High School Football for the Guilford County Schools for this week(10/10/14)

*****All kickoffs set for 7:30pm*****
Dudley(5-0) at Smith(2-4)
Southern Guilford(7-0) at Central Davidson(1-5)
High Point Central(5-1) at East Forsyth(5-1)
Rockingham County(1-6) at Northern Guilford(5-1)
Page(0-6) at Southeast Guilford(5-1)
Ragsdale(4-2) at Northwest Guilford(4-2)
Eastern Guilford(5-1) at Burlington Williams(3-4)
Glenn(2-4) at Southwest Guilford(3-3)
Providence Grove(2-4) at High Point Andrews(2-3)
North Forsyth(1-5) at Western Guilford(2-5)
Grimsley(1-5) at Southern Alamance(1-5)
Northeast Guilford(1-6) at Morehead(3-4)


  1. Dudley/BLS D (I’ll take Dudley and a fish sandwich)
    SG/CD SG (Reggie, let Nathan run it a few times)
    HPC/EF HPC (Best game of the night)
    RC/NG NG (NG big, mad over last week)
    P/SEG SEG (Don’t take the Pirates lightly, better than record)
    Rag/NWG NWG (Sorry coach)
    EG/BW EG (Cats are strong again)
    Glenn/SWG SWG (Cowboys can make CPC intresting)
    PG/TWA TWA (This Radier team dosen’t need a new coach)
    NF/WG NF (NF has played some tough games so far)
    Grim/SA Grim (Tough year for coach C)
    NEG/ME NEG (2nd win of the year)

  2. SE Parent why do you always call out the kids name for Southern Guilford games and not the other teams? Good question I know will have a good answer.

  3. I bet because a lot of the SEG and SG kids played peewee football together for the Southeast Sharks

  4. SE Parent knows some football and he is loyal to the kids that he has worked with over the years….That Sharks program down at Southeast has been top-notch for many years and SE Parent put a lot of time in down there working with the young players and like someone else mentioned, I think several of the Southern Guilford players were with the Sharks, back in the day…

    SG has arrived, they are a team we are talking about on a daily basis these days….SG has made the mix….

  5. What you just said makes no sense at all to the question. You yourself just made a statement without calling out a kids name Go back and look at comments this year Enough said

  6. ?Said
    You are right. I coached hundreds of the kids in the area. It was a pleasure for me. There are funny stories how kids got their nick names, (Bam-Bam, Bubba, Jr., etc). By no means do I degrade any of the kids I have coached. I’m very proud how they are/have been playing. Can’t say enough good things about Nathan, or my son Ryan (Bubba). I did not have the privalege to coach Reggie but I hear he’s a class act. Will add some comments for SE next week.

  7. SEParent you’re a good guy, enjoy reading your post and comments about the games. With all the losses I thought SE Guilford would take a step back a little but they’ve been rolling right along and piling up wins. Going to be some exiting games in the triad down the stretch here.

  8. Thanks my Bison friend. The guys at SEG and SG have grown acustom to winning. They won a lot in youth. Looks like HPC could make a good run at it. I was at the Dudley jamboree and they hung with everyone. Richmond Sr., Dudley, and Vance (man they were big!!). It looks like coach Capps has Mooresville rolling this year so they may be stiff comp. I would love to see SEG vs HPC in the playoffs. My son has never played in AJ Simeon.


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