Friday Night High School Football Scoreboard – October 2, 2014

Update #10 – 10:17PM – All Finals – Goodnight

Our Game of the Week is Morehead at Eastern Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Catch the replay at GreensboroSportsRadio.

Morehead (3-4) – 0
Eastern Guilford (5-1) – 37

Smith (2-4) – 35
Southern Vance (0-6) – 6

North Forsyth – 16
East Forsyth – 52

Asheboro – 53
Southwestern Randolph – 28

Western Guilford (2-5) – 26
Southern Guilford (7-0) – 69

Williams – 21
Rockingham County – 17

McMichael (1-6) – 7
Northeast Guilford (1-5) – 13

Northern Guilford (5-1) – 28
Eastern Alamance (7-0) – 32

Carrboro – 20
Randleman – 27

High Point Christian (5-1) – 10
Metrolina Christian (5-1) – 35

Thomasville – 35
Fort Chiswell – 26

Ledford – 42
Central Davidson – 0

Carver – 21
Glenn – 14

Final Thursday Night
Southeast Guilford – 33
Salisbury – 14

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  1. 28-17 NG over EA with 6 sec left in the 1st half Cam Harris 3 passing TD’s, Mook Reynolds 2 receiving TD’s

  2. nighthawk alert said,

    With 6 games to go them Nighthawks better shape up.For me the product I saw vs Western Alamance was below NG standards. Foolish penalties, uniforms not consistent and too many individuals. There is so much talent on this NG team. No way this team beats Crest in the playoffs unless the play from everyone improves. Sorry, this is how I see it. Sleep on EA, let them hang around as long as WA did and they will bite you.

  3. Face it this is not the Northern Guilford team that won all those Championships. No TJ Logan to give the ball to to save bad play calling. Northern has been very lucky to get to this point. Offense is way too predictable and defense is really average since Thomas left. They could have lost to NW Guilford and WA had those two teams not beat themselves. We are lucky to only have 1 loss IMO. Way to many egos on this team to win a ring!

  4. well thats unless somebody stops reggie he is a serious problem. @Northern fan yeah defense has to be a problem to they gave up 32 tonight which is not normal for ng

  5. Northern has been hurt by the NCHSAA transfer rule. They never really develop their JV teams and depend on the move in players. Since you have to move into the district or sit out 365 Northern’s talent pool has dried up. Look at the roster after Mook, Cam, Tre, and CJ graduate they look very slim.

  6. Roscoe has always took all the attention but the key to all those championships was crazy talent and Coach Thomas.

  7. Nighthawks had seven touchdowns. 3 were called back. EA had 4 + a field goal. Northern has a huge injured list. CJ Freeman still injured from last week and pulling light duty tonight. Cam’s arm was injured this week, so Miles Timmons did some QB Jeremiah McCoy was injured in first half. Regular starting right guard out for season. Those Nighthawks need to get well. EA would not let our band come ( intimidates them). With Northern you get a whole community! I love Nighthawk Football.

  8. you may like Northern but nobody outside of Northern likes them. Thats why everyone acts the way they do when Northern goes down. Many teams around here have won Championships so don’t try that excuse (Andrews, Dudley, Page) and people have nothing but great things to say about those coaches and teams. Play the bad guy all the time when you win and run fake punts up 60 in title games and onside kicks when you are up 40 that’s why people can’t stand Northern and Roscoe!

  9. just Saying you need to lay off the meds… But you sure make for some funny reading…….

  10. I am not making any excuses. My son is on the team. He was not recruited, he is not a star, but a steady consistent humble Christian young player and young man. Coach Roscoe and his wife have always been first class with us. They care about these boys and their parents. Often writing Inspirational cards and notes and making calls. We consider it an honor and privilege to be here for such a time as this. This is a first hand witness speaking here. They have always been good to us even though we do not have a star. They recognize good character and hard work. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work.

  11. @just sayin
    And how many rings do you have sir?
    Nighthawks will regroup.
    Congrats to EA and Coach Kirby.

  12. Truth Sayin,

    No amount of meds can help this! Maybe should stop hanging with my friends Jack and Jim on Friday nights. :}

  13. @ Nighthawk Nation,

    You said it I didn’t…..Your kid wasn’t recruited because he is average. The average kids don’t get recruited. Take a look at your roster since 2009 I bet you’re smart enough to figure out who they are without calling any names.

  14. So where is “G$” now that his birds lost to Eastern Alamance? I’m sure Roscoe really could have used some of of those plays that he didn’t show during the pre-season scrimmage. Like I said Northern wants no part of Crest this season. They’ll be lucky if they get out of the 2nd round……

  15. Nighthawk nation you said it all….. Young men getting an education and enjoying a once in a life experience. Sounds like a bunch of great young men and a great staff. I’d hate to face them next week and in the future this year. They WIN STATE. AND LEAVE NO DOUBT!!!!!!!

  16. Crest Power,

    They better hope they go East. If they go East they can go deep into the playoffs. If they go West that may very well be true.

  17. crest you better switch to Colgate. Northern would give you a brushing of a lifetime!!!!!!!

  18. Just got through reading all of the comments and why does there always have to be a group of haters?

    As fans you need to take it in stride….

    It has always seemed to Northern as the team everyone wants to see lose, at least those outside the Northern camp and they lost tonight, so we really need to give the credit to Coach Kirby and his Eastern Alamance kids for the good job they did and lay off of Northern…

    The Northern kids will end up walking around with a ‘Boulder on their Shoulder’ like Steve Smith for the rest of their life….

    Some will celebrate in another teams failures and it will be like that for the rest of time….

    Like one poster mentioned, Coach Roscoe and his wife have really done a lot to help the Northern kids and you would hope to get that type of help from all of our coaches and you hope that is the case….The Roscoes do lot of good in Northern community and that is their home base….

    If you are with Northern you will tight and loyal and if you are not with Northern I guess you will do all you can to bring them down…

    We all know it should not be that way, but it stays that way….

    You have to wish the best for kids that are out their busting their butts playing football, no matter who they are playing for….

    Lift up a few of the Guilford County kids and find a positive course and we need to get off of this haters kick and get on to some good things…

    If all you do is sit and hope another team loses it seems like you are spending too much time worrying about the other team and not spending enough time focusing on your own team….

    And will I have changed anyone’s mind, probably not, but now is a good time to close out this post….

    Until next week and who will be on your ‘Hit List’ then??? Hopefully nobody and we will all try and find a team and some players to pull for in the future in a positive way….

    May have to do some more cleanup work in here on Saturday….

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