What one word best describes Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton on the last offensive series of the game Sunday?(“LOST”)

Seattle Seahawks win the football game 13-9 today in Charlotte, as they top the Carolina Panthers in a close game for the second straight year at Bank of America Stadium….Last year(2013) the score was 12-7 Seahawks and DeAngelo Williams had fumble at the Seahawks’ 10-yard line that cost the Panthers the win and today the Panthers had to settle for field goals two times early in the game, when they should have been putting the ball in the end zone from down around the five yard line…

On the last offensive series/possession of the game the Panthers had the ball just outside their own 20 at around the 24 and they could not do a thing with the ball on four downs….Cam Newton and Panthers did not gain one yard on that possession, in fact they lost yards back to inside their own 10-yard line and to me the one word that best describes Cam Newton on that last drive was “LOST”….

He looked like a sheep lost out in the big field and he had targets on at least two of the last four downs of the game, but for some reason he couldn’t find Benjamin, Olsen and the other WR’s,,,,

Cam Newton looked “LOST” out there and the Panthers did not have a chance…..

Panthers now at (3-4-1) with 8 games left to play…..


  1. “Defeated”

    I thought it looked like he had given up. He needs to watch the last Eagles possession and take notes. They did not score but they gave it a shot. A real shot.

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