High School Football Tonight for Week Two of the 2014 Season, plus Picks and Poll

All of these games will kickoff at 7:30pm and we will have our broadcast team, with Dennis White at Northern Guilford for the Page Pirate-Northern Guilford Nighthawk contest….Pre-game at 6:45 and don’t forget you can hit us up/get us here at the site on GreensboroSports Radio and also inside the stadium on 97.7FM….Big game at NG tonight and big games all over Guilford County tonight and we will have all the scores for you on the ‘Don Moore Scoreboard’ all night long and don’t forget to join us on the ‘Friday Night Finish’ here at the site, after all the games are complete…We will keep the info and details coming until around 12:30am Saturday morning…..Your comments and game news/reports will be appreciated…
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Games tonight with a few details on each one….

Page at Northern Guilford….Season opener for Northern and first game back for Coach Johnny Roscoe…New NG QB will be Cam Harris and look for the Nighthawks to get the ball to C.J. Freeman a lot tonight and for Mook Reynolds to also be a big part of that offense and defense for NG…Cam Harris will be the new NG QB, but I have twenty bucks in my back pocket and I bet the old/former NG QB AC(Austin Coltrane) will be there…First-year player for Campbell, but Camels played last night vs. Charlotte and it tells me Coltrane will be there this evening and I would not be surprised to see TJ Logan, Daniel Downing and Chris Ripberger there too…UNC-Liberty Saturday at six and not sure about the Tar Heel night before game restrictions, but if they can, those mentioned above will be there….Page at (0-1) will be there too and I want to see this Gafford kid run….Hear he is small, but he can fly….Want to see Dominic Britt go upstairs to Diondre Overton, that should be fun to watch for and want to see this kid, Mac Hild on defense for Page, hear he can hit….

Ragsdale at Dudley….Dudley now (16-0) over the past two seasons and Ragsdale has a chance, but it must come from a control-the-ball type setting…Any time Dudley has their hands on the ball, they are a threat to score with Graves, Young and Hooker handling the ‘Panther Pressure Cooker’…Without Alec Cobb at QB, last week Ragsdale became a one-dimensional team with the run being pretty much their only option and Tiger replacement QB Tevin Quick proved he can move the ball, with big help from RB Brandon Harris and with drop-off passes to WR T.J. Parker…Dudley still has one of the best defenses around and that is the source for their ‘stamp of approval’….

Northwest Guilford at Western Guilford….Love this matchup and if I was going to play in a game tonight, this would be the one….From where I lived as a kid, I could walk to either school, NWG or WG….Only three miles from my home either way and that is nothing on a Friday Night made for Football….WG has a chance after putting up 40 points on the board last week and the Hornets gave up 41, but NWG only posted 13 points vs. Smith and the possibilities loom….WG can run it with Gehsmann and they can throw it with Taylor….NWG has found a very reliable receiver in Mark Garner and the QB Josh Homol knows how to move his team….NWG has to get that ground game going again with Mark Murphy and company and I can remember back in the day when NWG had no chance to win against WG, but that has changed in recent years since Coach Woodruff came and changed the culture of NWG Viking Football…WG will die for this win and it may take that tonight….All will go back to who is in better shape and what do you have left for me/us in the fourth quarter???

Northeast Guilford at Southeast Guilford…SEG has an edge with a game under their belt and the Falcons prevailed big in the JV game last night, so we have SEG at (1-0) hosting NEG at (0-0)….SEG must be ready for a somewhat new-look Ram team, still building after last season’s down-sizing and near landslide…..SEG will have to do what they do best, run the ball and use the pass to set up the run….Ryan ‘Bubba’ Craven could be the best athlete on the field and he will have to learn to use that to his advantage on both sides of the ball….Greg Liggs is the ‘Big Play’ man for SEG and he needs to make at least 2-3 of those tonight….We little or nothing about NEG, they are keeping a low profile and trying to fly under the radar and that is probably a very good idea…The key to NEG is their line….That is where their experience lies, and if the Rams can get a win, it will come from their veteran line….

Grimsley at Southern Guilford….Reggie Gallaspy is the featured back in Guilford County this season, just ahead of C.J. Freeman at NG and Jamiel Mack at HP Central and Reggie got off to a good start last week and there is no reason to believe that he can’t do it again tonight….Over 200 yards and three TD’s last week and the weekly over-and-under on RG TD’s will three this year and I still feel he can hit the over button tonight….The key word with this kid is FOCUS….Many kid will tell that they are focused, but this kid Gallaspy, will show you that he is focused….The kid can run and you knew that already and he is strong too, real strong and that can allow you to break away and create missed tackles or unfinished tackles and that all works to his advantage….Grimsley will need some breaks tonight and the Whirlies got plenty last season in 2013, but QB Malik Stimpson has become a bit of a “marked man” in 2014 and he is gonna need some help from his Grimsley teammates in order to pull this off….Gallaspy will get some help from his ‘Storm Mates’, but he won’t need as much….

Eastern Guilford at West Montgomery…EG got worked over at Southern last week and will need a completely different attitude and approach in order to get the road win tonight…Got to decide just exactly what Morehead will be asked to do and what his Wildcat team has to do to provide for him the proper protection and backup to get back up to where the ‘Cats were at this stage of the season last year…

Smith at Lee County….Thought Smith made a good showing at NWG last Friday night and from what we were reading, the Smith JV’s did a pretty good job vs. Lee County last night…..Got to get more offense cranking and need to have an established leader at RB and hope the two-headed monster at QB continues to work out OK….Smith line is safe in the hands of kids like Cameron Clark and Desmond Sturdivant, I can put house money or tap money on that….

High Point Andrews at Southwest Guilford….Andrews beat SWG 66-0 last season and tonight should be a different story, at least the Cowboys hope so….They hope to get a lot of output from Eric Cunningham and the Cowboys need all they can get from all hands on the deck tonight…HP Andrews is still stinging mad after last week’s one-point loss to High Point Central and you need a strong start if you are SWG or otherwise, you may be seeing 2013 in your rear-view mirror….This will be a battle on the battlefield at Southwest Guilford and you could spin a good visit into the US History books with this game matching up the Cowboys and the Red Raiders….Should make for good history this evening…

Asheboro at High Point Central….Saw that Asheboro roster and they had 69 kids on the Varsity team and does put Central at a disadvantage? No, because HP Central has Jamiel Mack and you have to like your chances against any team in the county or outside the near county, when you have Mack…Mack is ‘The Man’, or at least one of the key men that make this Bison Bunch burn/go……Central home versus a solid Blue Comet team from Asheboro, BUT you add in Chavis Little, Tim Gorham and Charles Edmonds and get them going, Central is going to win this game….Still bottom line for 2014, this is the ‘Mack Attack’….

Also from the area tonight:
High Point Christian at Lake Norman Charter
Bishop McGuinness at Trinity

Picks for tonight’s games:
Southern Guilford
HP Andrews
HP Central

Top Ten Poll for this week:
2)High Point Central(1-0)
3)Northern Guilford(0-0)
4)Northwest Guilford(1-0)
5)Southern Guilford(1-0)
7)Southeast Guilford(1-0)
9)High Point Andrews(0-1)
10)Southwest Guilford(1-0)

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  1. We’re hearing NEWS 2 at the NEG-SEG game, 1320 at the SG-Grimsley game, N&R at several games, HP Enterprise at the HP Andrews-SWG game and there will be more out there tonight around the county…..

    News and Record has Joe Sirera, JP Mundy and Keith Tolbert out on the road this year….News 2 with Liz Crawford/Brian Hall, 1320 with Spencer Turkin, HP Enterprise with Michael Lindsay and FOX 8 always has Kevin Connolley and Danny Harden on the scene…..You may find FOX 8 at that HP Andrews-SWG game tonight….

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