High School Football Saturday morning rewind:Taking it to “The Stack”

They say sometimes that comparisons are not fair, but this is pretty much the only way we have to see how players stack up, as we go from week-to-week during the football season….

We will begin early next week to look at our season totals to this point, but as you begin to stack them up like a load of long-burning firewood, Jamiel Mack has to be up there somewhere near the top of the stack…

Mack, last night versus Thomasville, had a very productive effort with 175 yards passing going 14-28 with two TD’s and Mack on the ground attack came home with 119 yards on 9 carries….Mack had one TD run and one pass for a touchdown last evening and that is a bit off of what he did last week, with 4 TD runs and 4 TD passes, but I can guarantee this much, Mack is going to be one of the first names you look for each week, when start studying/looking for the stats….

Top runner of the night last night, at least based on what I saw was Reggie Gallaspy…Got to see him in person, on the field, for the first time this season and did not come away disappointed…My GreensboroSports Radio broadcast partner from last night, Ron ‘Bug’ Harris called Reggie the “Great Gallaspy”, sort of like the Great Gatsby and Ron came up with a very good one there, for a very good RB in R-E-G-G-I-E….We had Reggie at 275 yards last night on assumed-guess numbers, the High Point Enterprise had Reggie at 265 yards rushing last night and the New and Record/Joe Sirera had Reg at 276 and the best bet is usually go with the top man, for the Top Man and that would give the nod to the N&R and that would give Reg 276 yards rushing, to go along with his 3 TD’s and to me Reggie really reminds you in many ways of Elijah Hood….Big strong kid, who can fly…Long run of 72 yards last night for the “Great Gallaspy”….

The stack has Mack, followed by the “Great Gallaspy” and then you have C.J. Freeman up next from Northern Guilford…Freeman ran free for 3 TD and 212 yards last night in the Nighthawks’ 35-12 victory over Northwest Guilford….Freeman will move to the top of the stack, after Gallaspy and Mack don’t come back following graduation in the Spring of 2015, but I have this crazy feeling and feel free to call me crazy, everybody else does, the “Great Gallaspy” will graduate in December and leave for college early and where will he go??? I usually don’t come back with this one, but I don’t know…Freeman is putting up very big numbers this year and he is starting to stand out even more this season than he did in 2013…Watch out for Freeman, we see no ‘Free Fall’ happening here…

Not a bad beginning for Northern with that kickoff return for a TD by Jarmon ‘Mook’ Reynolds and Reynolds deserves a spot on our stack and he may be the number four man and then he may be #3 if you factor in his defensive prowess….Very good defense last night by Jeremiah McCoy, from NG and what’s that I’m seeing, six sacks of the quarterback by McCoy on Friday night…And Josh Homol the NWG QB had himself a pretty solid game with 275 passing yards, but with all that yardage, in effect no TD passes and that might tell you even more about the NG ‘D’….

So we have Mack, Gallaspy, Freeman, and Reynolds on the stack each week at now say 1-4 and today we are talking more with McCoy and Homol being thrown into the mix and who else makes the stack for today???

Let’s see what we can find….

Zakey(Zah-key) Stevenson, just adding in the pronunciation key and Zakey had a TD and 144 rushing yards for Southeast Guilford last night and a long run of 50/51 yards for a touchdown…A couple of times we called it 51 and a few times we rounded it off, going from mid-field at 51 yards…Add Tevin Quick from Ragsdale HS to the stack….There is no looking back, but was there, as Quick turned a 57-yard TD run into a 120 yard run for the ‘promised land’ on what many in Jamestown are calling this morning, “The not so Quick-Six”….The ‘Not so Quick-Six’ took some time to develop, but he took it to ‘the house’ and Quick ends up with two TD runs and one TD pass and the Tigers are glad Quick is on their side this morning and he is on “The Stack”….The Ragsdale Tigers defeated the NEG Rams last evening and not a bad night for the Rams’ James Patterson, with 180 yards rushing on 20 carries…Patterson to ‘The Stack’…..

I see no numbers on Smith-Western Guilford…And no numbers on Grimsley-High Point Andrews…Those two games we lack from ‘The Stack’….We do know that Smith and Grimsley were winners, but how about some numbers on those guys and while we are talking “Real Numbers”, we need to get the Dudley Panthers in ‘The House’….

See if you can help me out and I will return this afternoon for the “Saturday Evening Post”…..

More numbers for this Post….

Micah Williams(Grimsley HS) with 121 yards rushing including a 70 yard TD run and a 4 yard TD run…Williams 3 TD’s and Imani ran a 90 yard TD on a kickoff return…..
Travis Steele(High Point Andrews) 222 rushing yards that included a 52-yard touchdown run….
Jahmad Cherry(High Point Andrews) 146 running yards with 16-yard and 1-yard scoring runs…..High Point Andrews had 374 rushing yards on the Grimsley defense….

*****On Eastern Guilford over Eastern Randolph from the Burlington Times News, it was the ‘Jarius Morehead Show’ for EG:

The Eastern Guilford senior accounted for 174 all-purpose yards, ran for two touchdowns and threw another as Eastern Guilford topped visiting Eastern Randolph 37-6.

The N.C. State commit lined up at both quarterback and as a receiver out of the backfield for Eastern Guilford (2-1), helping his team jump out to a 23-0 lead they didn’t relinquish.*****

This is all we could bring home from the Person County paper on the Dudley game without having to subscribe and this what you get from

Reigning state champs hold Person to record low total for yards

The Greensboro Dudley High School football team is expected to contend for another state championship after claiming the 4-A prize last season. And Person found out exactly just how good the champs are. Dudley 48, Person 0…..

*****Not sure what they are holding on to down there, but it must be good….Maybe a few trip to next month’s Booster Club meeting in Reidsville….*****

Still looking for just a little bit on Smith over Western Guilford….Got something on pretty much everybody else….


  1. the Micah kid had 3 touchdowns and the Imani kid ran a 90 yard TD on kick off return..our boys played hard and fought for this win. Proud of you guys. Andrews played a good hard game as well. Good luck to all!

  2. I guess we shouldn’t expect no real coverage of the Panthers when they’re playing out of the area? So no real information will be again this week, when the Panthers take on Durham Hillside. Thanks for your reports???

  3. We will look to get some news from the Durham Herald Sun and from WRALSportsFan-High School OT this Friday and for the receivers, to with Mook Reynolds at Nortthern Guilford, Charles Edmunds and Tim Gorham at High Point Central, Bruce Davis at Grimsley, the kid from Nortwesst Guilford that caught the pass from Josh Homol with 4.7 seconds left in the Western Guilford game for NWG….Jeremiah Brown with 3 TD’s for Southwest Guilford in game one for the Cowboys, TJ Parker for Ragsdale and Tevin Quick from Ragsdale when he moves back to WR from QB, after Alec Cobb returns at QB for Ragsdale, Christian Cokley for Dudley, Greg Liggs for Southeast, the Stevens kid from Western Guilford is one of the tallest and one of the best in the area, Haqq at Southern Guilford had a TD of 82 yards this past Friday night after hauling in a pass from SG QB Nathan Stoner….

    There you go with most of the load of receivers right here, right now and again, Mook Reynolds is probably the tops of the bunch….

  4. 3 wins at best this year for Northeast Guilford vs three weak Rockingham County schools (Rock, Morehead, and McMichael) and they prob only get 2/3 of those….when will this administration say enough is enough and try to get that program back on the track it use to be?

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