AAU National Basketball lays down the law/by-laws with NO more grade exceptions/age exceptions

You can no longer play down an age-group in AAU Basketball, as the rule just came in from the National AAU Basketball board meetings down in Florida…

from one of the AAU sites that follows AAU Basketball closely:
According to a very reliable source, at their annual board meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL last week, the AAU changed their rules to prohibit any grade exceptions in ages 7-14 effective immediately….

Read more about these “Sweeping Changes” when you CLICK HERE and be sure to check out the comments section….


  1. The wording in the title and article is wrong. AAU didn’t do away with grade exceptions – they took grade completely out if the eligiblilty qualification. For example, unde the old rules a fifth grader could be 12 and still play 5th grade / 11u. Under the new rules, 11u players can’t turn 12 before September 1 of that year. E

  2. Here is the statement from source site:

    The AAU changed their rules to prohibit any grade exceptions in ages 7-14 effective immediately.

    One of the commenters said it seemed more like age exceptions and that is why we added that to the title…

    Interesting and also confusing and that is probably why they have been getting by with overage players in some of the age-groups…


  3. No offense Andy, but I should have been more clear. I meant to say the source is wrong. I am not trying to argue, just pointing out the facts because this is going to have a big impact on the top level AAU teams locally.

    Grade exceptions used to be (before this rule change) that a kid could play down a grade team if he was really young. For example under the old rules, 5th grade players could play 5th /11u if they were in 5th grade and didn’t turn 13 (yes 13) before the end of the summer (Sept 1). 6th graders could play down with a Grade Exception, so long as they didn’t turn 12 before the end of the summer.

    Under the new rules, their grade is irrelevant. 11U players can’t turn 12 before Sept. 1. They did it to stop all of the reclassifying. The dumb part it, it is only applicable to 7-14 year old. Once you get in high school, it goes back to the old rules and 9th grade is where most of the reclass stuff happens.

    They also did it to help stop the cheating. I haven’t seen much press on it, but the 5th grade D1 National Champs from NC – We All Can Go – got disqualified and stripped of their title. They had a kid that was 14 and in the 6th grade (that made him over 2 years older than he could be under the rules).

    I am not sure if USSSA and the other associations are going to follow suit.

  4. Yes sir, we get sent a lot of incoming info and sometimes, due to time we just post and roll and try and leave all the necessary links for future reference, but this time the link may leave some wiggle room, as they say….

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