Who do you favor in that Guilford College-Greensboro College football game this Saturday night? Many look toward Guilford(heavy favorites) and can Greensboro College avoid ‘The Stew’ and make it through the “Soup Bowl” with a ‘Double U’/”W”???

Does Greensboro College stand a chance this Saturday night when they play the “Soup Bowl” on the Guilford College campus???

Kickoff is set for 7pm and we would like to know where you stand…..Are you in the ‘Stew’ or in the ‘Soup’ and do you think the Quakers should really be the heavy favorites, for the game on Saturday night???

The game is at Guilford and is that worth a TD or maybe a 10-point advantage???

Guilford has a veteran squad, but Greensboro College under coach Bill Young, has some fresh faces and many of the new players for the Greensboro College Pride are home-grown, from right here in Guilford County….

This should be a war and wonder what will be the final score and will the students hit the BP Store, for a ‘Soup de Jour’, after the game on Saturday night….

Got any thoughts on this game???

We need to have students and fans packing the stadium over at Guilford on Saturday night….You can get into the game if you bring a couple of cans of food to the front gate and Dave Walters will get us straight on all this, during this week leading up to the BIG GAME….

Looking to break some records for Canned Goods Collected at Guilford College, on Saturday night……Soup, Stew, Beans, Corn, Peaches, Pears, bring all of these and more to Guilford on Saturday night and we will find out who really is “The Soup Bowl Champs”, the Quakers or the Pride???

Got to be there on Saturday night, this is what community realaions are all about….Support the Quakers and Support the Pride in their efforts to land the “Soup Bowl Title”……

Who wins here, the Quakers or the Pride???


  1. Guilford College wins big here. Guilford has this one in the bag and I see no chance for Greensboro.

    Quakers Dominate.

    Our library is bigger and better than theirs too.

  2. I was over by the BP at Guilford College today and Rajay told me the “Soup” was getting pretty thick….He will have all your game supplies ready for Saturday night…

    Get a few cans of the RipIt energy drink and can run all over the campus when the game is over and you will never get tired…You may get crazy, but you will not get tired….

    Rajay told me today that he heard that Guilford was favored by 13 points….Got to see it, but you have to wonder, Rajay don’t play…..There is no messing around over at his store…

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