be tolerated at the high school level.

  8. Watching that Dudley game… Seeing that the secondary has got to get better. A lot of parents hyping up their kids up.. Exaggerated stats and plays made, then the kid is getting burned! Tre Meadows? & McCain did an outstanding job last night. I just think some of these overzealous parents need to stop the lies so the college coaches won’t write the kids off once they see it’s all false. Stay true

  9. Hate to see any player get hurt, but once Cobb got hurt, Ragsdale’s defense rallied and dominated the rest if the game. Offensively Ragsdale coaches did a great job adjusting play calling around Tevin Quick.

    I have to agree with GFAN on Grimsleys penalties, discipline, etc. There was a lot if dirty plays early on. Counted 5 late hits on QB that weren’t called then finally 1 was called. LB for Grimsley literally hit QB several seconds after pass was thrown. Anyway, I predict the Tigers are back and will have a great season!

  10. Dudleys secondary isn’t bad. Just needs more time to gel. Anyone who really knows about the DB position knows that all Dbs will lose and get burnt. It’s not a question of if, but when. Plus getting burnt is defined by the ball being caught. I think the true issue is some parents don’t respect the work some kids put in while others choose to do other things. Look at it like this, why would a grown up make a negative comment about a kid or parent that is a part of their organization? I guarantee you if you look at that person or their kid, their a tad bit jealous of the attention that player has garnered by from folks that have made evaluations about a kids talent. After all this should be about the kids and calling one out is a tad bit ” little boyish ” Davis does his job during the season and what one does in the summer is up to the parents. Support your team and players… ALL OF THEM. It may mean you have to put your big boy pants on, but so be it….lol. The squad is good. Stop bashing a player for ONE play. Where would you or I be if we were judged on one day let alone one play of our lives. It’s always one of YOU or your kind on these boards. What’s your background in the sport anyway? Or are you an under zealous parent who wants a do over so bad they can taste it…. I do believe this was the seasons first game and you won!!! So sit down and enjoy it!!!

  11. A message to our youth…. Once again guys it’s football season and I wish you all the best. Don’t let the immaturity of some adults who’s sole focus in life is to breed hate and division succeed at their goal. Don’t let them pit you against one another. We have great athletes in this area and after fridays game they should remain cool. Never forget that all of us will not make it, but some of us will. For those who do make it, a debt is owed to those who dont. For we all push each other to be the best and make the most of out talents. Be slow to listen to adults who bash your counterparts due to their own adult character flaws. You are all brothers in arms no matter what color you wear on Fridays. You all have sweat, bled and pushed you selves to this point. We have some very immature adults that are in some of your villages. Be wise. Look at the total character of a man before you allow them to infect you with hate red toward others. You must be leaders of your teams and your communities. Have a great season and when the battles are over respect your counterparts whom have labored just as you have. Be more of a man than some of those impersonating them in this world… God Speed….

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