Friday Night High School Football Scoreboard – August 29, 2014

Update # 15 – 11:00 PM – Good Night

Our game of the week was Page at Northern Guilford – listen to game playback at Greensboro Sports Radio with Andy Durham and Dennis White.

Page – 7
Northern Guilford – 35

Ragsdale – 0
Dudley – 42

Grimsley – 7
Southern Guilford – 43

Northeast Guilford – 14
Southeast Guilford – 41

Smith – 0
Lee County – 47

Parkland – 0
East Forsyth – 54

West Forsyth – 35
Glenn – 13

Asheboro – 27
High Point Central – 69

Northwest Guilford – 35
Western Guilford – 28

Final – OT
Andrews – 18
Southwest Guilford – 19

Eastern Guilford – 34
West Montgomery – 14

Magna Vista – 27
McMichael – 6

Morehead – 31
Martinsville – 0

Western Alamance – 42
Southern Alamance – 14

Graham – 45
Williams – 44

Cummings – 26
Eastern Alamance – 42

Southwestern Randolph – 7
Eastern Randolph – 37

Final OT
East Davidson – 27
Providence Grove – 28

North Stanly – 12
Randleman – 30

Bishop McGuinness – 6
Trinity – 16

Central Davidson – 0
Wheatmore – 34

High Point Christian – 31
Lake Norman Charter – 24

Thomasville – 8
Mount Airy – 22

Chase – 31
RJ Reynolds – 6

SATURDAY NIGHT – August 30 – Final
Reidsville – 48
Rockingham County – 7

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  1. And that Dudley game sounds just as bad. Not that Ragsdale us that stout this year but I bet Dudley will be going back to back. Team is loaded.

  2. I truly wish and want the kids at nw to have success. I think they made the wrong hire to replace woodruff. The wing t machine he built has been dismantled to run a spread offense that doesn’t fit the kids skills and strengths.

  3. Northwest go 2-0 with another hard fought win. I said Myles Mitchell#27 last week would be a game changer for the NW defense this season and he certainly is making my prediction correct. Last week and again this week he made great tackles and this week blocked a extra point kick and then like last week recovered a fumble that NW drove down the field for a touch down to tie the game.
    Tariq Howard started to find the holes in the 4th qtr and made some great runs. Michael Hunt got a pick at the end of the game to ensure Northwest go 2-0. with a 35-28 win.

  4. NWG should definitely go back to that great Wing T offense. The Vikes barely beat Smith and WG. What was the coach thinking changing up a winning formula like that? That NG game will not be pretty…..

  5. Dudley could have scored 40 tonight.! Ragsdale coaches were bashing Dudley All week “down year”.

  6. We need to ease up on the kick the coaches campaign….Don’t blast them on here….Let them do the work they have to do….

    It comes across as crazy when you start coming out against coaches that are (2-0) and (1-1) and in the category…

    Nobody is giving the teams that they were playing any credit…

    There are dome pretty good and very decent teams out there…

    Some crowds got spoiled with some of their old coaches and you will just have to hang in and make it all work over time…

    I’s be glad to be (2-0) right now and to be (1-1) when you lost to a very good team, that is not so bad at all….

    Let’s don’t cook the coaches for Saturday night dinner or for Sunday lunch….


  7. You’ve got to remember that a lot of the kids/players will be reading these comments too and we don’t need for the kids to see their coaches being cracked on….

    Got to be able to keep your team together and working/sticking together…

  8. Andy,
    Before you start defending/praising these coaches and edit comments, realize Most of these coaches comment Bash players/parents along with any outside training this athletes receive! Why don’t you edit comments when our wonderful “qualified” GCS. Coaches post??? These same coaches take all the credit for W’s but it’s the kids/parents for L’s!

  9. People are bashing NW the coaches and their offense really? You’re 2-0 and scored 35. What do you want 65? The two coaches that ran the offense left the school this off-season. Do you expect a new coach to come in and scrap everything he does and learn a system when the main coaches who ran that system are gone? Whos he learning this wing t and how it was ran from? At the end of the day the coach you had left for a better opportunity. Give coach rolfes and his guys a chance geez. I know you guys at NW had a taste of great success but Its his first year at a school who graduated just about all their offensive stars in the backfield and oline. Anytime a coaching change happens there will be growing pain. Yes it stinks when you lose a head coach after finishing so well last year but its not last year. NW is trying to rebuild again no matter how much you NW fans want to deny it. Good luck to NW cant wait for the big one next week!

  10. @july

    You my friend are not a true NW fan! You are probably one of the parents who sat in the crowd and yelled stupid comments then bashed Woody after we lost a couple games cause he ran an ancient offense that was so prediable. Last year i sat in the stands every game and all i heard sitting in the stands from some of you fans (not naming you cause you know who you are) were if we ran the spread we would light it up. Now you got it and its we want the wing t back. Make up your mind! like others have said you just scored 35. Sounds like the Offense did alot better this week. Get a couple more stops in the 1st half and its a blow out. In the end change is never easy. Just relax!

  11. Correction it could’ve been 49-0 Dudley the refs called back the punt return TD of McCray #22 at the end of the game so Dudley showed class and kneeled it….that defense is gelling fellas no one has scored on them yet

  12. Coach Payne,
    The punt return was called back due to 2 blocks in back!! The ball was placed on the 30 with 2 seconds left in game and you think they would have scored? Yes, the coaches at Dudley do have class as always!

    Bottom line is that this game would have been a little different if Cobb plays. Ragsdale is not that bad and their coaches will make offensive adjustments until Cobb returns. Ragsdale defense was in the field for 3 quarters and just were worn out.

    Good luck to Dudley rest of way!

  13. At the end of the day we should all be thankful we have a chance to go back out and do it all again…

    Week Three is on the horizon, if things are right work for them, if you feel things are wrong, work to change them…

  14. Northwest lost a lot of good seniors from last year, and 4 starters on the offensive line along with 3 good running backs. I expected them to take a step back this year. Putting in a new offensive system takes years to master, look how good they got at running the Wing T. They beat Smith and Western barely who have been rebuilding the past couple years but both of those teams have gotten slot better this year.

  15. What about the cheap shot by #1 for Western after the whistle! NW QB took a knee and he got a running start from about 15 yards to tee off on the NW Center. I get going to the end of the game but to hit a kid that late after the play Hopefully he was ejected and have to sit out for a couple weeks. That play was classless!

  16. I don’t call that being a sore loser at all. With the game being a 1 score game, if #1 knocks the ball loose anything can happen. BTW it was not after the whistle either. He was crossing the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped.

  17. Gonna a be a long season for the Pirates with their schedule and weak D and inconsistent O. What has happened over there?

  18. Don’t cheapen what your player does on the field in these comment sections. If they do something worthy their names will get called. Playing them up on message boards has other players and parents talking about who it is posting about tackles and interceptions, the kid or the parents. Remember it’s a team not a one man show on either side of the ball…. Just my two cent

  19. Why is there so many haters? Why can’t someone come in and give a shout out if they want to. Why can’t anyone do anything positive without you haters coming on and smashing them about it. My God get a life people! My two cent!

  20. It is time for all true fans to dig in…

    Promote the kids and leave the coaches alone….

    We have only played two game…Time to dig in and become dedicated supporters of your coaches, your players and your teams….

    Why would you ever say something bad about another kid that you wouldn’t say about your own kid…Only fair to support all kids and all coaches….

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