Friday Night Finish:We got finished a little late tonight

$$$$$Hough was up on Mallard Creek 30-0 and Mallard Creek came back to win, 37-30…..$$$$$
+++++Must have been a wild one here:Eastern Alamance 43, Western Almance 42+++++
*****We all made it through the rain on Friday night.*****
The games ran late tonight and seemed more like August out there than it did October….Thunder, Lightning, Rain but you know what, it was the same for everybody….

All of the teams had to fight the elements this evening and some came away in much better shape than others…

Tonight was like the start of a whole new season…There is so much difference in the conference games and the non-conference games and now all of the teams are facing a four-game season….

There are just four weeks left in the regular season and it is anybody’s guess what will happen the rest of the way and it is anybody’s game for the remainder of the season…

Dudley took care of business at Smith, but it was tight early, according to the early returns….All games are tight early, it is the end that matters the most….HP Central lost by just two at East Forsyth and who will be the toughest challenge for EF this year??? Will it be Northwest Guilford, or is it a two-team top tier with East Forsyth at the top and High Point Central just underneath them or does NWG belong up there too?????

Southwest Guilford fell to Glenn and Glenn was expected to be the easiest hurdle in the Piedmont Triad 4-Conference and SWG was right there with them all the way to the end tonight, but the Cowboys could just not cash in….They come up short and now SWG could end up on the short end of the stick, with East, HPC, NWG and Ragsdale waiting for the chance to stick it to them….

Ragsdale will get better as the rest of the season moves on, but will they have enough time to re-load with QB Alec Cobb now back there in the shotgun again??? Northwest is a scrappy young team, but do they have enough seasoning to knock off East Forsyth and High Point Central….Right now it needs to be said, everyone is gunning for East Forsyth…

Southeast Guilford looks to have the best shot right now to upend Dudley and Dudley has one Metro challenger looking way up the road ahead at the Panthers, as the boys from Lincoln Street look to distance themselves from the rest of the competition….Who will catch up with Dudley??? Can the SEG Falcons give Dudley a run for our money?

Does the Metro now go Dudley, SEG, Page, Grimsley, Smith and then Southern Alamance??? Page is (0-7), but they could still finish third in the Metro…..Grimsley has two wins on the year, but will they be favored at home next Friday night versus Page….Smith is not a bad team, they just need to get older quicker….Dudley is by far the top Metro team, but by how far, when they are matched up with Southeast Guilford??? Is Dudley at least two touchdowns better than Southeast???

Will Dudley’s schedule with the non-conference teams their Metro foes have them ready for the Playoff Paradise Land, when it roll around in early November and that point is just one month away…..

We got word that Northern Guilford rolled right by Rockingham County 55-0 and the Nighthawks didn’t use C.J. Freeman on Friday night….Can you imagine that, no Freeman and NG still felt no resistance….Northern will be at (6-1/3-0) Eastern Guilford next Friday night and that might become one of those games for the ages…..Not sure yet, if Freeman will be back next Friday night at EG….

Will all of these conference wars be competitive enough to have our teams ready for the playoffs???

The way it looks right now with just four weeks left, we have at four teams that will not be going to the playoffs….

Indicators point toward Northeast Guilford being at home for the playoffs with just one conference win and games still left with Northern Guilford, Western Alamance and Eastern Alamance….

It is not looking good for teams like Western Guilford, Smith, Grimsley, Page and more…….

Dudley, Southern Guilford, Northern Guilford, Southeast Guilford, Eastern Guilford, High Point Central, Northwest Guilford, High Point Andrews all look ready to be in there for sure, come the beginning of the playoffs….Ragsdale and Southwest Guilford might be riding right on the bubble today and we will have to wait and see what takes place when those two, the Tigers and the Cowboys meet….

Dudley now at (6-0), Southern Guilford is at (8-0) and the Storm is really watching their season take shape….Northern Guilford, Southeast Guilford and Eastern Guilford all rest at (6-1)….Northwest and High Point Central both sit at (5-2) and HP Central can thank West Forsyth and East Forsyth for where they are at….High Point Andrews and Southwest Guilford both are hanging at (3-3), while Ragsdale rides at (4-3)….

Grimsley, Western Guilford and Smith all jump out at you at (2-5), while Northeast finds it mark at (1-6) and Page is trying to find some answers at (0-7)…..

We looked at those locks with Dudley, SG, NG, SEG, EG, HPC, NWG and HPA and we still need to count on possibilities with Ragsdale and SWG and then Page can still get in and if Grimsley defeats Page next Friday night, the Whirlies could be at (3-5) overall and (2-0) in the Metro…Grimsley always has success against Southeast Guilford it seems, but maybe this year will be different, who knows…….If Page runs the table with wins over Grimsley, Smith and Southern Alamance and they still lose to Dudley, Page can still get in with a third place finish in the conference….People are still waiting for the Pirates to come around and that still might happen…..

Southern Guilford is the rabbit right now….At (8-0) they are way out in front of our other teams…SG can take that Mid-Piedmont Conference title, but they have to start thinking about teams like Asheboro and Ledford….Those two will be the stiffest challenges for the SG Storm….

Southern and Dudley remain are only two unbeatens and that could stay like that for a while….SG and Dudley, then Northern, SEG, EG and then come our two-loss teams with NWG and HP Central…..How far will HP Central fall after the 42-40 loss to East Forsyth???

We have a good mix of teams left in the hunt for playoffs’ pole position….Time is running out and the games might soon running out too, if you think about the fact, that after next week we only have three weeks left in the regular season….

We will hold here now for the night and look to see you on the Saturday Morning Rewind…..

*****Looks like Western Guilford at North Forsyth will be played on Saturday night.*****


  1. from

    Wake Forest (6-0, 2-0 Cap 8) leads conference foe Wakefield (4-2, 2-0 Cap 8) 17-6, and they’ll play the second half on Monday after rain and lightning shortened Friday night’s game.

    Wakefield took an early 6-3 lead.

    In the second quarter, Wake Forest pushed in from the one-yard line. Mack Moore scored for the Cougars to put them in the 9-6 lead.

    Started her on Friday and going to finish it up on Monday, and that makes for a long weekend and talk about a LONG timeout….

    Read more when you CLICK HERE….

  2. Actually Dudley is mentioned in the 5th paragraph. Sorry that nobody is excited to see Dudley beat a 1 win Smith team.

  3. Sometimes those numbers get a little crazy in those late-night sessions…Don’t know how Dudley got to (6-1), but with the power of the machine, we got them back to (6-0)…

    Western Guilford-North Forsyth on Monday at 7pm and that game down in Wake County still takes the cake, play half on Friday and then come back and finish on Monday…

  4. To (just sayin) it has nothing to do with excitement, it was an analysis made by the reader in refernce to the typo, don’t get bent out of shape over a typing area which was notice and corrected. 6-0 does sound better, doesn’t it? You have a good day sir.

  5. SEG fans don’t get excited for the Dudley game too soon , you still have to play Grimsley who has had your number the last two seasons .

  6. I see that my mistake. I will say that Dudley’s undefeated record is against teams that are a combined 14-25. Just sayin!

    Glad their schedule really gets tough now so we can see how great the Panthers are!!! To end the season their opponents are a combined 9-19!!!

  7. The Panthers play the teams that are on the schedule, they can’t do anything about the teams that are struggling this year, but simply go out and play their schedule. I see that you are not a fan of the Panthers, but that’s fine let’s applaud them for their efforts of playing hard nose football with the states longest winning streak. (Just say)nothing, I can see we are done here.

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