Guilford County High School Football for Tonight(10/10/14):Picks and Poll and more

GreensboroSports Radio broadcast crew at Northwest Guilford tonight, for the Homecoming Game featuring NWG vs. Ragsdale and we will begin at around 6:46 with the pre-game and kickoff set for 7:30pm…Don Moore will have scores for you here at the site, all night long….Dennis and Nathan White will join us from Northwest Guilford….Lots of conference action this evening…

*****All kickoffs set for 7:30pm*****
Dudley(5-0) at Smith(2-4)….Big event-type game this evening and let’s hope the hype doesn’t interfere with the young men’s focus on their game…Lots of energy going into this one from both sides with it being the first conference game and this being their biggest rivalry game of the year/season….Dudley has not really been tested this season with the exception of the Durham Hillside game and this should be a good test for the Panthers for at least one half….Graves, Gatling, Meadows, Harris, Diabe, Young and the young QB Hooker will probably prove to be way too much for Eagle anchors Clark and Sturdivant in the end….

Southern Guilford(7-0) at Central Davidson(1-5)….Almost like playing a game of billiards/pool for Reggie Gallaspy and Southern…Time to stop talking and start chalking….Gallaspy is like the cue ball and he is ready for the break/breakaway and he’ll see how many he can put in the pockets on the break….#25 is on a mission and it should be another round of 250/4 for him this week….Could be a good chance for Thomas and Harris to get some end zone work in the second half and it might be a good time to let Nathan Stoner work on his fly pattern passes and some of those short out routes….

High Point Central(5-1) at East Forsyth(5-1)…..Seems like you have to favor the home team in a tight matchup like this one as they are going in, but when you have a ‘rocket in the pocket’ like Jamiel Mack, you may just want to turn him/it loose…Could be the kind of night where the “Mack Attack” goes onto the football track and there is no ‘looking back’….Got to get it done and may take one of those “Mississippi Mudpies” in the eye to steal the victory and that would Mack looking for a big crack in that EF defense and taking it to the house late in the game for the Bison win…Could some type of explosion coming out of Kernersville tonight and as it will ignite, hold tight, Mack will give it a whack and HP Central will be looking to take home the upset victory…

Rockingham County(1-6) at Northern Guilford(5-1)….I have been thinking about something like 77-0 all week long, but I don’t feel Northern will be that ‘statement crazy’ and the key will be, to be hitting on all cylinders as the Nighthawks look to roll again this evening…Time to get back in ‘The Nest’ and this is where they play their best and this one should not be to tough of a test, no rest for the “The Rock” tonight…C.J. Freeman ought to have his 200-yard clothes on tonight and the shoes to go with them and you will see plenty of numbers lighting up on that Purple Scoreboard in this one….

Page(0-6) at Southeast Guilford(5-1)…..I saw a photo on the News and Record web site the other day and it made think of what the difference would be in this game….I would say the QB leadership of the Falcons’ Bubba Craven would be the real difference….He does not post the real flashy numbers, he just leads his team to victories….His photo was on the N&R site and tonight it might just make the difference in this game…Page will be so hungry they may have to stop 3-4 times on the way down to Forest Oaks to fill up, and the Pirates really are real hungry for this win and it would be their first….Playing under control and playing discipline will one of the important keys to this game…Still think a cool Bubba Craven may turn out to be your “difference maker” and Page, if they can match what SEG likes to do and the Pirates can get their running game going, you have a real game on your hands….Lots of live eyes at the game on this one and plenty of people following this score on the net as well….

Ragsdale(4-2) at Northwest Guilford(4-2)…Josh Homol has thrown for a ton of yards, but he missed the last game for NWG, out with a concussion….Homol has had two weeks to get ready and Ragsdale has been missing their top QB since the end of the first half of the first game of the season…Alec Cobb could be back as Ragsdale’s QB tonight, but if not, Tevin Quick has done a very good job in his stead…Jake Smith did an outstanding job for Homol at Grimsley two weeks ago and no matter who is back there for the Vikings, Thomas Hennigan is going to be a primary target along with Mark Garner for NWG….NWG also has Kyle Fennie and Tariq Howard that can run the ball with power, while NWG has one of the better receivers in the state, in T.J. Parker…Brandon Harris has been carrying the RB load for RAGS, but we may see more from that spot tonight and the Tiger ‘air game’ will feature plenty of Taylor Still….Always fun when these two get together and tonight should be no different….

Eastern Guilford(5-1) at Burlington Williams(3-4)…..Eastern Guilford pretty much has to have this one to set up a key meeting next week at home with Northern Guilford, but the Wildcats can not let this one at Williams be overlooked as they head down Highway 70 East and into the city tonight…Jarius Morehead should be ready and he will have plenty of assistance from kids like Terrell Pickett, Yrral Davis, Jacob Finerty, Addison Benton, Khayree Lundy and others….Eastern Guilford knows what’s at stake, they just have to got get it….It is down in Burlington and they have to go bring it back home to Gibsonville….Without tonight’s win, next week means nothing and if you don’t this week, there is NO next week…..

Glenn(2-4) at Southwest Guilford(3-3)…This will be SWG’s Homecoming Game tonight and they have moved the festivities to he field…That is where all of the celebrating should be held if the Cowboys go ahead and take care of business tonight….QB Devonte Cross will lead the Cowboys into this one and he just needs 89 yards to hit the 1,000 yard passing mark for the season…More importantly for SWG is to hit the 4-game win mark and to start out at (1-0) in the conference….If Cross gets his, the Cowboys will get theirs, you have to think….Jeremiah Brown, the top WR target for Cross, has to have a big game too….Add in Eric Cunningham at RB with McCorkle, Juan Pagan at LB and Ambrose Jackson on the front line and you have the men that must step up in order for the Cowboys to be winners tonight….Step-up, get fired-up and then you are ready to go ‘Full Force”…..

Providence Grove(2-4) at High Point Andrews(2-3)….Andrews has won two games in a-row and now is the time they hit the conference slate and now is the time they begin to make their run in defense of the 2-AA State Championship….It is now a one-game season and time to build on what they have accomplished in the two previous games…No more Marquell Cartwright, no more Lamar Raynard, this is a different group and it is their team and their time and now is the time to go get it….

North Forsyth(1-5) at Western Guilford(2-5)…On the surface you might think since North Forsyth is coming in with only one win, that Western Guilford would be at a huge advantage, but not to be, North Forsyth is a quality opponent and they led Southern Guilford early in that meeting and the Vikings will give WG all they want and more this evening….Going up to the Hornets to hold down their “House” at the Doug Henderson Stadium and anything that they can dig up before the game that Henderson may have buried on that field, that might be what you want to throw at North Forsyth tonight…..’Conference Lives’ on the line tonight….

Grimsley(1-5) at Southern Alamance(1-5)….This one has all of the makings of “you want it come and get” and “I don’t want it you can have it”….One of those games where you don’t know for sure who is going to take over….Great opportunity for a win/victory for both teams/clubs/squads, but you really don’t know who is going to step-up/stand-out until you hit kickoff tonight…..Grimsley has the tools with Bruce Davis as a major receiving weapon and we have seen Imani Barrett take one to the house from 90 yards out, but who takes this one this evening and my question continues to be, will we see or hear from Malik Stimpson again this season….

Northeast Guilford(1-6) at Morehead(3-4)….Have seen Morehead and coach Earl Bates has a decent unit and the Dabbs Boys, Will and Tyler are the keys this team….Will at QB and Tyler at RB and if they get rolling they can take you out….Have not seen NEG this season, but with one win under their belts, look for the Rams to come out ready tonight…NEG a little more suspect on the road and we will see how this goes in the Garden of Eden….

Winston-Salem(1-5) Prep at High Point Christian Academy(5-1)….If you look at those records, you would think the road was paved with gold for HPCA, but not so quick Charlie….WS Prep has played a very tough schedule, including several public schools and Prep is a public school and they have had a lot of success in basketball on the NCHSAA 1-A level…HPCA has to be careful not to get too overconfident when they glance at that WS Prep and make sure the Cougars are all business tonight….(HOMECOMING and 7pm start/kickoff here)

Southern Guilford
High Point Central
Northern Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Southwest Guilford
High Point Andrews
North Forsyth
WS Prep

2)Southern Guilford(7-0)
3)High Point Central(5-1)
4)Northern Guilford(5-1)
5)Southeast Guilford(5-1)
6)Eastern Guilford(5-1)
7)Northwest Guilford(4-2)
9)Southwest Guilford(3-3)
10)High Point Andrews(2-3)