What’s the big deal about the Redskins, when you still have the Indians, Braves and Seminoles that are just as bad if not worse???

Tony Dungy and Phil Simms say they are going to stop using the Redskins name when the are announcing or analyzing the Washington NFL football games this upcoming season and if that is the case, why not outlaw the use of Indians, Braves and Seminoles too…

Why should the Redskins take a direct hit and the other teams get by scott free???

What is the big deal here?

The Redskins haven’t been forced to change their name yet, so what is the deal here?

Don’t you think Indians and Braves are just as much sensitive names? If you are changing the Redskins right here and now, drop the Indians, Braves and Seminoles too….Still can not see the direct outrage toward the Redskins and the free pass given to the Indians, Braves, Seminoles and others…

Why have we had to become so politically correct all of the sudden? It is like we are all about trying not to step on someone’s toes or hurt their feelings….

When you call someone an Indian that is a true direct name, whereas Redskin depicts the color of your skin….That red skin could be coming from a severe sunburn, just like the rednecks back in Texas got their necks burnt out hanging wire and putting up fences in the western sun….If the ranchers did not have a red neck and red skin, they were not doing their job and they would not be running a ranch or farm, for very long….

I would say the true Native American would be an Indian, before he would a Redskin and a Brave would be a close second to the Indian….The Redskin would maybe be in third place….Never heard too many stories from history where the settlers would say, “Here come the Redskins”….In the early civilization stories and history lessons and even in the old western movies they always were saying “the Indians are on the attack”, or “the Comanche war braves are heading toward our compound”…

The Seminoles are an Indian tribe and wouldn’t you feel more offended if they called you an Indian, Brave or Seminole, rather than saying you were an Redskin…

If somebody calls you a Redskin they are calling you a football player and not an Indian wouldn’t you say???

Redskins is a sports term, a football term and it has no place in the history of our nation….The place in history for the Redskins is in our nation’s capital and that is in Washington, D.C., or just outside D.C. in Landover, Maryland….

I do hate to turn this into a history lesson, but I am a great historian, with much of my mother’s side of the family having been direct descendents of former president Andrew Jackson….We need to get our history lessons straight and ease up on the Redskins….Historically speaking they are a very fine football franchise and the Redskins term or name, is one that has its derivative origin/formation in the National Football League….

You mean you are telling me that Redskins is a sports term? Yes…You tell us that Redskins is a football term?? Yes…And you say that this is about all about history and we should leave the Redskins alone??? Not necessarily…If we are trying to preserve football history, yes…If we are trying to change U.S. history no…

We have concluded that there need to be some changes, but these should not be forced changes, or I am going to stop using the name just because I feel like it…

Let’s find a common thread here and I still say the Redskins should not be forced to drop their name until the Indians, the Braves and the Seminoles are in compliance and have agreed to do the same….Washington will never be the same once the Redskins name is gone…It is a large part of U.S. sports history and National Football League history and the name should be respected as that, a true name that will go down in history, football history and NFL history…

Cleveland, Atlanta and Florida State, you show me that you are ready to change your name and I will encourage the Washington Redskins to do the same, until then, we shall continue to teach real sports history and National Football League history here at this site….

*****Many might strike back at me and say, “why are you crying, the Redskins have done pretty well for themselves over the years”, and they have done quite well, but from what I was reading yesterday the Cherokees are not doing too bad these days either.*****
from the Sunday Charlotte Observer:
Cherokee by the numbers
$513 million Gaming revenue at Harrah’s Cherokee casino in 2013.
3,000 Approximate number of casino employees.
3,600 Slot machines at Cherokee casino with another 130 additional table games on the 150,000-square-foot gambling floor, both newly allowed under the new compact.
1,108 Hotel rooms in the 21-story, three tower complex.
$300 million The Cherokee casino’s estimated economic impact in 2009, before the new games, according to a tribe-sponsored study.
15,000 Cherokee tribal members, about 8,000 of which live on the reservation
3.1 million Visitors to the reservation in 2013.
$50 million Net gaming revenue increase expected from second Cherokee casino expected to open in 2015 in Murphy.
$6 million The state’s share of live table games in 2014-2015, at 4 percent for the first five years under the 2012 gambling compact.

Sources: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians; N.C. Department of Public Instruction; U.S. Senate testimony, July 23; National Indian Gaming Commission; Casino City Indian Gaming Industry Report; Smoky Mountain News; 2011 economic impact report, Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC Chapel Hill.

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+++++It’s a good time to be an Indian and tough time to be a Redskin.+++++