High School Football Tonight in Guilford County for (8/22/14)

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Games tonight and picks to follow and all games are set to kickoff at 7:30pm…

Grimsley at Ragsdale….Grimsley won this one last year and it will become a battle of quarterbacks, Alec Cobb for Ragsdale and Malik Stimpson for Grimsley and the difference will be how the playmakers around them respond…T.J. Parker and Tevin Quick for Ragsdale and kids like Bruce Davis, all of Williams and the QB himself, as Stimpson breaks out of the pocket and takes off running…Grimsley runs that fast-paced offense, and it comes at you quickly…Some might place the over and under at 3TD passes for Cobb and I think he could hit for three TD’s tonight, but you might also see Stimpson score three on the ground for Grimsley…(Was at this game last year on a Saturday and will be at this game this year, with our coach, Dennis White.)

Smith at Northwest Guilford….NWG won this game big last year and Smith is much-improved, but NWG still has the edge with a running game that veer too far of course from what they were doing last year….NWG will spread it out more and hit their receivers, but some of those passes may prove to be no more than just quick-hitters…Smith has two of the best linemen in our area in Cameron Clark(OL) and Desmond ‘Chunky’ Sturdivant(OL/DL)….

Eastern Guilford at Southern Guilford….Was at this game last year and Reggie Gallaspy ran for over 100 yards in the first quarter for Southern, but EG found a way to hold him down in the second half and SG lost this game last year due to turnovers and EG scored off of those turnovers….Gallaspy should be at over 200 yards and at 4 TD’s tonight, but it won’t come easy, as EG has kids like Morehead, Pickett, Davis and that LB from last year that took it to the house and the ‘Cats will be ready, but Reggie is really focused on this season and he has prepared well for his final/senior chapter and you will see him defense tonight at LB, so he will be doubly ready for Eastern…Stoner and Harris also need to bring their ‘A’ game for Southern..

High Point Andrews vs. High Point Central at Simeon Stadium….Jamiel Mack has Central back on the attack and he has some very good compliments in Gorham(WR), Edmonds(WR) and Little at RB…Central will miss Germaine Pratt and Juwan Foggie, but you have to think Andrews will miss Marquell Cartwright(RB) and Lamar Raynard(QB) more…A one-point win by Central last year and a one-point win by Central in the JV game on Thursday night…Who does Andrews have to lead the way this season…We have heard things about the Lovette kid up front and if the Moore kid is there at RB they can be multi-faceted…

WS Carver at Dudley….Dudley should be in good shape with Hendon Hooker at QB, as he takes over the reins from Emmanuel Moseley, now at Tennessee and Hooker can make it happen…He has improved his throwing touch and his running is coming along…Darius Graves has been a bit banged up, but Connell Young can run it and Camden Williamson is a big back, back from last year’s team and I would not hesitate to give Camden the ball when I needed a key yard or two…Not having Graves will hurt you most on the kickoff returns…He is one of the most dangerous return men in the state…Randall Diabe and Cromartie will anchor your defensive front and with kids like Simeon Gatling and Tre Meadows plugging up the middle and holding down the back side, Coach Anderson should have his puzzle about filled out…Carver has great ‘team speed’ from what we hear and they are pushing the pass and leaning more toward the outside, since Coach Crowell(North Forsyth/UVA) took charge of the Yellow Jackets…

Davie County at Page….Page will always be ready, because Page is football and football is Page…Dominic Britt is back for his senior year at QB and this kid is smooth and he does not get rattled…Britt is tough and calm under pressure and there will some in Game One, but you would have to think that DB can handle it…Mac Hild looks to be the ‘big back’ for Page and there is no reason to believe that Mac can’t be the back that can push the Pirate Attack…We hear Hild has had a great Summer and this kid has an edge about him and Page has a chip on their shoulder and that came from dropping games to more that one Metro foe last season…In many season it unusual not to see Page on the way to running the table, but with Dudley now at ‘Full Throttle’, Page has to make sure that they are real ready for Dudley and that they don’t slip at the hands of another Metro foe like they did last year versus Southeast Guilford…Biggest loss for Page was their one of their smallest men ever and that was Jalen Gavin…You can replace his body and his number, but you can’t replace his heart…Gavin meant a lot to Page over the past three seasons…He does have younger brother at Mendenhall and that is big and he will be at Page in a year or two..

Western Guilford at Morehead…Hornets could really use this win, after falling to Morehead in the opener last season…..Kevin Gehsmann is the Hornets’ horse….This kid needs to fine a way to get running downhill early and you want to run him a lot…Not if you want to go wide-open in Game One and throw a ton to Stevens on the outside or just stick to Gehsmann on the ground and try to ground out the basics…The trumper is how Tevin Evans will do and where he lines up at game time…At QB or at WR and the Glover kid and the Bovian kid have to have big games too…In the real approach you will need some help for Gehsmann to pull this thing off…Western has to have all of the kids working within the same mind set and for the same purpose, a ‘W’….Does not have to be lovely victory, nothing wrong with an ugly win, as long as you get the ‘W’ in Game One….Stevens will still need to be your big play man and if you get that defense loosened/softened up after some strong Gehasmann and Bovian carries, you can pop one outside to Stevens and let him take it to the house…Stevens just has to make sure if the pass is uncatchable, then make sure you don’t let the defender pick it off…Stevens has to be an offensive player and a defender at the same time at the WR position…

Rockingham County at Southwest Guilford…..I’m putting a lot of the tone for SWG on Eric Cunningham…He has to be ready to make the big plays tonight….Cunningham will have to take on that role that Rick Mack filled for the Cowboys last season…Some QB, RB, WR, DB, return man and more…
Ambrose Jackson and Juan Pagan have to be ready to be the defensive leaders for the Cowboys and Jackson is foundation of this team’s line, as he will time on offense and defense….Devonte Cross will spend time at QB when Cunningham is split outside or when he is lined up at RB and you get the picture early on that in order for SWG to have success early on, Cunningham needs to be part Randall Cunningham and part Billy Cunningham, in order for SWG to be successful and again we can’t enough the importance of Ambrose Jackson, the Cowboys really need him to be on his game tonight on both sides of the ball….

Southeast Guilford at Northern Durham…..Edgar Allan Poe had those who said you should “Quote The Raven” no more, but you can’t do that with Ryan ‘Bubba’ Craven at SEG, because if Craven has a good year and we have to think he will, you will have to “Quote the Craven” evermore….Quote the Raven, Quote the Craven and you have to know that the Falcons are cravin’ another season this year, like they had in 2013….Outstanding year for the Falcons last season, but they lost most all of the offensive line and the defensive line and that won’t be easy to replace…Kevin Brown, Elliot Rawls, and you could on and on, but they are all gone….Now we get back to Bubba Craven…This is the part where he comes in…Now this kid at around 6’2/215 has to take charge and be the Falcons’ leader…They have lost a few RB’s as well, but they still have enough RV’s in the parking lot to make this an extended football vacation…Greg Liggs is back at WR/DB and how about that smacker at linebacker, Jesse Michaux…SEG is not bare this year…They lost a lot but they are still going to be coming at you and we will soon see who gets the ravin’ to go along with Bubba Craven in 2014….

A few of the picks from the San Quentin Quayle at the High Point Enterprise:
High Point Central 21, T.W. Andrews 20.

Grimsley 26, Ragsdale 21.

Southern Guilford 26, Eastern Guilford 20.

Our picks and going with mostly the home teams:


  1. Lord bless and protect every child, coach, official, student,etc that will be out at every game around our community and beyond. Lord protect our children and give them and their supporters road mercy. Amen…FOOTBALL IS HERE!!!!! YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

  2. Northwest has some pretty good starters returning on D. Eight in all with All Conference Kevin Henry and All Conference & All Area Mark Murphy in the secondary. Ezra Otero and newcomer Thomas Hennigan at LB and Payton Stull and Cole Underwood up front. Looking for big things from this D lead by new Defensive Coordinator Todd McComb. For updates follow @nwestfootball on Twitter.

  3. Thanks gsoDAD. Be safe everyone. Keep the Ratliff kid from Scotland Co. in your prayers.

  4. Northwest also has Myles Mitchell a 4 year returning varsity player who is the other safety that you can expect some great things from this year.

  5. Andy…shame on you picking against my Whirlies! I will be at the game shortly. Leaving now.

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