Friday Football Finish

*****I went (10-1) on my picks tonight and my only loss was Western Guilford falling to Ledford…How did everybody else do??? Are you ready to offer me up an olive branch or do I at least get some congratulations???*****
(Jamiel Mack had 6 TD’s for High Point Central on Friday night. See details below.)[Reggie Gallaspy with three TD’s, two rushing and one receiving for Southern Guilford.]

Sounds like one of the best games of the night might have been the Southern Guilford-North Forsyth game, but I haven’t seen the final on SEG-SEG…
Wonder how Reggie Gallasy did yardage-wise in this one?????

Have to also take a look at the Northern Guilford-Western Alamance game and from the reports that we are hearing, Western was in this one for quite a long time tonight….

In the game over at Grimsley, the young quarterbacks were on display this evening with Northwest Guilford’s Jake Smith and Grimsley’s Gerald Simpson….Smith is a sophomore and Simpson is a freshman….

Jake Smith really looked good connecting with his receivers on numerous occasions and NWG came out throwing with Smith getting the ball to Thomas Hennigan, Mark Garner and others at steady rate…Northwest utilized Howard and Finnie out of the backfield to make for a pretty balanced night with the running and passing…

Smith was throwing the ball like a senior for Northwest and the Vikings look to be in good shape for several years down the road with a kid like Smith at QB…Simpson for Grimsley hit an open Bruce Davis for a TD that ended the game, while Thomas Hennigan scored three times for NWG….
Conventional thinking tells you that the Smith kid and the Simpson kid too, could really be something special one day for their schools….Smith and I had not heard of him before tonight, that Smith kid is ooming on right now and looks like he has been around for quite a while….Smith kid sure got our attention tonight, especially since we were all looking for Josh Homol…Smith was right there and ready on time for NWG…And a few times tonight, I was wondering if Hennigan was a running back or a receiver….Kid was all over the place for NWG…

Has to be a fact that we never dreamed we would see Grimsley(1-5) and Page(0-6) at a combined (1-11) at this stage of the season…For many teams tonight/Friday September 26 is the mid-way point of the 2014 season….

Dudley began slow, but it was looking like the Panthers picked up the pace enough to win by three touchdowns over Northern Durham…Western Guilford ran into a buzz-saw with Ledford taking it to the Hornets….

High Point Central big over Page, NWG stopped Grimsley and we had the game with SWG and SEG and I have not seen a final on that one yet, but what kind of shape does that leave the Metro in? Is the Piedmont Triad Athletic Conference that far out in front of the Metro?
+++++I just cheated and saw where SEG topped SWG and that will at least give the Metro a little boost….+++++
Wonder how those two quarterbacks, Craven(SEG) and Cross(SWG) did tonight? On paper this looked to be a tight game, but SEG won it by two TD’s…

The scoreboard said Eastern Guilford was winning big tonight over McMichael, Northern got the best of Western Alamance, but Northeast Guilford got pummeled by Reidsville, so our Mid-State 3-A teams are tough, but not in tip-top shape…

Southern Guilford gets a nice road win and it really is tough to into Forsyth County, at North Forsyth and come back a winner, so SG passed a tough test tonight with that victory over the Vikings….Western Guilford lost so we are like 1 for 2 in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A and no news yet on High Point Andrews, but you have to believe that the Red Raiders got rolling on the road tonight….Ragsdale won real big at East Chapel Hill and the Tigers may have set some team records in this one…..

What is the word on these games and is there any talk coming out of our Friday night contests???

Here is the word from the High Point Enterprise on the SEG-SWG game:
The Falcons (4-1) rallied from a 14-8 halftime deficit with a dominant second half that included three long scoring drives and a line-busting running game. Styles Jennings had one rushing score and quarterback Bubba Craven found the end zone twice on sneaks to seal the win.
Steve Hanf at

from the High Point Enterprise on High Point Central over Page:
Senior Mack led the way, rushing for 154 yards and six touchdowns as the Bison improved to 5-1. Chavis Little also gained 154 yards and had a score, and Geoffrey Wall ran for 68 yards and a touchdown.
Mack scored on runs of 4, 8. 29. 4, 12 and 9 yards…

Reggie Gallaspy scored three touchdowns as Southern Guilford remained undefeated with a 27-9 victory over North Forsyth on Friday night.
from the High Point Enterprise…

Tevin Quick accounted for three touchdowns as Ragsdale cruised past East Chapel Hill for a 57-0 victory on Friday night.

Quick completed 6 of 7 passes for 102 yards and a TD and added two scoring runs for the Tigers. Devon Parks rushed for 79 yards and two TDs, while Jarious Drayton had 85 rushing yards and a TD.
from the High Point Enterprise…

from the Burlington Times-News on Eastern Guilford:(

Behind 465 yards of rushing offense and three Jarius Morehead touchdowns, Eastern Guilford rolled to a 47-7 victory against visiting McMichael in Mid-State 3-A conference football Friday night.

Morehead was all over the field for the Wildcats, punting, kicking and playing defensive back and receiver in addition to quarterback. He was just 6-for-14 passing the ball, but found success on the ground. By the end of the night, Morehead racked up 158 rushing yards on 11 carries.

“We use (Morehead) very much and I’m worried sometimes we use him too much, but we have to,” Eastern Guilford coach Doug Robertson said. “He does a lot of things for us and if he doesn’t do those things, we’re not nearly as good a football team.”


  1. The Enterprise had the Andrews game at 30-12 HP Andrews and I was wondering about that one…Any word on which way it went, was it 51-12???

  2. Andy, I was at the game and it was 51-12 Andrews final score. Not sure where any of the stations got or newspaper got 30 from. But just checked my posts I did on the game and N. Surry had 12.

  3. I will go with you, the tweets must have come in early and they did not add on the final points…

    Good call…

  4. Jake played qb for the NC ELITE squad down in Charlotte. Kid practiced every weekend against 6 of the top dbs in the state. He did well and i knew once he got his shot he wouldnt see that type of collective talent on the field at one time. Kid is a gamer and throws a good ball. I predict he will captain the ship that gives NW their first win against NG. Write it down you heard it here first. He is no where near a secret to the winter and spring football grinders. Kid will be special!!!!!!!!!

  5. Josh Homol is the man at NW this year but the Jake Smith kid is going to be really special. Kid has the size and the arm to get some looks from some big-time colleges. NW is going to be really special in a couple years.

  6. Was at the Western-Ledford game. Ledford has some big ole boys on their offensive line and Western couldn’t shed blocking enough to makes plays on defense.

    Western also made 3-4 big turnovers that Ledford easily converted to touchdowns.

    Ledford was the better team. But clean up a few miscues and Western makes that a better ball game.

    On the positives, Western did make some nice defensive plays and gave effort the entire game.

  7. I declare is SG the only high school team playing in the area? This seems to be the norm in your reports, stats wise and whatever else. Give the rest of these teams some credit, they’re teams went out and worked hard. By the way did you know the Panthers won their 20th straight game. That’s the best in the state, I believe. Thank you for recognizing that. The Panthers sit at 5-0 the best in the triad. Ok carry on.

  8. We would have been in this game if we could have caught half the perfect passes thrown to wide open receivers. Congrats to NWG. This was an improvement from our past few weeks play. I think we are getting better. Our record is not good but…you know the rest.

  9. Amen HGood. I guess it only counts if Gallaspy puts up 200 on the ground. In case you want to check, CJ Freeman put up 200 and it was against a much better team than N Forsyth. Yes I know Northern Guilford gets its share of press but please recognize some other teams in the area.

  10. Big Team win last night! NW was pretty banged up going into last night. They had to start 5 or 6 sophomores on offense and a couple on defense. This bye week came at a perfect time as games against Northern, Reidsville, and Reagan in back to back weeks have taken a toll on our boys. Rest up get healthy and get ready for Ragsdale!

  11. @NortherFan @GFan I understand you guys, it’s annoying seeing the same guys in the press from week to week. You know how it is, once you’re hot you stay hot. I think a way to make this situation better is to promote your guys. Just as you did about CJ Freeman (NorthernFan) just as (John Reynolds) did above about Jake Smith. We don’t get any other information other than what the newspapers has. Promote your guys and be a voice for them. Make sense from my end?

  12. The webmaster of this site is the same man that thought Elijjah Hood & the Catholics were going to beat Dudley in last year’s state semifinal. Darius Graves had a big game for Dudley; he returned a punt for a TD and ran for over 100 yards.

    Andy, Rocky Reid had a great night too. I hope RR and Concord can finally cross the hurdle.

  13. First of all, we are simply readers and lovers of the game of football, “Janesh” you are the journalist, you should do your research and not rely solely on greensboro sports for your information, maybe you should actually attend some different games being played in the general area. There are plenty of other great programs with elite players. There’s no sense to continue to report on the same players week end week out. Try something new. Subscribers us greensboro sports to find additional information on areas schools outside of SG, SEG, NG NWG…. With the exception of NG, which one of those teams will be playing in late November? My thoughts exactly.

  14. You mostly see stuff on NG, NWG, SG and others because their fans write in. If you want to see info on your team write in and give them a shout out! Just a thought

  15. HGood,

    I may be wrong but wasn’t SE Guilford and NW Guilford playing on Thanksgiving week last year? Also wasn’t Southern Guilford in the 3rd round two years ago? How much later in November could teams be playing?

  16. PLAYING FOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS week of December for those who don’t recognize the Dudley Panthers as a team who also play in the vicinity! My statement is simply report on all teams playing in the area….you have a nice day sir

  17. Dudley played for the State Title last year and gets a lot of love from everyone in the media. My Guess is Dudley hasn’t been covered by GSO Sports because they have only played 1 out of conference game against a team in this County! Sorry but most people in GSO don’t care about Carver, Person, Hillside and North Durham. GSO Sports doesn’t have a ton of reporters like WFMY FOX 8 N&R. If you want Dudley to get more love here comment on them and keep everyone up to date on whats happening. You have a blessed day too sir!

  18. I will certainly do that, it current and clear, that all information isn’t accounted for when really giving recognition for efforts, thank you for noting on their current winning streak, I can we are done here. DUDLEY 2013 STATE CHAMPIONS!

  19. Wow! Dudley upset because other schools in the county get some love! Geesh! It’s not always all about Dudley!

    SEG did well last year….and 4-1 so far on the season! It gets on my nerves that some try to negate that! Yes Dudley! We are proud of you but it’s not all about YOU!

  20. At the end of the day I think it is all good….We all seem to love the game and the emotions displayed here are all part of the game…

    When we can’t be at the games we try and get all we can from other sites and other reports…I don’t think anybody else goes out of their way to gather the info we do, but that is just me talking and I better be prejudiced and believe in what we are doing here…

    It can never be perfect, but if we talk enough about it then then we will get the word out here, because this is a very good outlet to get the word out about your players…We are pushing the Middle Schools, the JV’s and the Varsity and if a kid needs a shake and he is from around here we will get him his shot one way or another…

    I am putting some of the word out here in a hurry right now because the score was 24-7 and now the score is 24-21…You got love these games and sometimes you need a rock to crawl under but the rock is on a roll…

    Keep it coming and keep on talking about your players and teams…That is how we learn together…Didn’t know hardly anything about Northwest Guilford and then I learned a whole bunch when I saw them in person for the first time last night…

    Got to crawl back in there and take a look at that score on the game, last look it was 24-21 and just think we will be going through this same thing tomorrow when the Panthers play the Ravens…

    Have been there and seen a lot, but will no doubt be in a position to learn more each and every day….

  21. Oh and BIG LOVE goes out to the A&T Band that performed after the Grimsley Game last night. Great job and thanks for stopping in! Looking forward to seeing you again at the Greensboro CHRISTMAS Parade.

  22. Kudos to the N.C. A&T Band for the job they did over at Grimsley last night…They looked and sounded great…

    Now is the time to be sticking with/hanging in there with your teams…Things might not be currently be going great, but over time they will get better…

    Western does face a tough road down at SG next week, but maybe 77 Hornet will get his crew together and head down there to Sumner(JSouthern Guilford) and pull his Hornets through…Won’t be easy, but nothing ever is…

    Time for the true fans to step up and not time to be throwing players or your team under the bus….

  23. Just as I figured, Chip/wow who ever you claim to be? The discussion was never just about Dudley Panthers, but about other programs in the area, however i must have touched a nerve I figured you to be SEG Guilford fan, if you do your research and I’m sure you don’t, it’s factual that the accomplishments made by the Panthers rarely make the media, I actually keep up with the program, I’m sorry SEG can’t speak of any football championships. In any of the previous the comments posted earlier, where did I say it’s all about Dudley? You did, by the way your figure of speech needs work, no bruh here, I don’t know you, again we are done with this discussion. Agree to disagree. I can see I angered the little birdies……. gone

  24. Nope not a fan of SEG I’m actually a HP Central Fan….I just thought it was funny that you said

    “Subscribers us greensboro sports to find additional information on areas schools outside of SG, SEG, NG NWG…. With the exception of NG, which one of those teams will be playing in late November? My thoughts exactly.”

    I then said of those teams many of them played into Thanksgiving last year or the year before….therefore your comments make no sense when you say the only one to play late into November was NG.

    You then said “PLAYING FOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS week of December for those who don’t recognize the Dudley Panthers as a team who also play in the vicinity”

    NO I didn’t recognize what you were talking about cause you said with the exception of NG none of those teams play late into November…..I responded by saying yes they do. You then got upset and said nobody respects Dudley.

  25. BTW Dudley hasn’t really played anyone other than Ragsdale and they are young a pretty beat up.

    Take 4-2 Ragsdale out of the picture (the only county team you have played and GSO Sports covered) Your opponents are a combined 5-17. Wow!!!

  26. Can always count on Juss Sayin to jump into the pile on and point out how your opponents suck, you cheat, or some other excuse. D

  27. Juss Sayin,

    Dont be just sold on the records on the teams that Dudley has played because its very misleading , Hillside has play two state champions , and a state runner up , Carver is not Carver of old but is very speedy and elusive team , Northern Durham would be the only exception ….believe it or not Dudley has probably played in scrimmages that was more difficult then some teams has played in games , so records mean squat just win

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