Pick ‘Em and Weep!!!

Grimsley-Page this week, Northern Guilford at Eastern Guilford, Northwest Guilford at High Point Central, Southwest Guilford at Ragsdale, Asheboro at Southern Guilford and wouldn’t you agree, those are the biggest games on the high school football game list for this week??? And on the college schedule you might just have to say “The Game of the Week” without a doubt is Notre Dame at Florida State and for the pros, the big game for the fans around here would have to be the Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers contest….

How do you feel about these games??? Throw us a bone or two and without me looking, I wonder who the Tar Heels, the Wolfpack and Demon Deacons have lined up this week??? Pretty sure it is Duke-Virginia this Saturday….

But back to those basic seven games:
(Here’s what my people are telling me to take early on and we will have our regular Friday Picks up and ready for you on ????? Friday, right)……
Grimsley-Page(Page)….Fans are watching for more Page offense, what was it 36 points at SEG and Grimsley is still very young…..
Northern Guilford at Eastern Guilford(Northern Guilford)….The ‘Big Three’ with Harris, Reynolds and Freeman are going to be hard to stop….Jarius Morehead may have to channel a little of the Holt Brothers magic for him, Pickett, Davis, Benton, Lundy and Finerty to be able to pull this one off….
Northwest Guilford at High Point Central(High Point Central)…..Who you gonna call, it is close to Halloween, so might give the ‘Ghostbusters’ a call, but you really need to be in contact with the “Mack Busters” and I don’t that anybody really knows how to reach out to them and if they really do exist….Jamiel Mack is almost like a one-man ‘Halloween Smack’, on the Attack….
Southwest Guilford at Ragsdale(Ragsdale)….You would think the ‘Old Ball Coach’ might have a few tricks up his sleeves and he needs to get that QB spot settled, so he can turn loose Quick and Parker on a downfield post to post, ‘Trick or Treat’…..
Asheboro at Southern Guilford(Southern Guilford)…..Toughest Task so far this season for SG and the Blue Comets will fall from the bus or get off of their bus with a big bad “S” on their chest and it does not stand for ‘Superman’, this ‘S’ means “Spoilers” and look out Storm, A’boro will be in the house and they will be trying to tear your house down and steal your unbeaten record….
Notre Dame at Florida State(Florida State)….Remember how close North Carolina played ND in South Bend???
Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers(Green Bay)….Too much tradition and history with Coach Lombardi and all of those features, my sources tell me…..

Here is the word from a couple of our KEY high school football fans who have already weighed in they may be coming back for more……

SE Parent sees the games this way:
SA/Dudly D (Panthers big in this one)
A/SG SG (Reggie, Reggie, Reggie)
NG/EG NG (Best game of the week)
NWG/HPC HPC (Central finally plays D)
SWG/Rag Rag (Big rival game)
Page/Grim Page (Once was the biggest game in state)

BLS/SEG SEG (Battle of birds of prey)
HPA/Ran HPA (Da Radias)
WW/NEG WW (NEG can’t get it together)
FCD/HPC HPC (Need to check this team out)

GFan calls them this way:
Read em and weep (especially Page and NG)