Will the TIMCO high school basketball Tournament become the “Haeco Tournament”?

from Richard Barron with the News and Record at www.news-record.com:
GREENSBORO — One of Greensboro’s largest employers, TIMCO, has a new name: Haeco.
(Haeco stands for Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co.)

Haeco, the Hong Kong aviation company that bought the TIMCO aircraft maintenance company in 2013, is now operating its aircraft companies worldwide under one name, Haeco Group, the company said in a news release.

*****The new company name is effective immediately, and TIMCO has removed signs identifying its hangars on Radar Road next to Piedmont Triad International Airport, said Kip Blakely, the vice president of industry and government relations at Haeco’s Greensboro operations.*****

TIMCO, now Haeco, maintains, repairs and overhauls large jet aircraft for airlines and the military, and it employs about 1,800 people in the Triad at its hangars and at a seat manufacturing plant in Davidson County.
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from GreensboroSports.com:
*****This news does make you wonder if there will be a name change, although it would not be major, but it would still be a name-change and that would require some new branding on both parts and you have to think this must happen very quick, to get the new name out there, “The Haeco Invitational Basketball Tournament”, for local boys and girls high school basketball teams at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center, and you have to give this move a hard push, because the fans need to be able to equate names with their kids/players’ tournaments and this may require some expedient printing and signage changes for the 2014 edition of the, “The Haeco Invitational Basketball Tournament”……*****

+++++We should be hearing something from Demp Bradford or Kim Strable in the next week or so on this move…..+++++
(The Greensboro Sports Council will also be moving on this.)
Kim Strable and Demp Bradford with the Greensboro Sports Commission……

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  1. Yep. I will be picking up my new Haeco badge tomorrow. I would imagine they will be moving quickly on renaming the tourney. The sale was announced almost exactly one year ago.

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