Are the college football teams trying to hold off their opposition on ‘D’, or just trying to out-score their opponents?

When you look at some of the college football scores these days, you wonder are the teams trying to play defense and hold off and keep their opponent off of the scoreboard, or is it a matter of, “let’s just go out and try to out-score the opposition…..

Just look at a few of these scores from recent games, going back to Saturday….

N.C. State 46, Old Dominion 34
North Carolina 31, San Diego State 27
Coastal Carolina 31, N.C. A&T 30
Virginia 35, Ohio State 21
South Carolina 33, East Carolina 23

And then you had games where there was NO DEFENSE at all….

Clemson 73, S.C. State 7
Appalachian State 66, Campbell 0
Charlotte 56, J.C. Smith 0
Guilford 52, Greensboro College 0
Baylor 70, Northwestern State 6
Louisville 66, Murray State 21……And on we go…

Take your pick and we didn’t really have very many real close/good games to choose from on Saturday….