High School Football Tonight should be DYNOMITE:Last games of the Regular Season and we will be at Dudley HS(Picks and Poll ready to roll)

This it it dog, as some folks or canines might say….The last game of the season on a Friday Night at home or away and it’s time that he’ll ever see me play….Nice tune from back in the 70’s and tonight a few teams might have a chance to put some 70’s on the board, but with that new running clock, that might not be the case….When a team gets up by 40 and they hit that non-stop running clock in the 4th Quarter, that can make a game move, my friend….Our team with Dennis White and Nathan White will be moving in over at Dudley tonight for the Dudley Panthers-Southeast Guilford Falcons game and this one will be for the Championship of the Metro Conference….Dudley(5-0) and in the midst of a 24-game winning streak will host the (5-0) Falcons and this ought to be worth more than the price of admission…If you can’t make it over to Tarpley Stadium, Dennis White and Nathan White will have the game for you here on GreensboroSports Radio with the PC, Cell Phones and on 97.7 FM inside the stadium with Dennis and Nathan and we will have Don Moore on the scoreboard here at the site all night and this is the last night of the regular season and it is a milestone for some and a millstone for others…..Scores coming at you all night long and there’s a big one over in Kernersville with Northwest Guilford at East Forsyth….This will be for the Championship of the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference….Title Time Tonight and then you can’t get to sleep later on tonight, because you know the pairings for the playoffs are coming out on Saturday afternoon…..Man, this is the wildest time of the year/season right here…Joe Barile and Emily Craft used to live for these dates on their calendars….Nothing tops this man, the last games of the season with teams going for the Conference Titles and the Playoff Pairings coming out on Saturday???? This makes for “Crazy Town” right here my friends…….Keep it on GreensboroSports.com and at GreensboroSports Radio for all of the current events that will be transpiring and we may be perspiring, but aren’t expiring just yet my friends…..

Games for TONIGHT and we will be adding in the Picks and the Poll as we put our heart and soul into this next song, or game at GreenboroSports Radio with Don, Dennis and Nathan White on the site today and tonight…..All right, out-of-sight with a four o’clock flight, on a stick of DYNOMITE!!!!!
(What else can we write, first let’s examine our plight and throw on another stick of DYNOMITE!!!!!)

*****All kickoffs set for 7:30pm*****
Southeast Guilford(9-1/4-0) at Dudley(9-0/4-0)…..Running game appears to be too strong on the side of Dudley and Hooker is not a passer either and the Dudley “D” has only given up something like two touchdowns all year…SEG at (9-1) has well exceeded expectations, but to win at Dudley these days, you have to play a near-perfect game…We will be there and talking a lot more about this one on GreensboroSports Radio tonight and the steppers, Bubba Craven and Hendon Hooker, what kind of game will each QB have tonight???
Northwest Guilford(8-2/4-0) at East Forsyth(9-1/4-0)….NWG has come a long, long way under first-year head coach Jared Rolfes, but EF at East Forsyth looks to be a different animal and for NWG, it is a lot like it will be for SEG, got to play that total mistake-free game, unless NWG can come out like a “house-on-fire” and the Viking offense starts blowing smoke, along with fire and rain and if that NWG offense gets cranking, they may be ready to give EF a spanking, but the NWG “D” has to be able to handle the pressure of the East offense and that will not be easy….EF at home still seems too tough, but we said the same thing about NWG at High Point Central…..Now it all switches and it comes down to the East Forsyth defense….This is getting like a radio talk show or a court case and I will now let the rest of you fill in the blanks…
Page(2-8/2-2) at Southern Alamance(1-9/0-4)…If Page wins this game, our exit polls have Page making the playoffs with a (3-2) conference mark…
Glenn(3-7/1-3) at Ragsdale(5-5/1-3)….A Ragsdale win would get them into the playoffs from what we have been reading at “True Playoff Detective” and why not Ragsdale and those seniors in Jamestown tonight???
Eastern Guilford(6-4/4-3) at Rockingham County(1-9/1-6)…For EG they need some sort of end-of-the-season redemption tonight….After losses to Northern Guilford, Western Alamance and Eastern Alamance they want to there at (7-4/5-3) when “The Roll is Called Up Yonder” in Raleigh and Chapel Hill on Saturday afternoon and can you see EG traveling to NG for Round One of the playoffs? Wouldn’t that be crazy again??? Tonight for EG, Redemption draweth nigh…..
Smith(3-7/1-3) at Grimsley(2-8/1-3)….This would make for a nice finish for either one of these teams, but Smith has seemed to be the hotter team as of late….Smith must make sure that they don’t go into this game thinking that they have Grimsley beat already, it must first happen on the football field, my friend and will this be the night, that Smith steps up and meets their future, or will the Whirlies close the door on the Eagles and write a new chapter in their destiny???
Morehead(5-5/3-4) at Northern Guilford(9-1/6-1)….Feel like I have been playing against Morehead for 40 years….Lost to those guys on this weekend in the Championship game many moons ago, saw them versus Eastern Guilford at EG a few weeks ago and now here the Panthers are, as the last team on the NG Nighthawks regular season schedule….NG to me is still getting better….Watch out for Tre Marsh…I was watching some film on last week’s game with NG vs. McMichael and that Marsh is fast becoming a monster…Hord and Simmons too, to go along with Reynolds, Freeman and Harris the NG “Big Three”…Other guys are stepping up with Fryer, Maynard and more coming around to make this a more well-rounded team…I just mentioned 8 kids right there that get their hands on the ball and that is a good arsenal my friends…
Southwest Guilford(3-7/0-4) at High Point Central(7-3/2-2)….Senior Night for Jamiel Mack, Charles Edmund, Tim Gorham and other key Bison, but the man on the attack as back along with Mack has been the “Big Man” Chavis Little in recent weeks and he is only a sophomore…You know that they will be ready to give Mack and his mates a good sendoff tonight….
High Point Andrews(4-5/2-2) at Trinity(5-4/1-2)….Andrews with the need for a bit of a “Statement Game” in this one…Need it bad for their playoff implications…(5-5) going in will not be all that bad, if you can prove on the field tonight that you are playing your best football of the season at this stage of the year/Week 12…..
Western Guilford(2-8/0-5) at Southwestern Randolph(4-6/1-4)…..Scramble Time for Western Guilford…Got to run to field as soon as you get off of the bus down in Asheboro and then run to the ball “all night long”…Last Chance and you have to throw it out there like you are tossing in the Kitchen Sink….Everything and for the seniors, you want to out with a win, no matter how hard you have to work tonight to get that victory….Ever heard of a “Mustard Win”???? Well you have to throw some extra “Mustard” on this one to get that win tonight…..
Northeast Guilford(1-9/1-6) at Eastern Alamance(10-0/7-0)….John Lamot is the man the Ram pass rush and defensive line rush must put the pressure on tonight…Lamot, just a junior, is one of the top football players in our state and he is the man that put the “L” in Northern Guilford’s season and if you are NEG, learn Lamot’s # and go after that number….They may tell you that are other kids on this EA team that can beat you, but Lamot is “The Man”….Learn his # and go find Lamot…..And make sure they are calling you # over the PA system, as the man putting the “Lumber on Lamot”…..Coach told us to do the same thing with Elijah Marshall back in the day and it worked,(I think he was #18), so why not try it and do this again, for the WIN Alex……{The real number I can’t get out of my head is 668-2876, my family’s for first phone number, when we got to quit climbing the pole.)
Wake Christian(7-4) at High Point Christian Academy(8-2)…..Don’t know much about this one, but I am calling out the San Quentin Quayle, what did he say about this game in the High Point Enterprise???? On Steater, on Scales, on David the HPCA QB and more Cougars, you guys need this win and can you bring this win over to GreensboroSports.com and show it to us…Can the Cougars get it done in the playoffs????? We are fixin’ to find out brother………
(We are done for today, and be sure to check back in with us tonight on the rebound/rewind.)

*****Southern Guilford(11-0)[OPEN]*****

+++++Big one down the road on Friday night has Charlotte Independence(10-0/5-0) at Matthews Butler(9-1/5-0)+++++

East Forsyth
Eastern Guilford
Northern Guilford
High Point Central
High Point Andrews
Western Guilford
Eastern Alamance
High Point Christian
Charlotte Independence
Lewis Center

2)Southern Guilford(11-0)
3)Northern Guilford(9-1)
4)Southeast Guilford(9-1)
5)Northwest Guilford(8-2)
6)High Point Central(7-3)
7)Eastern Guilford(6-4)
9)High Point Andrews(4-5)