Friday Night Finish:NWG-WG and SWG-HPA games deserve some attention

Found this one down the road a bit and it must have been a good one:
Matthews Butler 28, Mallard Creek 27….
*****We just go this in here, Southwest Guilford 19, High Point Andrews 18(OT)….That makes for a (2-0) start to the 2014 season for SWG and Coach Eric Rainey….”Game of the Night” now has some competition, was it Northwest Guilford-Western Guilford or Southwest Guilford-High Point Andrews???*****

High Point Andrews beat Southwest Guilford 66-0 last season…..WOW, SWG has turned something around….

We need to take a vote on the “Game of the Night” and I bet you that vote would go to Northwest Guilford at Western Guilford…..(This posted before SWG-Andrews came in but, what do you think?)

What was that final again, NWG 35, WG 28???

Many of us missed out on that one and it had to be a very tough game to lose and Northwest Guilford must be living right, because they have pulled out two very close wins in the past two weeks and WG has become a tough-luck loser dropping their first two games by what, eight points?
(Did some of those old farmers out around Northwest High School donate some of their horseshoes to the NWG football team when they shut down their horse stables?) Who was that old horse farmer on Fleming Road, James Allen???

We are just getting started and somebody needs to check, hey maybe there is no need to check, Northern Guilford is BACK…That Nighthawk Defense was swarming all over the field at Johnny Roscoe Stadium tonight…

More is on the way….

I have not seen the final verdict on SWG-HP Andrews…..Can anybody tell me how that game came out….

Northern Guilford tops Page 35-7 and I’m not sure yet who is going to beat Northern Guilford this year, at least not around here…..Does Eastern Alamance stand a chance??? For sure not Western Alamance or any of the other Mid-State 3-A teams….

Northwest Guilford has never beaten Northern Guilford and they won’t beat them this year if NWG starts out like they have the past two weeks….NWG has been playing good comp, but you can not start out slow against Northern and expect to win….Harris, Reynolds, Freeman, Hord, Simmons, Fryer, Marsh and the other Nighthawks will you put away by halftime…Page can tell you about that…It was 28-0 at the half, NG tonight…

I get the feeling that SEG-Southern has the makings of a very good game next week….Both teams won big tonight with SG over Grimsley and SWG moving on by Northeast Guilford…You get the feeling this could be BIG with Reggie Gallaspy and the Storm rolling into Bill Slayton Stadium next Friday night…..SEG may have some answers, but do they have all the solutions for the SG Storm….

Dudley laid another team out tonight and this might be a long year for the teams in the Metro 4-A that have to face the Dudley Panthers….

We have not seen one single number, but something tells me that Jamiel Mack had some huge numbers for High Point Central vs. Asheboro tonight….I was seeing a total somewhere in the 56 point neighborhood for HP Central and I’m sure that Mack was a big part of the Bison offensive attack….Let’s guess the numbers on Mack without looking….I post Mack had 3 TD’s rushing and 2 passing and he had 140 yards rushing and over 200 passing….

I am going to give Reggie Gallaspy 4 TD’s and let’s put him on the sheets with 275 yards rushing against the Grimsley Whirlies….How close did we come???

For Dudley there had to be some large numbers in there some place and we need to hear about them….

Let’s put those Winners on up top again with:
High Point Central
Northern Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Southern Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Eastern Guilford…..
Southwest Guilford

Nice road for Eastern Guilford to get on track tonight versus West Montgomery…..Saw former Eastern Guilford coach Scott Loosemore tonight at the Page-NG game and he is now coaching the linebackers for Page…..

Is Northern really that good you might say and then you got to stop and admit, they have some very good athletes out there at NG…


  1. What an amazing scene tonight at Southwest Guilford. Those kids deserve all the credit tonight. They have bought into a new breed of football that Coach Eric Rainey and his very dedicated staff have been pushing. This was a huge team win, and the kids never felt like the game was out of hand. This was by far the game of the night, in my opinion. Great job to the Southwest community for standing by this team through thick and thin. Special shout out to the kicker Colton Cheviron who had a difficult night but got the most important kick of the night.

  2. Tonight was not our night. With Lee County up at the half 20-0 the Eagles were trying to salvage what was left of this game. The Eagles had several good drives that placed them near the end zone including on the second to last play when Jamerick Wallace ran the ball to Lee’s 20. However , the play and the game ended seconds later after an injury to Myles White (QB) The report from Myles White is that he should be fine. So, tonight was not our night. However next week might be.

    The Eagles (0-2) will play their first home game next Friday vs. Western, whom they beat last season, at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $6.

  3. Andy,

    Jamiel Mack had 8 total tds. (4 pass, 4 run). He had 240 yds passing and over 160 yds rushing. Central won 69-27

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