Holland Auto Care Middle School Football Update:Stalemate at NWG

More scores:
Northern Guilford 44, Kernodle 16

It turned out to be a stalemate at Northwest Guilford High School’s Billings Stadium today, where the Holland Auto Care final was:

Northwest Guilford Middle 6
Ferndale Middle 6

*****Our crew arrived at the end of the first quarter and at that time the score was 6-6…Your halftime score was 6-6 and as time ran out to end the football game, your Holland Auto Care scoreboard read,
6-6 Ferndale and Northwest Guilford all tied up….

Northwest stopped a Ferndale drive late in the fourth quarter with an interception and the Vikings marched the ball on down the football field with about two minutes left in the contest…..And with less than a minute remaining, NWG had the football in the red zone, down inside the Ferndale 20…

NWG was not done yet and with just over 15 seconds left in the contest, the Vikings had advanced the football inside the Ferndale 1-yard line, but the Vikings could not punch the ball into the end zone….NWG ran a sweep to their right side and lost yardage back to about the 4-yard line and they ran one more play off tackle, but the Ferndale defense would not budge, Ferndale would not give up an inch and after three cracks at the goal line, NWG came up empty, as the time expired off of the clock and the horn sounded ending the game…..

Northwest was right there, but they could not cross that goal line and get into the end zone and they had to settle for a tie and Ferndale had plenty to say about the outcome, as Ferndale played game-saving defense down on their own 1-yard line….

Quite a battle today and this one ends up in a tie, and while talking to one of the referees/officials after the game, he told me there may be a couple of Middle School football makeup games coming up this Wednesday, but that ought to be the last hurrah for Middle School Football in 2014, this Wednesday November 5….

Final today:
Northwest Guilford 6
Ferndale 6

Click Below to see the Video from this football game:

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