Middle School Football Today with Pink Game at Kiser, plus many schools rolling with “Last Game of the Season/Year”

*****For most teams this will be the “Last Game of the Season” today….*****
(If you know of other games, please send them our way, so we can add them to the post.)

++++from Tuesday:Southwest Guilford 28, Northern Guilford 0…+++++

Allen vs. Guilford Middle 5pm at Western Guilford High School
Jamestown vs. Welborn(Simeon Stadium) at 5:00pm…..Jamestown is going for an UNDEFEATED SEASON…..
Aycock at Mendenhall 5pm
Kernodle at Northwest Guilford 5:30pm
Jackson Middle vs. Kiser 5pm
Kiser will be having their Pink Game vs. Jackson Middle at home(Jamieson Stadium) starting at 5pm. This is a makeup from a cancellation from a prior week. They encourage fans and players to wear pink.


  1. Jamestown is at Welborn(Simeon Stadium) at 5:00pm as Jamestown goes for an undefeated season!

  2. Northern played Southwest last night and Southwest came out on top 28-0. Northern plays Kernodle sometime next week…maybe Monday

  3. Northern Middle’s team looks and plays a lot like Northeast’s varsity. Talent is there…appears same issues NE had.

  4. @RamRride
    Northern Middle’s season was ruined when they came to EG and got all of their starters injured by dirty EGMS players and bad referees… sarcasm mode turned off – I’m poking fun at parent’s comments made after that game – I hope all those kids recoverd quickly! seriously, it will be very interesting to see where that high school program is in 2 or 3 years based on what the middle school program is doing now.

  5. I see a lot of potential mainly from the runningbacks and there quarterback, #5 Ford Moser , #7 JaQuan Jones and #1 Michael Wyman

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