More Champions Running through the woods:Nolan Cook(Page HS) in 16:39.10

Page Pirates have won the Metro 4-A Boys Cross Country Conference Championship….
We will keep an eye out for more details on this one and you have to think that kid that ran the 1600 meters for the Pirates last Spring, had to be leading the way for Page here and we will get his name up here as soon as it comes pouring in…..

Metro 4-A Winner Nolan Cook from Page:Winning Time…..16:39.10

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  1. Detailed Page Cross Country Results

    Men’s Results
    Page 26, Southern Alamance 50, Grimsley 54, Southeast Guilford 104
    Varsity Race
    1 Nolan Cook 16:39 Runner of the Year for the Metro 4A
    2 Ian Shanklin 16:45
    6 Drew Lake 17:18
    8 Freddie Marx 17:30
    9 Mike Weaver 17:43
    15 Nathan Gillespie 18:24
    16 Stuart Coates 18:29
    23 Will Weaver 19:23
    28 Daniel Hestenes 19:56
    39 Jack Watt 21:32

    Page runners placing 1,2,6,8,9,15 are All Conference

    Grimsley 24, Page 55, Southern Alamance 61, Southeast Guilford 93

    1 Caroline Yarbrough Runner of the Year for Metro 4A
    2 Rebecca Hunt 22:23
    11 Maiya Nakayama 22:39
    19 Kameryn Purdie 24:02
    22 Taylor Purdie 24:26
    25 Anna Chamberlin 24:55
    26 Marina Essa 25:11
    28 Caroline Ferner
    30 Demetria Goode 27:54

    Page runners placing 1,2,11 are all conference
    Conference has a rule that if you have run a time and are injured in season, and cannot run in conference; you can be nominated and coaches vote.
    Claire Raymer and Cameron Kiser unable to compete in conference meet but both were voted All- Conference by coaches due to the excellent regular season times
    We wound up with 11 All-Conference

    Page JV Men XC won the JV race
    Page 25, Grimsley 49, Southern Alamance 56, Southeast Guilford 118

    Page JV XC women finished second
    Grimsley 19, Page 46, Southeast Guilford 75

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