Chris Jasperse(Page HS) finds life to be a snap(3,500 career snaps) as the starting center for the Marshall Thundering Herd(6-0)

The Marshall Thundering Herd find themselves ranked #24 in the nation in the college coaches poll and #25 in the Associated Press Poll and all the while they have an erstwhile starting center who will completing his 3,500th career snap this week as ‘The Herd'(6-0) face Florida International…The young/big center(6’5/294) is Chris Jasperse, a former Page Pirate and Chris Jasperse has quickly become on the top offensive linemen in the country and a future NFL Draft Pick….

Much good is being said about Marshall this season and they deserve the rankings and all of the positive press, and with it comes nothing but good things, when you begin to look at their BIG center, Chris Jasperse(Page High School)…

Here is what his fellow ‘Thundering Herd’ linemen are saying about Chris, the former Page Pirate lineman and now a mainstay along the offensive line for Marshall…….

“It’s a big advantage playing next to (Jasperse) because you’ve got our line with couple of sophomores, and you have Chris and he has played all those snaps, as a senior,” Michael Selby said. “And I’m just watching everything he does, and how he carries himself on and off the field.

“He sets a good example for young guys like me and he’s helped me a lot out there. He’s calm, collected, so I stay calm. We never lose our composure, so that’s good.”

Marshall(6-0, 2-0) goes to Miami to face Florida International University (3-4, 2-1) in a Conference USA game on Saturday night……Chris Jasperse is right at 445 snaps for the season going into the game on Saturday night and no team has gotten any closer than 20 points, when you look at the final scores from the six Marshall wins, on this 2014 season…..