WFMY NEWS 2 Reporting Conference Call is over and Final Dudley Deliberations are in progress at NCHSAA offices

*****Update:10:35am and we just got off of the phone with the Chapel Hill offices of the NCHSAA and the deliberations are continuing at this hour….Current Update, we have been in contact with Chapel Hill and the process is on-going….Stayed Tuned….*****

WFMY NEWS 2 Sports is reporting that the Conference Call to determine the Dudley Panthers’ fate in the 2014 NCHSAA Football Playoffs is complete…

The appeal hearing lasted for just over an hour and now the Committee is deliberating and working on coming up with a suitable decision about the Dudley Panthers’ future in this year’s 4-A High School Football Playoffs…

Dudley in or Dudley out???

Right now they are OUT, but will they be allowed to come back IN?


WFMY NEWS 2 has a crew at or near the scene there in Chapel Hill and they will have updates…..


  1. let the boys play!!! I can see if it was a close game and down to the wire but it wasn’t. I understand rules are rules so if anything, have them forfeit the win. The problem is that they would have to redo all the seedings in their division and that is too much like work!!! I’m not even a Dudley or any school fan of Guilford County schools but right is right!!!! Let Dudley play!!! Keep your heads up Dudley Panthers whether in or out.

  2. The only way they stay in is if they work out a way to keep them as the #1 seed. If they reseed the bracket now, I believe it may set a precedent for future appeals…

  3. Let them play.

    They self-reported. That earns some forgiveness.

    Forfeit last game and make them play all road games so brackets don’t get jacked up.

  4. Dudley would have to stay at #1 with all of the other bracketed teams having spent the first part of the week getting for said team that they are supposed to play on Friday night….

    Stipulations would have to be imposed on Dudley with all games on the road, increased fine, limited coaches for this Friday’s game or something to that effect…

    Or they would have to do like they did back in 2001 and delay Round One of the 4-A West one week and begin it on next Friday instead….Ragsdale was involved in this back in 2001…Team down near Gaston County, maybe North Gaston upset the entire apple cart….

  5. Just please take the fish, fries and chicken wing wagon to ragsdales parking lot is all i am asking. Can’t miss that fish plate…… let them boys play…… all away games….. fine the coach….. fine the school…. whatever is needed…… let them play….. Andy thanks for allowing us to post….

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