High School Football Tonight in Guilford County for 9/12/14:For some, “Countdown to Kickoff”, is just hours away

We will go back and dig in with some commentary on these games as the morning flies by, but we have one game that gets going at 5pm, due to the current lack of lights at Rockingham County High School….

Northeast Guilford(0-2) at Rockingham County(0-3) 5pm with “Lights Out” right now due to condemned light poles at Rockingham County High School…Kind of like playing back in the old Middle School days, with a 5pm start and the game should be/better be done before dark and that would give the coaches time to jet out of there and go scout next week’s opponent, if they are in action….

Southeast Guilford(OPEN)
Eastern Guilford(OPEN)
High Point Andrews(OPEN)

Our broadcast crew from GreensboroSports Radio will be at the Western Guilford-Southwest Guilford game tonight, for the game and the “Doug Henderson Stadium” naming ceremony….Pre-game with us 6:45 at GreensboroSports Radio and the other outlet 97.7FM inside the “The Doug Henderson Stadium”…

Hickory Grove at High Point Christian 7pm at Simeon Stadium in High Point

(These kickoffs come at 7:30pm)

High Point Central(3-0) at Grimsley(1-2)…Central has to be your favorite with J. Mack, Edmunds, Gorham(WR), Little and more….Too much to handle if you ask me….Mack already right at 1,000 yards of total offense on the season…..
Ragsdale(2-1) at Page(0-3)….This is the spot where Page should pick up their first win of the season….Not sure of Dominic Britt’s status, but the Jones kid came on and did a very good job of running the show last week after DB went down…
Dudley(3-0) at Durham Hillside(1-2)….Was at this game last year and it was a break-out game for Emmanuel Moseley and this should also be game where Hendon Hooker could turn it loose tonight and Darius Graves has had a hot hand at RB, time to feed him the ball and run him till he needs a break and in some circles they call that, “run him till his tongue hangs out”….
Smith(1-2) at Burlington Cummings(0-3)….Cummings always a strong program in the past and now Coach Steve Johnson is gone and Smith needs to take advantage of Cavalier team that is down and keep them down….
Reidsville(3-0) at Northwest Guilford(2-1)….When Reidsville gets on a roll, I’m not sure how you stop this Ram team and I’m not so sure Northern will be able to beat them next week….Reidsville is for real and NWG is in for a dogfight tonight….
Southwest Guilford(2-1) at Western Guilford(0-3)…You would think the ‘rub’ of the old coach Doug Henderson being in the house would give the Hornets a boost tonight and if doesn’t do it, not sure what will….If I were a Western player, I would go stand next to Coach Henderson in the pre-game and see if that old ‘Black Hat Power’ could be transferred to you like a exchanging a strand of DNA through osmosis…Who knows, but I do know this, the SWG Cowboys will come to play “hard ball” tonight….SWG has discovered winning and they like what they have found….
Eastern Randolph(1-2) at Southern Guilford(3-0)….Run him like an Elijah Hood, run him like a T.A. McClendon, run him like an Anthony Saunders, run him like a ??? Run this guy/kid like a Reggie Gallaspy and you got yourself a game-winner right here on your hands….This Reggie kid is money and the kid can clean you out if you are wearing the other team’s colors….Let him run and get it done and you will feel the fun has just begun to tune of (4-0)….Talk is not expensive, but the for SG it is time to take it to the bank and deposit about another 250 yards and 3-4 more CD’s/TD’s from Gallaspy…
Northern Guilford(2-0) at Burlington Williams(2-1)…..If my memory bank is still open, NG lost this game by forfeit last season and that would mean time for payback and they say payback is dog of a different color and you can bet that C.J Freeman, Mook Reynolds, Cam Harris and company have some business to take care of down in Burlington tonight….This was a Mid-State 3-A loss for the Nighthawks last year and do they need to be reminded of that? I don’t think so, but you can bet that Coach Roscoe will remind them of that…They may not have lost this game on the field, but the W-L record showed an ‘L’ and that is all you need to tell your players as they take the field tonight…..You lost this game last year, now go get it back and nobody can ever take away again, something that is rightfully yours….So much for my speech and will anybody use words like mine tonight? I doubt it, but if you’re coming in and you were giving a one-time only pep talk, this stuff might just work for you, so feel free to use it….

GAME ON for all and time to hit the field and don’t look back….Look straight ahead and don’t look back until you see that end zone and you are safely home, in the ‘Promised Land’……

PICKS for this week:
Northeast Guilford
High Point Central
Western Guilford
Southern Guilford
Northern Guilford

Plus we will take SEG, EG and HP Andrews as the face OPEN for the first time this season….
*****We were (7-3) on our picks last week.*****

Top Ten Poll for this week:
2)High Point Central(3-0)
3)Northern Guilford(2-0)
4)Southern Guilford(3-0)
5)Northwest Guilford(2-1)
6)Southeast Guilford(2-1)
7)Southwest Guilford(2-1)/Ragsdale(2-1)
9)Eastern Guilford(2-1)

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