Sometimes the reality ‘cuts like a knife’:Former Smith Golden Eagle RB Elijah Jordan in jail on two counts of murder

*****This kid Elijah Jordan used to sit beside us on Thursday nights at the Shane’s Rib Shack, during our Football in Focus Show….Elijah Jordan was a 1,000 yards-plus rusher for the Smith Golden Eagles back in say 2010 and Smith began the season at (10-0) that year under head coach Rodney Brewington and you had Eric Ebron(UNC/Detroit Lions) and Jeff Sims(QB), plus loads of other talent on that Smith Golden Eagle team…It used to be fun to talk to Elijah Jordan and the kid was a small, but very fast and strong runningback for the Golden Eagles…He was sort of like a little brother to all who knew him and to all that shared the football life with him…

Now he sits in a Guilford County jail cell, being held on two counts of murder and there could be more coming….Many times this kid would seemed so quiet and unassuming and then on Friday nights he could get loud and ready to help push his team toward another win, during that (10-0) run to start the season, back in 2010…At times he was like a ‘Mighty Mouse’ that could take over a game and lead on….

Something else was brewing inside Elijah Jordan and we may never know what caused this young man to go down the wrong path, but we can keep on praying for the kid, cause he needs it now and he will need if for many days and year to come….He has been on my list for quite some time and he needs us remembering him now more than ever…

Reality has set in and it does ‘Cut Like a Knife’ and in the “real world”; guns shoot, they work and they kill……

Here is the full text from today’s News and Record on-line by Doug Clark and we would usually just post the link and leave it at that, but with this it thought it might be beneficial to print all…

by Doug Clark, News and Record and…..
Complete link to Doug Clark post CLICK HERE….

It’s a relief that Greensboro police and SBI agents arrested a suspect late last night in Monday’s shootings that killed two and wounded two.

Elijah Dominique Jordan, 21, has a criminal record and was most recently convicted Aug. 14 on drug charges. He was given a suspended sentence and put on probation for a term of 36 months.

One incident involved a double shooting during an apparent drug transaction in Greensboro in April 2013. Jordan was charged with a drug offense but not the shootings.

He was charged last October with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflicting serious injury, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon in connection with shootings near the A&T campus. At that time, he was being held in jail with bond set at $250,000. I don’t know what became of that or why he was free on Monday.

Jordan’s Department of Correction record says he was held in disciplinary segregation during his imprisonment on a conviction for hit and run causing injury.

Obviously, merely possessing a firearm was a probation violation.

Police say he is a gang member.

There’s no clear explanation yet for the shootings, and of course there will be lengthy legal proceedings to determine all the facts.

But having a multiple killer on the run was frightening. Greensboro is a little safer if authorities have their man.

Here are several names off of that Smith Golden Eagle team that you may remember from back in 2010, when the team went (10-2)…

# 7 Elijah Jordan RB, DB Sr. 5-7 155
*****Elijah’s totals that senior season at Smith:227 carries/1,751 rushing yards/175.1 yds per game/16 TD’s and over 2,000 yards total offense and 17 TD’s total…*****
85 Eric Ebron (C) TE, DE Sr. 6-4 230
11 Jeff Sims QB, WR Sr. 6-5 185

1 Mike Millner DB, RB Sr. 5-7 160
2 Miles Morris DB, WR Jr. 5-7 160
3 Quinton Able WR, DB Sr. 6-1 175
4 Demari Boswell DB, RB Sr. 5-9 155
5 Dushonte/Duke Mccoy LB, RB Sr. 5-9 180
6 Keith Coleman LB, TE Sr. 6-3 215
8 Omar Foust RB, DB, KR Fr. 5-9 165
9 Codie Davis WR, FS Sr. 5-11 180
12 Kaylon Pratt QB, WR Jr. 6-1 180
21 Tyriek Able DB, WR So. 5-7 140
25 Marlon Hughes FB, LB So. 5-10 205
44 Daniel Boateng DL, FB Sr. 5-6 145
71 Ramces Royas OG, DL Jr. 5-11 295
72 Kameron Love (C) OG, DL Sr. 5-8 315
75 Montrae Cooper OT, DL Sr. 6-2 305
84 Kiandre Thompson DE, TE Jr. 6-2 195


  1. Sort of a sick feeling after reading and studying all of this…Maybe sort of stunned, but not really after knowing of the previous charges, not really shocked because of all that has gone down in recent years, but still feel bad for Elijah and the families he has effected forever….

    Some day something has to change…

  2. It shows the court system is broken! Who are judges that set this thug free to murder? They should be held responsible as well.

  3. I think they picked up Sims too. I just read both these guys somehow got mixed up with a gang….

  4. Every kid on this H.S. Football team has been in jail the only one that made it out is Eric that is now in the NFL. The coach of this team knew all these kids were in a gang and did nothing about it. So sad! The school and the coaching staff knew they had a bunch of thugs but did not hold them accountable.

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