Which switch is which?

Did you ever get one of those switchings back when you were a kid?

Many us had our fair share of those whippings back in the day and even to this day, we don’t think anything of it….

I guess it could get out of hand and that seems to be the case they(the NFL) are presenting against Adrian Peterson(Minnesota Vikings)….

The switchings could get out of hand, but if that switch ever got out of the hand of the person bearing it, then you might catch a break…

The bad part would be when they would make you go cut your own switch and you would bring back a small limb and that would not suffice…

Back to the tree and pecan can make a new man out of you when you have to pay for your misdeeds….

Did you ever get the old switcheroo??? And if you did, do you still hold any ill feelings about it?

The switch, the belt, how did you handle it and did this leave any scars on you to this day?

Lots of questions and not too many answers right now….Adrian Peterson took the switch to his 4-year old son and did Peterson go overboard???

If he switched his son at all, was he in wrong, or should he have eased up and not hit him so hard???

Lots to be learned and that ‘old switcheroo’ could put the fear of God in you and now it appears that the ‘old switcheroo’ could get you locked up and put in jail….

(Did you ever notice that some kids got smaller switches than you did and it always seemed like you would get stuck with the biggest switcheroo in the neighborhood? Most survived all of this and if you were fast enough and you had access to the ‘open-highway’, you could be out of there and be gone in no time, but you did have to face the music/switch/belt when you got back home.)

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  1. When I would get sent out to go get a switch I would climb a tree so my grandma couldn’t get to me. You had to come down sometime, but by the time you did she had cooled down enough to spare you somewhat. I’m not really against or for spanking, it depends on the situation and on the child involved, it’s just up to the parent at hand, however, this episode has everyone in media talking about spanking and they are all missing the point. Anyone who has seen the photos of that child should know this has nothing to with spanking, that was flat out child abuse! Anyone who is apt to losing control like that shouldn’t have a child in my opinion, being a good parent is about restraint in these situations, especially when they are only 4. How are they going to learn restraint and patience if you can’t?

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