High School Football for Guilford County for Friday September 5, 2014:Plus Picks and Poll

We will have our GreensboroSports Radio broadcast team at Southeast Guilford for the Falcons and the Southern Guilford Storm, with the broadcast to begin around 6:45 and then the game gets going at 7:30 and you have to expect we will see a lot of running down there at Bill Slayton Stadium tonight and you will probably see Bill Slayton down there too, on the far side, if goes well…

Tonight’s games set with 7:30pm kickoffs:

Southern Guilford(2-0) at Southeast Guilford(2-0)…SEG looking to stop the Reggie Gallaspy show in this one and the key for SEG will be, get the ball keep it a long time and then score and keep the ball out of Reggie’s hands….If SG has the ball, then Reggie has the ball and he will be having a ball when he hits the end zone and the Falcons have to prevent that…

Northern Guilford(1-0) at Northwest Guilford(2-0)….Northern Guilford makes very mistakes and you have to think that they are coming to NWG this evening dead-set to play error free football….NG is not big, but they are very quick and NWG will to be very precise in their play calling tonight, because every play you call is critical/crucial when you are playing a team that is ready to feed on your miscues…

Matthews Butler(2-0) at Page(0-2)….Big name team, the Butler Bulldogs coming to town and the Page Pirates continue to face top-notch competition here early in the season….Butler will be the toughest team has face so far, by far and Butler don’t play, the come prepared to carry out their business…

Dudley(2-0) at Person County(0-2)….Dudley can give the reserves plenty of time tonight and work on some new plays and do game prep for future Panthers’ contests…

Grimsley(0-2) vs. High Point Andrews(0-2) at Simeon Stadium in High Point….Huge game for both teams and it could well be a toss-up….Grimsley needs to get things turned around and High Point Andrews will just be looking to get a few new things started here…

Western Guilford(0-2) at Smith(0-2)…WG has been scoring points, but their defense can’t hold back the opponent’s offense….Smith has not been able to sustain scoring drives and their defense has been taking a pounding at times….Could be the sort of game where one of these two could break out, we will have to see which team that might be…

Northeast Guilford(0-1) at Ragsdale(1-1)….We hear NEG is big on the line and big in the backfield too, so they may try and pound Ragsdale, but with the Tigers’ coaching staff looking on, they should be able to counter what the Rams are trying to do…Ragsdale has been just trying to hold on until they can get their QB Alec Cobb back…Not ready to return yet, give him a couple of more weeks…

High Point Central(2-0) at Thomasville(0-2)…Central should whip Thomasville by three or four touchdowns and that is how many TD’s we are looking to see from Jamiel Mack tonight for the Bison….Bison should be ready to unload their skill guys on the Bulldogs…

Southwest Guilford(2-0) at Ledford(1-1)…SWG has been a nice surprise so far this season and they have a good chance to keep it going tonight at Ledford….For some reason, Ledford always gives SWG a fit, but really, it is time for SWG to take it to that next level and get the competition wheels turning and keep them turning….

Eastern Randolph(1-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-1)….Got to give a lean toward the EG Wildcats in this one….EG looked good against West Montgomery last Friday and this is a good chance for the ‘Cats to prove they are all the way back, after that Week One wallop they took at Southern Guilford…

High Point Christian(2-0) at Wake Christian…..Don’t know a lot about these guys, but the feel for the win goes to HPCA……Cougars are playing good football in 2014….

Tonight’s Picks:
High Point Andrews
Eastern Guilford….Going with a bunch of road hunches tonight…..

Top Ten Poll for this week:
2)High Point Central(2-0)
3)Northern Guilford(1-0)
4)Northwest Guilford(2-0)
5)Southern Guilford(2-0)
6)Southeast Guilford(2-0)
7)Southwest Guilford(2-0)
9)Eastern Guilford(1-1)
10)High Point Andrews(0-2)

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  1. Wow Andy picking in a big way against the Metro tonight. I guess we gotta show up and prove him wrong tonight boys!

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