Friday Night Finish:SG goes to (11-0) and Dudley now stands at (24-0/9-0/4-0)

Congrats to the Southern Guilford Storm on their perfect regular season mark of (11-0) for 2014 and the Storm takes the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference Title….Ledford was 21-7 at one point in that game and the Storm exploded and came back to win 35-21, as SG went on a 28-0 run, to run the table in the PT 3-A…

Now Southern gets a week off and then here comes the playoffs and for all of the hard work that they turned in during the regular season, now the Storm must turn their attention to the post-season and this might just be the year, at least those young men in maroon sure hope so….Again, good job SG, you guys found the way to finish and now you have reason to celebrate…
*****Nathan Stoner finished with 302 yards and two touchdowns on 19-of-29 passing on offense and made two fourth-quarter interceptions on defense for Southern….Ron Hunt made 12 catches for 159 yards and a TD, while Reggie Gallaspy scored 4 TD’s and caught the game-winner on a pass from Stoner….*****

The Dudley Panthers have the Southeast Guilford Falcons coming to their place, at Tarpley Stadium next Friday night and the Panthers are the team to beat….This team is for real and they have really amped up their offense over the past season/in 2014…Dudley is all amped up now, with a passing game, to go along with their patented running attack….Hendon Hooker threw two touchdown passes tonight/Friday night at Page and both were almost like watching an artist paint a portrait…The were a work of art and they were beautiful….The one pass to Brandon Person-Boyd was a quick-strike that covered 53 yards in no time a all…It was fly pattern up the left sideline and the pass was on the money and Person-Boyd was gone….

Then Hooker hit Christian Cokely on the other side of the field and Cokely hauled in Hooker’s second TD pass of the night/evening in the right corner of the end zone….Hooker also dropped a pass into the bucket when he hit Connell Young to set up a TD at the five-yard line….Hooker’s passing gives the Dudley Panthers a new thread/dimension in their attack this season and you can not take anything away from the Panthers long-standing running game, it is still running strong….(The thing about Dudley’s passing game is that sometimes in the past years, it almost looked forced, but now the Panthers’ passing game looks smooth and natural.)

Darius Graves took the football to the house from his own 4-yard line and he covered the 96 yards like he was headed up Ventura Highway and there was no need to look back, nobody was going to come close to catching Graves…Graves, Young, Hooker, Person-Boyd, Cokely on offense, plus guys like Cromartie, Kakhu, Harris, Gatling, McCain, and Trae Meadows on defense…Meadows got his sixth interception of the season tonight and he is among the state-wide leaders….Cromartie recorded his 16th sack of the year and he is chasing Khalil Vance and his 19 sacks for Dudley from 2013…..(On more than one occasion, Graves looked like a two-point conversion machine tonight.)*****Graves with 152 yards on 13 carries, with 2 TD’s and 4 two-point conversions.*****

Dudley played a complete game and the scoreboard at Marion Kirby told the story….Dudley was up 14-0 on Page and if Page could have held that score to 14-0 going into the halftime break, the Pirates might have been able to forge a way to stay in this ball game, but Dudley hit on the quick-strike from Hooker to Person-Boyd and added another Panther TD and the next thing you know the score was 30-0 Dudley and that was one of those differentials that you will find it hard to come back from on any night…

This Dudley team is for real and they now have won 24 straight games dating back to the start of the 2013 4-A Championship season and now Dudley sits at (9-0) overall for 2014 and at (4-0) in the Metro 4-A…No matter how you slice it that’s (24-0/9-0/4-0)…..

More to follow….

Heard that Ragsdale game was tight for a while, with the Tigers on top 17-14 and then East Forsyth went crazy and went on to win by something like 35-17….Who is that QB for East, is his name Karson Sharpe???

How did Northwest Guilford get all of those points, we heard they came through with a 34-0 win over SWG…NWG at East Forsyth for the PTA 4-A Title next week…..That will be a very big game for both squads, but maybe just a bit bigger for NWG, since the Vikings will be the Underdogs on the road in Kernersville….Not many predicted that NWG would be in this coveted spot….Many felt their might be some drop-off for NWG this season with the coaching change, but coach Jared Rolfes has proven his value to the Viking football program and the Viking players have learned how to transition from Coach Woodruff’s style to the new approach that Coach Rolfes employs….(Always felt like they had some pretty smart kids out there at Northwest Guilford.)

Got the word that Northern Guilford got that shutout tonight that we were talking about earlier today and the Nighthawks got the big win, but they also lost Mook Reynolds and Matt McGeary to injury in the 55-0 victory over McMichael….Hope those two are out for long, NG will need both of them for the stretch run…

Southeast Guilford avoided the “Trap Game” with Grimsley tonight and now SEG gets Dudley at Dudley next Friday night for all the Metro 4-A marbles…I would like to be in the Falcons’ practice next week to see how they approach the Panthers…Like we have said enough times already, Dudley is loaded with weapons and I have this “super-crazy” inclination, Dudley has yet to play their best football and I would not want to be the team that is facing the Panthers when they hit their peak….SEG can dig in, but can they win in “Panther Land” at the “The Tarp”??? All you can ask for is the chance to be the team that has the opportunity to take the top team down and here you go next Friday night on Lincoln Street…..

Hate what happened at Eastern Guilford tonight and you have to hate the fact that Western Guilford fell again, this time to Asheboro…..But these are the sort of things we have to learn to live with if we are going to stick by our Guilford County teams…

Kenneth Brown Jr.’s Smith Golden Eagles hit the jackpot with another win tonight that should give the Ben L. boys/men 3 wins on the season and a chance to get number four next week when they face the Grimsley Whirlies….We will have the Kenneth Brown Jr. Report coming up soon, from Ben L. Smith High School…

High Point Andrews got a blowout victory over Wheatmore tonight and that takes our Red Raiders to (4-5) on the year and we hear High Point Central got the win that the Bison were looking for as they defeated Glenn…Win #6 for HP Central…..

Let’s look back and see how our teams came out of tonight….

Southern Guilford(11-0)
Northern Guilford(9-1)
Southeast Guilford(9-1)
Northwest Guilford(8-2)
High Point Central(7-3)
Eastern Guilford(6-4)
High Point Andrews(4-5)
Southwest Guilford(3-7)
Western Guilford(2-8)
Northeast Guilford(1-9)


  1. Folks watch out, Dudley HS can pass the football! I have been one of those who said in the past “If DHS ever got a passing game watch out”. And they are young! Congratulations Dudley on an impressive win tonight. Man these kids played like they were a JR college.

  2. Dudley had a throwing attack last year with Emmanuel Moseley. Let’s not forget he threw for almost 7 TDs against SEG

  3. Scoring summary on last year’s(2013) Dudley-Southeast Guilford game played at SEG:

    Scoring summary(from News and Record), with Steve Huffman

    SEG – 35 field goal

    D – Connell Young 3 run (run failed)

    D – Darius Graves 8 pass from Emmanuel Moseley (run failed)

    D – Graves 1 run (Graves run)

    D – Moseley 11 run (Lamarc Watlington run)

    D – Graves 13 pass from Moseley (Yuau Shol pass from Moseley)

    D – Graves 22 run (run failed)

    SE – C.J. McThay 4 run (Dustin Richardson pass from Bubba Craven)

    Final score, 42-11 Dudley over Southeast….

  4. My bag guys, the games I make most of the time Dudley have run the ball the majority of the game. I guess I am trying to say, if you try and stack the line to stop them on the run, you will get burned on the back end.

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