Did Florida State fake injuries? Dave Doeren and Jimbo Fisher exchanging verbal jabs(Florida Fake?)

Should we start calling the Seminoles, “Florida Fake”, instead of Florida State???

The ‘Noles sure were coming up with a lot of similar knee injuries in their big game with the N.C. State Wolfpack in Raleigh, this past Saturday afternoon…

The injuries were coming as N.C. State was getting their offense running/rolling and it sure appeared that it was working to the Seminoles’ advantage, as all of those injuries not only gave time for the Florida State ‘hurt’ players to get off of the field, it also did nothing but slow down N.C. State’s rhythm and killed the Wolfpack’s momentum….

Are we talking Florida State this week or are we talking about “Florida Fake” this week???
(Bottom boys and girls, were the injuries real or were they fake?)

All-in-all it is sort of strange, how so many of those injuries coincided with N.C. State’s offense finding its pace and really starting to click at a very high octane level…

from Aaron Beard with the Associated Press at WRALSportsFan.com:

RALEIGH, N.C. — The game between North Carolina State and Florida State continued Monday with coach Dave Doeren saying the Seminoles faked injuries to slow the Wolfpack down in their meeting over the weekend.

Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher didn’t appreciate the accusation.

“It’s a re-occurring thing,” Doeren said Monday. “It’s not just Florida State where it’s happening. There’s nothing the officials can do about it. It’s not a rule in college football. But I think it’s unsportsmanlike, personally.”

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