Friday Night Finish:That was some kind of thick HUMIDITY out there Friday night!!!

Man that humidity was TOUGH tonight….The air was so thick and full of moisture, but it sure didn’t slow down R-E-G-G-I-E, R-E-G-G-I-E….

The “Great Gallaspy” was at it again and he run for three TD’s and close to 275(265 and I didn’t miss it by much) yards, as the Southern Storm moved to (3-0) on the season…R-E-G-G-I-E is for real…..The kid runs in some ways in similar fashion to Elijah Hood…Reggie can be a punishing runner just like Hood was/is….

More on R-E-G-G-I-E later on….
First three scores of the game, Stoner to Haaq for 82 yards for SG, Zakey Stevenson goes 50 yards for the SEG TD and then R-E-G-G-I-E comes right back with his 72 yards TD run…72, 9 and 4, I think it was tonight for the “Great Gallaspy”…..

What was going on over at Page tonight???

The Pirates were right there with Matthews Butler for most of the game and Butler is the #1 team in the state….Page was playing Butler better than they did Northern Guilford last week…

And speaking of Northern Guilford, the beat goes on in the Northern-Northwest Guilford series…Maybe NG should move to 4-A….

Grimsley is 4-A and the Whirlies were in the process of getting their first win of the season tonight…Same story for the Smith Golden Eagles they faced Western Guilford….

Grimsley looking to win, Smith looking to win….Dudley just keeps on winning…Dudley has now won 18 straight games…Panthers (18-0) since August of 2013…..The Panthers Pounded Person tonight/Friday….What was that final John, 45-0 Panthers???

Word is they are picking up the pieces over in Thomasville tonight after High Point Central came through….

Who was like me and feeling like you got smacked in the face by the humidity tonight????
(My shirt was soaking wet before the game even got started.)

Top Stories of the night at the Friday Night Finish desk….
1)The Humidity….
2)The Page Pirates giving Matthews Butler a fit….
3)Grimsley and Smith getting their first wins of the season…
4)Reggie Gallaspy totally contoling the line of scrimmage for Southern at Southeast tonight….R-E-G-G-I-E can get it done and the SEG QB Ryan Craven had back-to-back runs totaling 70 yards for the Falcons…Craven was giving up his body in true Cam Newton-like fashion tonight…
5)Northern Guilford will be looking for a test outside of Guilford County and it might come when the Nighthawks meet Eastern Alamance…NG is either real good or the other are, well they can’t be that bad, look how Page showed out tonight against the Butler Bulldogs…
*****We are getting word that Tevin Quick(Ragsdale HS) had a 120 yard touchdown tonight/Friday….*****

There is the Top Five and do you have anything to add???

I will go look for some more scores…

Last we heard Eastern Guilford was taking care of business against Eastern Randolph and how did that SWG-Ledford game end up? SWG needed that win to stay unbeaten…..

We got the TV stations beat….The is the best sports coverage in town, or least as the humidity levels go, we are the tops/sweatiest in town….

Haven’t used that word sweatiest in few years, but it sure fits tonight….

*****We are now seeing the final, Matthews Butler 28, Page 14…One heck of an effort by the Pirates tonight….All fans have got to be feeling this one, one heck of an effort and now the chore is for Page to build off this performance….*****

SWG comes up short tonight and here are few more scores from the High Point Enterprise to go with this Cowboys News…

Ledford 17, Southwest Guilford 6
HP Central 33, Thomasville 0……We need some number on Mack fron this one…
Grimsley 39, T.W. Andrews 30….HP Andrews at (0-3)….How about that Antonio Moore kid that came back there from SEG???
High Point Christian 44, Wake Christian 26
Alleghany 24, Bishop McGuinness 7
Ragsdale 31, Northeast Guilford 13….Who was ‘The Man’ for Ragsdale tonight???
Southern Guilford 36, Southeast Guilford 18….R-E-G-G-I-E….Big pass from Stoner to Haaq on SG’s first offensive play of the game and it covered 82 yards for a score…..


  1. Ragsdale 31
    Northeast 13
    Game really wasn’t that close a lot of mistakes for the Tigers that need to clean up before they face Page next week

  2. Been watching Ragsdale since Norwood started there and the play calling tonight was absolutely beautiful!!! NE Guilford was so confused they really wanted to get on the bus at halftime. I believe a few players did join the band in the stands. And that defense continues to get better and better!!! Hats off to Johnny Boykin!

    On another note, did SE Parent have any correct picks this week?

  3. My question of the night for this Ragsdale discussion would be, did Johnny Boykin and Derek Anderson ever coach together over at High Point Andrews????

    Called Andrews this week trying to get in touch with Coach Randy ‘Nat’ Norris and the phone voicemail said leave a message for either Coach Anderson or Coach Boykin and I was just curious…

  4. And on another note from what I was reading and maybe it was on here, Ragsdale at Page next Friday night……

  5. We are getting news that Tevin Quick got it going BIG for Ragasdale tonight/Friday night….

    Word is Quick had a 120 yards TD from the 40 and people coming out of Jamestown are still trying to do the math on that one….


  6. Andy,
    Good question on Anderson and Boykin together at Andrews? Not sure but it does bring up the question of Ragsdale’s coaching staff…they are loaded!!! Boykin, Anderson, Lewis Walker, Palmer on defense and Moody, Williamson. Ferguson, Flemming on offense. Not a staff around that can match up.

    Yes, you are correct, Ragsdale at Page next Friday night. This is another cross town rival game that can get intense.

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