Middle School Football Finals for (10/1/14):[SWG, EG, SEG, Jamestown and Hairston on the charts]

*****Let’s line ’em up and get a few more scores in here.*****
Went by Northwest Guilford and Southern Guilford Storm and nobody there, so I took the back roads got past the Road Closed signs and made my way over on a quick jump to Kernodle and it was all Southwest Guilford Cowboys over there today….

Finals:Hairston 36, Guilford Middle 12….Eastern Guilford 14, Mendenhall 8Southeast Guilford 42, Northeast Guilford 0….Jamestown 21, Northern Guilford 0….

Final at Kernodle Middle School:
Southwest Guilford Cowboys 38, Kernodle Cougars 12
SWG getting a lot of push from #20 and #21 and we don’t have their names yet, but we caught Mr. Norman Smith on the PA system(he came over from Aycock) for Kernodle and their two TD’ were scored by Caleb Andrews and Richard Monroe on runs of 80 and 86 yards respectively…
Halftime:SWG 22, Kernodle 6

+++++Will add some video clips from this game in a few minutes.+++++
(See our complete list of games down below.)

Southern Guilford Middle at Northwest Middle 5:30pm….Not sure about this one, there was nobody on the NWG game except for a Varsity kicker practicing….

Video from SWG-Kernodle:CLICK BELOW…


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