Which college football teams will lose this Saturday?(Looks like most have a great chance to win)

Now comes the easy part for some and the tough part for others

Which of our college football teams will lose week??? On the surface, it looks all of them have great chance to be successful in Week One…Somebody will have to fall and sure won’t be all, but who will it be this weekend, as the College Football takes center stage….

Wake Forest at Louisiana Monroe(Thursday) Wake lost to LMU last year and this Wake team is much different from last year’s Demon Deacons and that is meant to a rebuilding reminder….7pm

Charlotte at Campbell….The 49ers are expected to hang about 56 up on the Campbell Camels, but Camel coach Mike Minter is mincing no words in saying, “that will not happen on my watch”….Watch out, Charlotte may not hang up 56, but they will get 49….Game goes at 8pm Thursday in Buies Creek….

Elon at Duke….New coach at Elon, but Duke is coming off of that great 2013 bowl/10-win season and the Blue Devils are one of the teams to beat in the ACC, so can Elon hang with Duke???…6pm

Liberty at North Carolina…Coach Fedora has his Heels primed and this might be the sort of game where Liberty hopes they can lick their wounds, pick up their check and get back to the Norfolk States, Brevard Colleges and the Bryant U’s in the weeks to come, in 2014…..6pm

Georgia Southern at N.C. State…State has new bodies in key positions and this should make for better results in 2013 and anything will be better than the (3-9) that hit Raleigh in 2013….12:30pm

N.C. Central at East Carolina…ECU may be the best overall DI top-tier team in the state….The Pirates are a team to watch and the team to beat and they have A key matchup with North Carolina that will be a ‘can’t miss’ meeting for 2014, as far as in-state encounters go…8pm

Appalachian State at Michigan….ASU has been looking for the ‘college version’ of Armanti Edwards(AE II), but he is nowhere to been seen in Boone as of today’s press time and you can’t tell me who the receivers, RB’s, or any of the defenders were back when APP beat Michigan at the ‘Big House’, but that Armanti Edwards name lives on and it is a good bet the Wolverines have not forgotten Mr. Edwards and the young 2014 Mountaineers will be forced to pay the price for Edwards and APP left at Ann Arbor last time around….12 NOON

That is it for all of our larger DI BCS/FBS teams….

(Go to Charlotte Observer for interview with Ryan Switzer, one of UNC’s top receivers/return men…Go to www.accsports.com for Larry Fedora interview, should be up later on today….

Leonardo/Leonard’s losers:(You probably haven’t seen this one in a while, but do you remember the Leonard’s Losers radio report prior to each week’s games?)
Wake Forest
Georgia Southern
NC Central


  1. Appalachian is gonna get killed.They are going to get killed. I pity those boys cause they are gonna get killed. Don’t even want to see the final score on Michigan-Appalachian.

    I will take Wake Forest to win on Thursday night.

  2. I agree Appalachian will be beaten badly at Michigan and the days of 2007 are in the past. But I do feel the Mountaineers will do OK in their new conference. Will take Georgia Southern in an upset over N.C. State. UNC crushes Liberty and Duke buries Elon.

  3. I am going to put the over/under for TJ Logan toucdowns on Saturday vs. Liberty at 2 TD’s….

    I will take the over and go with three TD’s for TJ Logan….

    Let’s go with 3 TJ Logan TD’s for Saturday vs. Liberty…

    Would love to be on that kickoff cover team and get a chance to try and stop TJ…You would have to be in the second wave of cover men to get him…The first wave of cover people will just try to slow him down and push him toward the tacklers….

    He is breakable and you and can break him down, but you have to get your hands on him first…

    There is only one man that is unbreakable and that is Michael Elgin…..”Unbreakable Michael Elgin”….

    I could stop Elgin in my younger days, but not now…Logan would more of tackle possibility than Elgin, but TJ will be a handful for Liberty and so will Elijah Hood….

    Get there early on Saturday, it could be over early…Liberty will have a picnic tent set up and they will enjoy food at around 3-4pm prior to the game….
    ($10.00 per invitees)

    Leave that TJ Logan TD total at three and that would a promising start to 2014 for him….

    Elgin better look out for Jay Lethal, he is one of the top takedown/tackle men in the business today…..

  4. Taking Elon in an upset over Duke. You have to believe and I do believe that we will beat Duke on Saturday.

    ELON over DUKE

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