Can anybody explain Panthers and Seahawks on CBS???

There is always some sort of reason and this one has me perplexed a bit today and it did last night and I thought I could let it go, but no, can anybody come up with the reason why two NFC teams were playing on CBS today???

The Seattle Seahawks at the Carolina Panthers….

Panthers and Seahawks both from the NFC of the NFL and the NFC plays on FOX when it is a game involving two NFC teams, right???

And the AFC plays on CBS when you have two AFC teams going at it, or in cases when the AFC team is going to the NFC venue or it might be when you have the NFC team going into the house of the AFC team, but in almost every case, when you two AFC teams facing off, they play on CBS and when you have two NFC meeting, they go on FOX…

You do have a deal where the NFL Thursday night games are going back to the NFL Network this Thursday and you also had the Lions and the Falcons playing on Sunday morning in London…Detroit 22, Atlanta 21…And NO Eric Ebron(Smith HS/UNC)….

So who has the answer???
(Maybe FOX was tied down/up with the MLB World Series and they didn’t have room in their schedule for today’s Panthers’ game and since the Panthers are in our market, they want them to be on TV somewhere and our local CBS affiliate(WFMY TV 2) decided to pick them up.)
*****We are now grasping for straws and are looking to get this answer.*****

Two NFC teams playing on CBS this Sunday and we and others are curious….Is it because Seattle used to be in the AFC for many years????

Who has the goods/info/news on this one???


  1. Here’s a response that came off of Twitter from Reynolds Football:

    There’s a new NFL policy allowing them to flex games to different networks as well as time slots….

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