Dudley Football Playoff Appeal to the Full NCHSAA Board will come Thursday morning at 9am

CHAPEL HILL— Dudley High School has elected to appeal the decision of the Executive Committee relative to its ineligible players and the football playoffs to the full Board of Directors of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, as per the due process allowed by the NCHSAA by laws.

The conference has been scheduled for 9 am on Thursday. The Executive Committee denied the Dudley appeal when it heard it on Wednesday.

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  1. What is their appeal? The ONLY way they should win the appeal is that they have proof they did not break the rule. They self reported so it’s obvious they cannot argue that now.

    They broke the rule when they let a junior play JV football and then dressed him on Friday nights with the varsity. It does not matter that he played a meaningless down or a meaningful one. The 8 1/4 rule DOES NOT APPLY TO JUNIORS. My hunch is this kid dressed for a lot more games than last Friday. If he did Dudley will have to forfeit every game he dressed.

  2. This is wrong on so many levels. Kids should not have their football career end due to an inconsequential error. The punishment does not fit the crime and those paying the life long sentence had nothing to do with it.
    Penalize the school and the coaches, not the kids. Evaluate this situation on its merit not the language in a rule book.
    The state playoff process needs to be reviewed. All protests need to be filed and determined prior to the seeding. Doing after the fact is like using instant replay to change a call long after the game resumed.
    Don’t deny Dudley the chance to defend their title.

  3. To GHS Alumni,

    From my understanding & from what I have read, that is already the rule. Any discrepancies need to be reported before seeding and brackets are final. And in this case, the coach did not report until after brackets were finalized. Why? Not sure but it states in the rules that the team will not be able to play once brackets are done. It’s not fair to the other schools to rearrange their schedule for one who messed up.

  4. All reports on news TV along with papers have yet to get it right! David’s post above is correct and it all has to do with the Junior player and no one else.

  5. This is starting to get old. Now it starts to become a distraction to their opponent. What do they plan for?

    I hate it for the Dudley kids more than anything but I don’t see how NCHSAA cannot enforce the rules. If they don’t, what happens next time? And eventually it will happen.

  6. A closer look at the Eight Quarter Rule courtesy of WRALSportsFan.com:

    The Eight Quarter Rule is a provision adopted by the N.C. High School Athletic Association that is intended to help schools in situations where they find themselves without much depth. The rule allows coaches to move freshmen and sophomore junior varsity players up to varsity in a back-up role.
    According to the NCHSAA Handbook, “The intent of the rule is to give coaches some alternatives for junior varsity players (9th/10th graders only) to continue to gain valuable game experience at the junior varsity level and still be available as a backup player in the varsity games.”

    There are stipulations to the Eight Quarter Rule though.

    A team may only use 12 players as Eight Quarter players during the course of the season, and the players must be pre-determined prior to dressing for the game. Pre-determining the player as an Eight Quarter player requires the school to fill out designated paperwork, which requires signatures from a number of different people. The paperwork must be filed at the school and with the conference president on the day of the game.

    After a game has been played, coaches are required to report how many of the Eight Quarter players participated in the game — meaning stepped on the field for a play. This requires coaches to report how many quarters each of the players participated in. A single play in a quarter means that player participated for a quarter. However, if a player dresses out and doesn’t step on the field, he is not considered to have played any quarters.

    These reports are required to be submitted to the NCHSAA by the first school day after the contest. Failure to produce a follow-up form to the NCHSAA can earn you a $500 fine.

    Why are these reports so important? The Eight Quarter Rule gets its name because players who are considered to be Eight Quarter players can only participate in eight quarters of varsity football over the course of the season if they are also playing junior varsity football. If a player reaches his eight quarter maximum during a game, he is immediately ineligible to play.

    There are other contingencies to the Eight Quarter Rule too.

    For example, if a junior varsity football game is canceled, the Eight Quarter Rule doesn’t apply because the varsity game will count towards the player’s 11-game maximum for a regular season. But if a junior varsity game is postponed, the Eight Quarter rule does apply.

    Read more when you CLICK HERE….

  7. The principal of Dudley today said, kids shouldn’t be punished for the adults that made mistakes. What??? What bubble has he been in….kids are punished all the time because of adult mistakes and deceit. Kids have had state championships taken away because of adults. Kids have had to forfeit countless games because of adults from Pee-Wee all the way up to college. What makes Dudley so special? Is the principal going to resign? Is the head coach getting fired? NO off course not…where is the outrage for the adults from the Dudley community? How do you learn anything if you don’t first accept responsibility for the actions. Life is about learning lessons and then not repeating them. Not only the ones you make but also the ones made by those around you and in this case in charge of you.

  8. The rules are clear. Dudley can’t play unless you change them and where does that stop. Also can’t delay and punish a whole state for their oversight. Let the playoffs begin and put this to rest. Seems clear to anyone that can read the rules.

  9. Andy – Dudley did not break the 8 quarter rule. That rule applies to freshmen and sophomores. Dudley played a junior on JV one night and then on varsity the next. The 8 quarter rule does not apply to juniors and seniors. It’s not against the rules to play juniors on JV. But if they do play on Thursday the cannot even dress out on Friday. A freshman or sophomore can play in 2 games in a week – thus the 8 quarter rule. A junior cannot.

  10. I hope Dudley didn’t play that Junior on both JV and Varsity all year. I’m sure Guilford County schools will investigate all county schools to see if this is a widespread problem. All GCS high schools better get their paperwork in order. Two serious black eyes in less than 5 years from the same LEA (County). Sounds fishy…

    Hmmmmmm…. I wonder if they’ve been doing that for years? Sounds like a good question for our local media

  11. Here’s an idea. Don’t dress JV and variisty players the same week. Then there is never a problem.

  12. There had been some questions about the 8 Quarter Rule as it pertains to several teams and that is why we dropped that one in….

  13. I am sure many Guilford County Schools will be aware of this rule if there was any confusion, there won’t be going forward. Now if only the schools can get on the same page with the spring rules. I bet most schools in Guilford County are bending this rule as well. ONLY 21 players per day, NO CONTACT NO PADS AND NO SCRIMMAGES.

  14. Anyone who has kids feels for players at Dudley. As a parent of a Northern student, let us all be reminded of some of the empathy and compassion expressed to this team by the Greensboro community. We have had our share of coaches who did not play by the rules i.e. Coaches K, Smith, and Thomas. Please be mindful, that the adults are making these decisions and not the children. As we post our comments, be mindful that a coaches actions do not always accurately reflect the views and character of the players that they are entrusted to mentor and protect. Mr. Pratt and the AD must advocate for their kids; right or wrong. Northern was not even permitted to appeal. But coach Stevens, as coach thomas did, must go as he has failed to protect the school’s reputation and players on their teams. When many applauded and rejoiced as Northern forfeited games last year, others should have been good historians as the 8 quarter rule and no junior participation were clarified at this year’s rule interpretation meeting held right here in G’boro and attended by those impacted by this ruling. Time for Leigh Hebbard to step-up and lead this county as it repairs its athletic image.

  15. Juss Sayin…..How the heck does anyone screw this rule up after Northern last year? Northern was showed no mercy after they self reported and neither will Dudley. Game, Set, Match! I’m just wondering why the ol ball Coach Davis went on 102 Jamz and talked junk about SEG reporting them now he’s saying it was self reported????

  16. Lee Hibbard Step up and lead? That guy hates confrontation. He will hide until this is all over just as he did with Northern and once its over he will send out some emails telling ADs to review the rules with their Head Coaches

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